Edinburgh International Film Festival 2005

The EIFF programme says: "This year's retrospective recognises the contribution made by one of British film's founding fathers, Michael Powell. This retrospective marks the centenary of his birth.

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The Tales Of Hoffmann The Tales Of Hoffmann
The Tales Of Hoffmann and The Red Shoes
49th Parallel (Country: UK; Year: 1941; Director: Michael Powell; Writer: Emeric Pressburger, Rodney Ackland, Emeric Pressburger; Stars: Richard George, Eric Portman, Raymond Lovell, Niall MacGinnis, Peter Moore, John Chandos, Basil Appleby, Laurence Olivier, Finlay Currie, Ley On, Anton Walbrook)
Wartime thriller about Nazi U-Boat survivors trying to make their way to safety.
Age of Consent (Country: Australia; Year: 1969; Director: Michael Powell; Writer: Norman Lindsay, Peter Yeldham; Stars: James Mason, Helen Mirren, Jack MacGowran, Neva Carr-Glynn, Andonia Katsaros, Michael Boddy, Harold Hopkins, Slim DeGrey, Max Meldrum, Frank Thring, Clarissa Kaye-Mason)
A riff on Shakespeare's Tempest explores an ageing artist's relationship with a young girl who comes to serve as his muse.
Black Narcissus (Country: UK; Year: 1947; Director: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger; Writer: Rumer Godden, Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger; Stars: Deborah Kerr, Flora Robson, Jean Simmons, David Farrar, Sabu, Esmond Knight, Kathleen Byron, Jenny Laird, Judith Furse, May Hallatt, Shaun Noble)
A group of nuns struggle to keep order in a remote Himalayan convent.
A Canterbury Tale (Country: UK; Year: 1944; Director: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger; Writer: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger; Stars: Eric Portman, Sheila Sim, Dennis Price, Sergeant John Sweet, Esmond Knight, Charles Hawtrey, Hay Petrie, George Merritt, Edward Rigby, Freda Jackson, Betty Jardine)
A land girl a soldier and an American GI try to solve a crime in Kent.
Contraband (Country: UK; Year: 1940; Director: Michael Powell; Writer: Emeric Pressburger, Michael Powell, Brock Williams; Stars: Conrad Veidt, Valerie Hobson, Hay Petrie, Joss Ambler, Raymond Lovell, Esmond Knight, Charles Victor, Phoebe Kershaw, Harold Warrender, John Longden, Eric Maturin)
A Danish freighter captain hunts a woman through the streets of London.
Peeping Tom Peeping Tom
Peeping Tom and Gone To Earth
The Edge Of The World (Country: UK; Year: 1937; Director: Michael Powell; Writer: Michael Powell; Stars: John Laurie, Belle Chrystall, Eric Berry, Kitty Kirwan, Finlay Currie, Niall MacGinnis, Grant Sutherland, Campbell Robson, George Summers, Margaret Greig, Michael Powell)
Examination of the hardships of life on a remote Scottish Isle.
Gone To Earth (Country: UK; Year: 1950; Director: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger; Writer: Emeric Pressburger, based on the novel by Mary Webb; Stars: Jennifer Jones, David Farrar, Cyril Cusack, Sybil Thorndike, Edward Chapman, Esmond Knight, Hugh Griffith, George Cole, Beatrice Varley, Frances Clare, Raymond Rollett)
A barefooted Shropshire lass marries the vicar and is seduced by the squire.
'I Know Where I'm Going!' (Country: UK; Year: 1945; Director: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger; Writer: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger; Stars: Wendy Hiller, Roger Livesey, Pamela Brown, Finlay Currie, George Carney, Nancy Price, Catherine Lacey, Jean Cadell, John Laurie, Valentine Dyall, Norman Shelley)
A woman who is planning to better herself by marrying money, finds love unexpectedly after being stranded on a Scottish island.
The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (Country: UK; Year: 1943; Director: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger; Writer: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger; Stars: James McKechnie, Neville Mapp, Vincent Holman, Roger Livesey, David Hutcheson, Spencer Trevor, Roland Culver, James Knight, Deborah Kerr, Dennis Arundell, David Ward)
Powell & Pressburger's great classic about a life well-lived
A Matter Of Life And Death (Country: UK; Year: 1946; Director: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger; Writer: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger; Stars: David Niven, Kim Hunter, Robert Coote, Kathleen Byron, Richard Attenborough, Bonar Colleano, Joan Maude, Marius Goring, Roger Livesey, Robert Atkins, Bob Roberts)
A wartime aviator begs a celestial court to let him escape death so he can be with the woman he loves. Out on re-issue in cinemas.
Black Narcissus Black Narcissus
Black Narcissus and A Matter Of Life And Death
Peeping Tom (Face Of Fear) (Country: UK; Year: 1960; Director: Michael Powell; Writer: Leo Marks; Stars: Karlheinz Böhm, Moira Shearer, Anna Massey, Maxine Audley, Brenda Bruce, Miles Malleson, Esmond Knight, Martin Miller, Michael Goodliffe, Jack Watson, Shirley Anne Field)
A young photographer becomes fascinated by expressions of fear, with deadly consequences.
The Red Shoes (Country: UK; Year: 1948; Director: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger; Writer: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger and Keith Winter, based on the book by Hans Christian Andersen.; Stars: Marius Goring, Jean Short, Gordon Littmann, Julia Lang, Bill Shine, Léonide Massine, Anton Walbrook, Austin Trevor, Esmond Knight, Eric Berry, Irene Browne)
A dancer is torn between the man she loves and her obsessive commitment to her craft.
The Small Back Room (Country: UK; Year: 1949; Director: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger; Writer: Nigel Balchin, Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger; Stars: David Farrar, Kathleen Byron, Jack Hawkins, Milton Rosmer, Cyril Cusack, Emrys Jones, Michael Goodliffe, Sid James, Leslie Banks, Michael Gough, Geoffrey Keen)
Wartime thriller about an embittered scientist called upon to defeat a new type of German-made bomb.
The Spy in Black (Country: UK; Year: 1939; Director: Michael Powell; Writer: Emeric Pressburger, Roland Pertwee, based on the novel by J Storer Clouston; Stars: Conrad Veidt, Sebastian Shaw, Valerie Hobson, Marius Goring, June Duprez, Athole Stewart, Agnes Lauchlan, Helen Haye, Cyril Raymond, George Summers, Hay Petrie)
Powell and Pressburger's first collaboration, sees a German spy conducting covert operations in Scotland.
The Tales Of Hoffmann (Country: UK; Year: 1951; Director: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger; Writer: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger, Dennis Arundell; Stars: Moira Shearer, Ludmilla Tchérina, Anne Ayars, Pamela Brown, Léonide Massine, Robert Helpmann, Frederick Ashton, Mogens Wieth, Robert Rounseville, Lionel Harris, Philip Leaver)
A poet recalls three doomed romances.
The Thief of Bagdad (Country: UK; Year: 1940; Director: Ludwig Berger, Michael Powell, Tim Whelan; Writer: Lajos Biró, Miles Malleson; Stars: Conrad Veidt, Sabu, June Duprez, John Justin, Rex Ingram, Miles Malleson, Morton Selten, Mary Morris, Bruce Winston, Hay Petrie, Adelaide Hall)
A thief helps a rightful king, who has been usurped, try to regain his throne.

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