Darren Amner

Darren Amner loves the movies you don't. He isn't scared to dip his toe into any genre pool but loves to make a big splash when it comes to horror. He's a massive fan of self-indulgent camera work, crazy angles and artistic flair. Darren worships the old school auteur John Carpenter and finds even his critically panned films Vampires and Ghosts Of Mars guilty pleasures. Darren is inspired by pop culture spouting screen writers such as Kevin Williamson, Shane Black and Roger Avary whose film The Rules Of Attraction is possibly his favorite film to come out in recent years. Darren is also a fan and avid supporter of the Hollywood career revival in particular Mickey Rourke whose now finally delivering on the promise he showed when Darren first came across him in Angel Heart.

In his spare time Darren loves to source new interviews and chat to industry professionals about his passion-film. He is also known to be a bit of a celebrity whore and enjoys spotting the stars whenever the opportunity should arise. His most recent sighting occurred during a visit to London Comic Con where he saw Mexican bad ass Danny Trejo. Darren currently finds himself writing his first screenplay which he is 77 pages into. He would love to tell you what its about but can't because you may steal his ideas! Watch this space...

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