Edinburgh International Film Festival 2005

Ecletic mix of both homegrown shorts and mini masterpieces from father afield. If you want to see some of the directors of tomorrow, this is the place to look.

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Cineworks (Country: UK)
Selection of UK-made short film. Featuring: Cannon Man (Douglas Neilson), Get Bizzy (Henry Cruickshank), Suburban Home (Nick Gibbon), The Mermaid (Calum McDonald), [film]TOTH[/film] (Dylan Drummond, Blair Scott)
First Past The Post (Year: 2005)
Short films by debut helmers. Featuring: Antonio's Breakfast (Daniel Mulloy), The Clap (Geoff Lindsey), The Little Thief (Adam Sharp), Lucky (Avie Luthra), Mockingbird (Joe Tunmer), Pitch Perfect (J Blakeson), Rare Books & Manuscripts (Bruce Webb), Starry Night (Ben Miller).
Happy Families ()
Short film showcase dedicated to family issues. Featuring: 6ft in 7 Min (Rafael Del Toro), Pleading (Idan Hubel), Mary (Aaron Ruell), Last Summer's Room (Lee Je-hui), Our National Parks (John Magary).
Liberty's Century ()
Shorts exploring worldwide freedom... or lack of it. Features: Before Dawn (Balint Kenyeres), Katalog (Rania Ajami), The Seventh Dog (Zeina Durra), Silent Companion (Elham Hosseinzade), Time-Bomb (Pernilla August).
Lost And Found: Six Glances At A Generation ()
Short films from Central and Eastern Europe. Featuring The Ritual (Nadejda Koseva), Turkey Girl (Crisitan Mungiu), Shortlasting Silence (Kornel Mundruczo), Birthday (Jasmila Zbanic), Fabulous Vera (Stefan Arsenijevic)
McLaren Animation 1 (Year: 2005)
Best of the animations around. Featuring: [film]Badgered[/film] (Sharon Colman), Clubthumb (Robert Jefferson), Eat Dog, Cat, Mouse (Kwok Fung Lam), Emily And The Baba Yaga (Clive Tonge), Heavy Pockets (Sarah Cox), His Passionate Bride (Monika Fornsberg), I Turn My Face To The Forest Floor (Thomas Hicks), Invasion (Matt Abiss), [film]Loetzinn[/film] (Chris Gooch), Little Things (Daniel Greaves), (Wilhelm Ogterop).
McLaren Animation 2 (Year: 2005)
Animated short film showcase. Includes: Beasty (Susi Wilkinson), Black Day To Freedom (Rob Chiu), The Gates Of Heaven (Lucy Lee), [film]The Gift[/film] (Jessica Langford), [film]The Hat Trick[/film] (Tom Chitty), Hope (Fernando Carmo), Shadows And Reflections (Stephen Whittle), Telescope Demonology (Robert Jefferson), Two Fellas (Dan Lane), The True Story Of Sawney Bean (Elizabeth Hobbs).
McLaren Animation 3 (Year: 2005)
Showcase of shorts with animated ambitions. Featuring: City Paradise (Gaelle Denis), The Cummerbund (Shelly Wain), Four Hobbies (Nick Mackie), Hairy Driving (Jem Roberts), Human Trial (John Butler, Marsipan (Nikolay Moustakov), Mr Price (Tim Webb), Puleng (Ali Taylor), [film]Show Ponies[/film] (Neil Jack), Solo Duets (Josef Feltus), Stalk (Leigh Hodgkinson), A Tale Of Forest Clearing (Simon Robinson), While Darwin Sleeps (Paul Bush).
Mesh Short Film Launch And Best Of Channel 4 Animation Shorts (Year: 2005)
Mesh, Channel 4's digital and interactive animation scheme launches its four new films: Forest Clearing (Simon Robson, Patrick Vale), Beasty (Susi Wilkinson), Eat Dog, Cat, Mouse (Kwok Fung Lam), Invasion (Matt Abiss). The screening also includes [film]Dad's Dead[/film] (Chris Shepherd), Puleng (Ali Taylor) and Hairy Driving.
Shirley Clarke: Late Works ()
A selection of the pioneering filmmaker's work from the 1970s and 1980s. Featuring: [film]24 Frames Per Second[/film] (Shirley Clarke), [film]Four Journeys into Mystic Time[/film] (Shirley Clarke), [film]Savage/Love[/film] (Shirley Clarke), [film]Teepee VideoSpace Troupe: The First Years[/film] (Shirley Clarke), [film]Tongues[/film] (Shirley Clarke).
Showstopping Shorts - Best Of The UK Film Council ()
From the UKFC's Digital Shorts partnership with strategic partners across the UK, to the Cinema Extreme Partnership with Film Four. A selection of internationally acclaimed gems. Featuring: [film]Billy's Day Out[/film] (Iain B MacDonald), (Peter Mackie Burns), [film]Job Street[/film] (Mathew Santiago Whitecross), Laters (Jill Li-Sue). Completion Fund film: Hotel Infinity (Amanda Boyle). Cinema Extremes films: Love Me Or Leave Me Alone (Duane Hopkins), Wasp (Andrea Arnold).
Tartan Shorts (Country: UK; Year: 2005; Director: Peter Mackie Burns, Marissa Zanotti, Becky Brazil; Writer: Peter Mackie Burns, David Greig, Becky Brazil; Stars: Stephen McCole, Jamie Quinn, Helen Coker, James Grant, Elek Nathan Kish, Jennifer Lowrie)
Selection of shorts from the Ediburgh Film Festival.
UK Shorts 1 (Country: UK; Year: 2005)
Collection of shorts from around the country. Featuring: , Look At Me I'm Beautiful, [film]Quicken[/film], [film]Replay[/film], [film]Shame[/film], [film]Size 5[/film], [film]Wake Up[/film], .
UK Shorts 2 (Year: 2004)
Selection of shorts from up and down the country. Features: [film]Bargain[/film], , [film]Hibernation[/film], [film]Daylight Hole[/film], [film]The Man Who Met Himself[/film], [film]Suicide Angel[/film], [film]Torte Bluma[/film], [film]You Are 10 Years Old[/film].
World Shorts 1 (Year: 2005)
Selection of shorts from across the globe. Includes: Autobiographical Scene Number 6882 (Ruben Ostland), Dazzle (Franck Percher), Invulnerable (Alvaro Pastor), Right Now Ladies And Gents (John Paul Murphy), Sons Of Tu (Taika Waititi), Dust (H Fatih Kizilgok).
World Shorts 2 (Year: 2005)
Selection of worldwide shorts. Includes: 29 Inches (Joselito Crispim), Bow Tie Duty For Squareheads (Stephan Flint-Muller), Dirtyglitter 1: Damien (Aron Kantor), Flotsam/Jetsam (David Zellner), Green Bush (Warwick Thornton), Killing The Afternoon (Margaret Korkery).

Filming sensations Mathieu Amalric on Pierre Léon, Jeanne Balibar and the sounds and colours of Barbara

Character arc Seth A Smith on filming with a two-year-old and bringing marbling to life in The Crescent

Keeping up appearances Marcello Martinessi on cultural conservatism and filmmaking honesty in The Heiresses

A different space Kelly Macdonald on working with Marc Turtletaub on Puzzle

Out of the past Susanna Nicchiarelli on Trine Dyrholm and the costume design in Nico, 1988

The iconic man Jonathan Baker on Becoming Iconic and Inconceivable

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