Sundance 2016: Premieres and Documentary Premieres in pictures

by Nicole Rivelli, Eric Koretz, Claire Folger, Regan MacStravic/BleeckerStreet, Courtesy of Sundance Film Festival, Karen Bernstein, Anna Wloch, Amber Wilkinson, Linda Callerus, Ross McDonnell, Indignant Productions Inc, ABC Australia, Jackson Lee Davis, Jonny Cournoyer, Jack Robinson Vogue, Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, Jojo Pennebaker, Eric McNatt, Holly Dog Films, Annette Brown, Michael Jackson Estate, Peter Zeitling, Josh Salzman, Damin Garca, KPJR Films, Jeong Park, Wayne Miller

Showcases of films from, mainly, established filmmakers, set to hit cinemas across the world in the coming year. Click on the images for a larger view. Read more from the festival.

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