San Sebastian Film Festival 2016

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Snowden Snowden
Snowden and Smoke And Mirrors
150 Milligrams (La Fille De Brest) (Country: France; Year: 2016; Director: Emmanuelle Bercot; Writer: Emmanuelle Bercot, Séverine Bosschem, Romain Compingt, Irène Frachon; Stars: Sidse Babett Knudsen, Benoît Magimel)
A lung specialist discovers a direct link between suspicious deaths and state-approved medicine. She fights single-handedly for the truth to come out.
Opening Night film.
American Pastoral (Country: US; Year: 2016; Director: Ewan McGregor; Writer: John Romano, based on the novel by Philip Roth; Stars: Ewan McGregor, Dakota Fanning, Jennifer Connelly, Uzo Aduba, David Strathairn, Rupert Evans, Valorie Curry, Peter Riegert, Hannah Nordberg, Mark Hildreth, Emily Peachey, Ocean James, Julia Silverman, David Whalen)
Seymour “Swede” Levov, a once legendary high school athlete, is now a successful businessman married to Dawn, a former beauty queen. But turmoil brews beneath the polished veneer of Swede’s life.
As You Are (Country: US; Year: 2015; Director: Miles Joris-Peyrafitte; Writer: Madison Harrison, Miles Joris-Peyrafitte; Stars: Owen Campbell, Charlie Heaton, Amandla Stenberg, John Scurti, Scott Cohen, Mary Stuart Masterson, Andrew Polk, Annemarie Lawless, John Romeo, Billy Thomas Myott)
The telling and retelling of a relationship between three teenagers as it traces the course of their friendship through a construction of disparate memories prompted by a police investigation.
Bigas X Bigas (Year: 2016; Director: Bigas Lunas, Santiago Garrida Rua)
Director's video diary.
Special screening.
Colossal (Country: Canada, Spain; Year: 2016; Director: Nacho Vigalondo; Writer: Nacho Vigalondo; Stars: Anne Hathaway, Dan Stevens, Jason Sudeikis, Austin Stowell, Tim Blake Nelson, Agam Darshi, Hannah Cheramy, Rukiya Bernard, Sarah Surh, Miho Suzuki, Christine Lee)
A going-nowhere party girl discovers a mysterious connection between herself and a giant monster wreaking havoc on the other side of the globe.
Out of Competition.
The Magnificent Seven The Magnificent Seven
The Magnificent Seven and Toni Erdmann
The Giant (Jätten) (Country: Sweden, Denmark; Year: 2016; Director: Johannes Nyholm; Writer: Johannes Nyholm; Stars: Christian Andrén, Johan Kylén, Anna Bjelkerud, Linda Faith, Moa Malan, Niclas Fransson, Gun Larsson, Bengt Carlsson, Stina Rangmar, Stina Elinderson, Pia Edlund, Leif Edlund, Bo Melin, Martin McFaul, Martin Högdahl)
Rikard is a 30-year-old man, severely deformed and suffering from autism, haunted by the loss of his mother. From time to time, he escapes from reality into an imaginary world where he is a 50m tall giant.
I am Not Madame Bovary (Country: China; Year: 2016; Director: Xiaogang Feng; Stars: Bingbing Fan)
After being swindled by her ex-husband, a woman takes on the Chinese legal system.
Jesus (Country: Chile; Year: 2016; Director: Fernando Guzzoni; Writer: Fernando Guzzoni; Stars: Nicolás Durán, Alejandro Goic)
Jesús, 18, lives alone with his father Hector in a flat where the TV covers up their inability to communicate. One night, his thrill-seeking goes too far.
Lady Macbeth (Country: UK; Year: 2016; Director: William Oldroyd; Writer: Alice Birch, based on the novel by Nikolai Leskov; Stars: Florence Pugh, Christopher Fairbank, Cosmo Jarvis, Naomi Ackie, Paul Hilton, Golda Rosheuvel, Anton Palmer)
A woman sold into a loveless marriage develops a mind for murder after starting an affair.
Living And Other Fictions (Vivir y otras ficciones) (Country: Spain; Year: 2016; Director: Jo Sol)
The desire to have a full sex life becomes a vital, political option when Antonio, a tetraplegic writer, decides to set up a space offering sexual assistance in his own home.
Special screening.
The Odyssey The Odyssey
The Odyssey and Lady Macbeth
Manda Huevos (Year: 2016; Director: Diego Galán)
Documentary follow-up to Barefoot In The Kitchen, exploring how Spanish films have portrayed masculinity down the years.
