San Sebastian Film Festival 2016

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Bunker77 (Country: US, Switzerland, South Africa, Namibia; Year: 2016; Director: Takuji Masuda; Writer: Takuji Masuda; Stars: Mike Judge, Laird John Hamilton, Tony Alva)
Documentary about controversial surf star and international playboy, Bunker Spreckels.
The Fourth Phase (Country: US, Japan, Austria, Russia, French Polynesia; Year: 2016; Director: Jon Klaczkiewicz; Writer: Melissa Larsen; Stars: Travis Rice, Jeremy Jones, Mark Landvik, Ben Ferguson, Eric Jackson, Bode Merrill, Victor Rue de Le, Bryan Iguchi, Shin Biyajima, Pat Moore, Mikkel Bang, Cam FitzPatrick)
Documentary about snowboarder Travis Rice.
Let's Be Frank (Country: UK; Year: 2016; Director: Peter Hamblin)
Documentary about big wave surfer adventurer, Frank James Solomon.
Orange Sunshine (Country: US; Year: 2016; Director: William A Kirkley; Writer: William A Kirkley; Stars: Austin Arnold, Tyler Mauro, Francesca Galassi, Douglas M. Eames, Taylor Bottles, Michael Delgado, Gunner Greyson, Michael John Wagner, Dan D.W. McCann, Gavyn Straus, Sam Johnson)
The story of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, a spiritual group of surfers and hippies in Southern California that became the largest suppliers of psychedelic drugs in the world during the 1960s and early 1970s.
Surfers' Blood (Year: 2016; Director: Patrick Trefz)
Documenting human's connection to the sea through real lives down the ages.

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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