James Benefield

James Benefield spends most of his day in between ever-increasing piles of manuscripts and proofs in the depths of Oxfordshire. His cinematic idols include David Lynch, Woody Allen, Charlie Chaplin, Francois Ozon and Wong Kar Wai. Mary Poppins makes him cry. He reviews theatre for The Oxford Times and has in the past written for Little White Lies and Total Film. His blog, which needs far more updating, can be found at insert-text-hear.blogspot.com/

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Latest Film Reviews

Mother's Milk
When an elderly matriarch decides to bequeath the family home to a charlatan's cult, resentments among her family come to the fore.
Some Guy Who Kills People
Released from an asylum, a young man struggles to rebuild his life, but he's still threatened by the high school bullies who caused his breakdown. It's time to make them pay.
A Matter Of Taste: Serving Up Paul Liebrandt
Documentary tracing a decade in the career of the British chef.
The Adopted
A fragile new relationship is imperilled when tragedy strikes.
The Deadly Spawn
A toothy alien horror goes on the rampage.
The Doom Generation
A trio go on a crime spree.
Mommie Dearest
Controversial story of Joan Crawford, based on the memoirs of her adopted daughter.
Life, Above All
A 12-year-old girl struggles to protect her family as her stepfather descends into alcoholism and her mother becomes increasingly ill, in a small town full of prejudice and hostility.
The Woman In The Fifth
While in Paris an academic meets a woman who may be involved in a series of mysterious murders.
Midnight In Paris
A struggling writer visiting Paris with his fiancee explores the city's illustrious past in order to find his real passions.


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