13 Assassins
A retired samurai has to assemble a squad of assassins and set a town-sized trap.
As If I Am Not There
A schoolteacher suffers brutality at the hands of Serb soldiers during the Bosnian War.
Boris Ryzhy
A documentary exploring the life of russian poet Boris Ryzhy.
The Bridge On The River Kwai
An exhausted group of prisoners of war are forced to build a bridge, yet keep their spirits high.
Cave Of Forgotten Dreams
An exploration of the Chauvet caves in Southern France where the oldest known human paintings can be found.


The Dark Crystal
Two gelfling head to restore a shard to the dark crystal and order to their world.
Doctor Zhivago
Restored version of the Lean classic sees an idealistic poet/physician and the fiancée of a political activist meet and fall in love against the backdrop of the Russian Revolution.
Essential Killing
An interrogated man goes on the run.
Guilty Pleasures
A documentary about a convention for romance novel enthusiasts who dream of making the Mills & Boone story come true.
Examination of the bond between a little boy, the forest and his beekeeper dad.
How I Ended This Summer
A youngster on a remote Arctic research station engages in a series of deadly deceptions.


Lawrence Of Arabia
A flamboyant biography of T E Lawrence. There is no greater cinematic epic.
The Lion In Winter
Henry II chooses an heir, while all those around him plot.
Lost In La Mancha
Documentary makers chart the falling apart of Gilliam's Don Quixote production.


A Marine Story
A highly capable soldier who is quietly dismissed after it's discovered she's a lesbian takes on the training of a troubled local teenager who wants to join up.
Meek's Cutoff
Drama tracks a wagon train on the 1840s Oregon Trail.
My Flesh My Blood
A brain damaged boxer searches for love.
Oranges And Sunshine
A social worker struggles to reunite families after discovering the (real life) scandalous deportation of British children to other Commonwealth countries, which often resulted in abuse.
The Pizza Miracle
A son returns to say farewell to his dead father.
Point Blank
An ordinary nurse defies all odds to help an injured gangster escape from the hospital where he works in order to save his kidnapped, pregnant wife.
Putty Hill
A troubled family is united by bereavement.


The Red Machine
A young thief is persuaded to help a US government agency steal a Japanese encryption device on the eve of war.
A young ballet dancer uncovers a sinister conspiracy in this masterpiece of surrealist horror.
Two In The Wave
Account of the friendship between Truffaut and Godard.


Viva Riva!
A Kinshasa hustler hatches a scheme to steal a lucrative stash of petrol, but his lust for the wife of a notorious crime boss might bring more trouble than he's prepared for.
Wood Of Value
A documentary following a special Christmas tree on its journey across the North Sea from Norway to London.

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