Special screening.
May God Save Us (Que Dios nos perdone) (Country: Spain; Year: 2016; Director: Rodrigo Sorogoyen; Writer: Isabel Peña, Rodrigo Sorogoyen; Stars: María Ballesteros, Josean Bengoetxea, Jesús Caba, Antonio de la Torre, Luis del Valle, Ester Expósito, Andrés Gertrúdix, Teresa Lozano, Mónica López, Ciro Miró, Rocío Muñoz-Cobo, María de Nati, Angelo Olivier, Raúl Prieto, Raquel Pérez)
The hunt for a serial killer plays out against the backdrop of Madrid, summer 2011 and the economic crisis.
The Magnificent Seven (Country: US; Year: 2016; Director: Antoine Fuqua; Writer: Richard Wenk, Nic Pizzolatto; Stars: Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke, Vincent D'Onofrio, Byung-hun Lee, Peter Sarsgaard, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Martin Sensmeier, Haley Bennett, Luke Grimes, Matt Bomer, Jonathan Joss, Cam Gigandet, Emil Beheshti, Mark Ashworth)
Seven gunmen team up to help save a village from an evil mining boss.
Donostia screening. Out of Competition.
A Monster Calls (Country: US, Spain; Year: 2016; Director: Juan Antonio Bayona; Writer: Patrick Ness; Stars: Felicity Jones, Liam Neeson, Toby Kebbell, Sigourney Weaver, Geraldine Chaplin, Lewis MacDougall, Jennifer Lim, Frida Palsson, Lily-Rose Aslandogdu, James Melville, Ben Moor, Lee Bolton, Joe Curtis, Garry Marriott, Max Gabbay)
A boy seeks the help of a tree monster to cope with his single mum's terminal illness.
Donostia screening. Out of Competition
Nocturama (Country: France; Year: 2016; Director: Bertrand Bonello; Writer: Bertrand Bonello; Stars: Finnegan Oldfield, Vincent Rottiers, Hamza Meziani, Manal Issa, Martin Petit-Guyot, Jamil McCraven, Rabah Nait Oufella, Laure Valentinelli, Ilias Le Doré, Robin Goldbronn, Luis Rego, Hermine Karagheuz, Adèle Haenel)
One morning in Paris. A fistful of adolescents, from different backgrounds. Individually, they begin a strange dance through the labyrinth of the metro and the streets of the capital. They seem to be following a plan.
A Monster Calls A Monster Calls
A Monster Calls and Nocturama
The Oath (Eiðurinn) (Country: Iceland; Year: 2016; Director: Baltasar Kormákur; Writer: Ólafur Egilsson, Baltasar Kormákur; Stars: Hera Hilmar, Baltasar Kormákur, Ingvar Eggert Sigurðsson, Gísli Örn Garðarsson, Joi Johannsson, Þorsteinn Bachmann, Þorsteinn Gunnarsson, Sigrún Edda Björnsdóttir, Ágúst Bjarnason, Bjarki Þór Jónsson, María Heba Þorkelsdóttir, Jón Páll Eyjólfsson, Þröstur Leó Gunnarsson, Björn Ingi Hilmarsson, Jakob Þór Einarsson)
Finnur is a successful heart surgeon and father of two. His family's life begins to unravel when his daugther, Anna gets mixed up with a manipulative drug-dealing boyfriend.
The Odyssey (L'odyssée) (Country: France; Year: 2016; Director: Jérôme Salle; Writer: Jean-Michel Cousteau, Albert Falco, Jérôme Salle, Laurent Turner; Stars: Lambert Wilson, Audrey Tautou, Pierre Niney, Benjamin Lavernhe, Laurent Lucas)
Biopic of the underwater pioneer Jacques-Yves Cousteau.
Out of Competition. Closing Night film.
Orphan (Orpheline) (Country: France; Year: 2016; Director: Arnaud des Pallières; Writer: Christelle Berthevas, Arnaud des Pallières; Stars: Adèle Haenel, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Solène Rigot, Vega Cuzytek, Jalil Lespert, Gemma Arterton, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Sergi López, Karim Leklou, Robert Hunger-Bühler, Edéa Darcque, Laurent Delbecque, Rayan Rabia, Emilie Gavois-Kahn, Alexis Manenti)
Four incarnations of a character who is a mistress of reinvention.
Playground (Country: Poland; Year: 2016; Director: Bartosz M Kowalski)
Two ordinary boys seek entertainment on a dull, summer afternoon... and alas they find it.
