Shaun Davis

Currently a student at Falmouth Universtiy of Arts, I am studying a degree in film. Carrying a keen interest in journalism my aspirations lie in film reviewing. Holding ongoing internships at various London film magazines I am still honing my craft. Favourite films include Hoop Dreams (Love that social realism), Raging Bull (love that human descent) and My Own Private Idaho (love that River Phoenix). I have been working with this online publication for nearly a year now - It rocks!!!

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Latest Film Reviews

The Coolest Guy Movie Ever: Return To The Scene Of The Great Escape
Documentary about Second World War film The Great Escape.
Monk: Season 4
Detective Monk sets out for a fourth outing, which begins with a crisis in faith and ends in redemption (sort of). Out to own on DVD now.
The mathematics of personal relationships, confused by an equation of madness.
Religion, melodrama and an early cameo from Death himself in Bergman’s twisting metafilm.
A repressed nun desperate to maintain her Catholic ideals is tested as she takes residence on her uncles debauched estate in Luis Buñuel's controversial Palme d’Or snatcher.
Damning revelations fill this forgotten Brit classic as a closeted lawyer tackles a group of blackmailers.
Guy X
Odd goings on at isolated US base in Greenland, as witnessed by a man with two names.
A woman is whisked off her feet by a rich widower, but gets more than she bargains for when she moves into his mansion.
Peace Corps comedy on remote Thai penisula, with Commie insurgents and Tom Hanks.
Hollywood Flies
A road trip through Death Valley becomes a kidnap double crossing stylefest.
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