Adam Micklethwaite

Adam is an aspiring journalist, part-time writer and full-time dreamer, who also harbours optimistic, but deliberately vague, ambitions of scripting and directing a film at a hitherto unspecified future moment which, for argument's sake, we’ll call “someday”.

Adam likes films which are challenging, inspirational and thought-provoking. He believes that cinema should dispute and redefine the audience’s expectations and pre-conceptions and so much the better when a film destroys these altogether.

Generally speaking, Adam doesn’t do lists, but since you’ve gone and put him on the spot, his top three films are: The Third Man, Once Upon A Time In The West and Goodfellas. Ask him again tomorrow and they will be different…

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Latest Film Reviews

While the City Sleeps
A newspaper's staff compete to find a serial killer.
A detective enjoying a quiet holiday in southern France finds himself caught up in an intriguing mystery.
Offbeat comedy in the style of Tati.
Lucky Star
Romance blossoms between a repairman and a petty thief.
A serving girl falls for a fairground barker.
Rich Hall: Hell No I Ain't Happy
The stand-up comic on stage at the Hammersmith Apollo.
Street Angel
An impoverished woman turns to prostitution before, while trying to escape the law, she goes on the run with a circus.
7th Heaven
A street-washer falls for a street waif.
Public Benches
Ensemble film that sees a regular day at the office shattered when the staff notice a banner on the building opposite reading: Man Alone.
Momma's Man
A man in mid-life crisis retreats to his parents' loft.


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