Rage (Ikari) (Country: Japan; Year: 2016; Director: Lee Sang-il ; Writer: Shûichi Yoshida, Lee Sang-il , Shûichi Yoshida; Stars: Ken Watanabe, Hikari Mitsushima, Mirai Moriyama, Aoi Miyazaki, Satoshi Tsumabuki, Gô Ayano, Suzu Hirose, Ken'ichi Matsuyama, Kirin Kiki, Masaki Okada, Eri Fukatsu, Takahiro Miura, Pierre Taki, Chizuru Ikewaki, Akira Emoto)
A murder case erodes trust in a small fishing village.
Your Name Your Name
Your Name and 150 Milligrams
The Reunion (La Reconquista) (Country: Spain; Year: 2016; Director: Jonás Trueba; Writer: Jonás Trueba; Stars: Itsaso Arana, Francesco Carril, Aura Garrido, Pablo Hoyos, Candela Recio)
Manuela and Olmo meet in a future as they had promised 15 years earlier as teenagers, in the flush of first love.
Smoke And Mirrors (El hombre de las mil caras) (Country: Spain; Year: 2016; Director: Alberto Rodríguez; Writer: Manuel Cerdán, Rafael Cobos, Alberto Rodríguez; Stars: Marta Etura, José Coronado, Luis Callejo, Jimmy Shaw, Eduard Fernández, Craig Stevenson, Emilio Gutiérrez Caba, Carlos Santos, Christian Stamm, Pedro Casablanc, Philippe Rebbot, Verónica Goya, Alba Galocha, José Manuel Poga, Tomás del Estal)
The story of spy Francisco Paesa, a man who fooled an entire country.
Snowden (Country: US, Germany, France; Year: 2016; Director: Oliver Stone; Writer: Kieran Fitzgerald, Oliver Stone; Stars: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Shailene Woodley, Rhys Ifans, Zachary Quinto, Nicolas Cage, Timothy Olyphant, Logan Marshall-Green, Joely Richardson, Keith Stanfield, Melissa Leo, Ben Schnetzer, Tom Wilkinson, Parker Sawyers, Christy Meyer)
Biopic of the whistleblower.
Out of Competition
Toni Erdmann (Country: Germany, Austria; Year: 2016; Director: Maren Ade; Writer: Maren Ade; Stars: Peter Simonischek, Sandra Hüller, Lucy Russell, Trystan Pütter, Hadewych Minis, Vlad Ivanov, Ingrid Bisu, John Keogh, Ingo Wimmer, Cosmin Padureanu, Anna Maria Bergold, Radu Banzaru, Alexandru Papadopol, Sava Lolov, Jürg Löw)
A father drops in on his daughter and poses as a stranger to her friends.
FIPRESCI Grand Prix. Out of Competition.
The Winter (El Invierno) (Country: Argentina; Year: 2016; Director: Emiliano Torres; Writer: Emiliano Torres, Marcelo Chaparro; Stars: Alejandro Sieveking, Cristian Salguero, Adrián Fondari, Pablo Cedrón, Mara Bestelli, Violeta Vidal, Eva Jarriau, Raphaël Turrents, Fernando Javier Desmonts, Antoine Desmonts Pelis, Julio Argentino Bahamonde, Rodrigo Iturralde, Pedro Pablo Burgos, Juan Carlos Cáceres Benítez, Matías Fernando Calabrese)
The old foreman of a Patagonian ranch is fired from his job. A younger ranch hand takes his place. The change won’t be easy for either of them. Each, in his own way, must survive the coming winter.
Orphan Orphan
Orphan and American Pastoral
Yourself And Yours (Dangsinjasingwa Dangsinui Geot) (Country: South Korea; Year: 2016; Director: Hong Sang-Soo; Writer: Hong Sang-Soo)
Painter Youngsoo hears that his girlfriend Minjung drank with a man and fought with him. They argue that night, and Minjung goes out, saying they shouldn't see each other for some time. The next day, Youngsoo looks for her, but can't find her. Meanwhile, in Yeonnam where he lives, Minjung or some women who look identical to her go around meeting different men. Youngsoo wanders and fights with himself, which is the same as fighting with the world.
Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa) (Country: Japan; Year: 2016; Director: Makoto Shinkai; Writer: Makoto Shinkai; Stars: Etsuko Ichihara, Ryûnosuke Kamiki, Mone Kamishiraishi, Masami Nagasawa, Ryô Narita, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Kanon Tani, Aoi Yuki)
Two high school kids who've never met - city boy Taki and country girl Mitsuha - are united through their dreams.
Special screening.

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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