Tribeca Festival 2008

The festival organisers say: "This mix of ten acclaimed festival favorites and award winners presents a taste of some of the top films in current world cinema. From an Oscar-nominee for Best Foreign Film about an investigation into the massacre of a group of Polish officers during the Second World War to two experimental films gaining notoriety, this international selection portrays both gripping personal tales as well as exceptional national histories."

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Katyn Katyn
Katyn and Strangers
Algeria, Unspoken Stories (Country: France; Year: 2007; Director: Jean-Pierre Lledo; Writer: Jean-Pierre Lledo)
Unearthing buried memories of Algeria's war of independence, this bold revision of official history feels like the embrace of a lost kin or a return home. Its challenge to nationalism built on ethnicity and religion has resulted in its continued failure to receive the license that would allow Algerians to see it.
Couscous (La Graine Et Le Mulet, The Secret Of The Grain) (Country: France; Year: 2007; Director: Abdel Kechiche; Writer: Abdel Kechiche; Stars: Habib Boufares, Hafsia Herzi, Farida Benkhetache, Abdelhamid Aktouche, Bouraouïa Marzouk, Alice Houri, Leila D'Issernio, Abelkader Djeloulli, Olivier Loustau, Sabrina Ouazani, Mohamed Benabdeslem)
The head of a Tunisian immigrant clan tries to realise his dream of opening a couscous restaurant.
Football Under Cover (Country: Germany, Iran; Year: 2008; Director: David Assmann, Ayat Najafi; Writer: Corinna Assmann, David Assmann, Marlene Assmann, Valerie Assmann, Ayat Najafi; Stars: Niloofar Basir, Narmila Fathi, Sanna El-Agha, Marlene Assmann, Ayat Najafi, Hüseyin Karaduman, Paraskewi Boras, Mehtap Ardahanli, Corinna Assmann, Valerie Assmann, Stawrula Boras)
When the members of a Berlin women's football team (we call it "soccer") learn to their surprise they have counterparts in Iran, but that those women have never been allowed to play an actual game, they set out for Tehran to make the impossible happen.
Hidden In Plain Sight (Country: USA; Year: 2008; Director: Mark Street), Official Site
Spanning several continents, frequent Tribeca Film Festival guest Mark Street examines his own position within diverse urban landscapes in his quest for traces of modern revolutionaries—from Salvador Allende's in Santiago to Ho Chi Minh's in Hanoi, Dakar, and Marseille.
Katyn (Country: Poland; Year: 2007; Director: Andrzej Wajda; Writer: Andrzej Mularczyk, Przemyslaw Nowakowski, Wladyslaw Pasikowski, Andrzej Wajda; Stars: Artur Zmijewski, Maja Ostaszewska, Andrzej Chyra, Danuta Stenka, Jan Englert, Magdalena Cielecka, Agnieszka Glinska, Pawel Malaszynski, Maja Komorowska, Wladyslaw Kowalski, Oleg Drach), Official Site
In the early days of World War Two, thousands of captured Polish officers are handed over to the Soviet authorities – and vanish.
Lioness Lioness
Lioness and Couscous
Lioness (Team Lioness) (Country: US; Year: 2008; Director: Meg McLagan, Daria Sommers), Official Site
Women soldiers in Iraq.
Playing (Jogo de Cena) (Country: Brazil; Year: 2007; Director: Eduardo Coutinho; Stars: Marília Pêra, Andréa Beltrão, Fernanda Torres, Aleta Gomes Vieira, Claudiléa Cerqueira de Lemos, Débora Almeida, Gisele Alves Moura, Jeckie Brown, Lana Guelero, Maria de Fátima Barbosa, Marina D'Elia)
One of Brazil's most respected documentary filmmakers invited two dozen women to be filmed as they told their life stories. Months later, he filmed a group of actresses as they reenacted the same stories. The result couldn't be simpler - or more inexplicably magical!
Profit Motive and the Whispering Wind (Country: USA; Year: 2007; Director: John Gianvito; Writer: Howard Zinn)
Award-winning independent filmmaker John Gianvito traverses the United States, ferreting out the gravesites and monuments of American rebels and leftists embedded in long-forgotten landscapes. In singular fashion, he revives America's rich history of progressive social protest.
Secrecy (Year: 2007; Director: Peter Galison, Robb Moss), Official Site
In the years following September 11, the black redaction stripe has become a familiar sight to most Americans. Secrecy probes the roots of the United States' culture of classification—and its consequences. Amid the American hunger for instantaneous news and up-to-date "facts", this unflinching film uncovers the vast, invisible world of government secrecy.
Strangers (Zarim) (Country: Israel; Year: 2007; Director: Erez Tadmor, Guy Nattiv; Writer: Erez Tadmor, Guy Nattiv; Stars: Liron Levo, Lubna Azabal, Abdaliah El Akal, Birol Ünel, Partick Albenque, Dominique Loilia), Official Site
Romance blossoms between an Israeli and a Palestinian - but will wider conflicts halt it in its tracks?

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