Documenting the rainbow
by Jennie Kermode
The non-fiction highlights of this year's NewFest
Hidden Places
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Isabelle Huppert on filming in Sintra, fashion and Frankie
Engaging Martin Scorsese
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Gay Talese on Martin Scorsese and The Irishman
Recording the soul
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Arnaud Desplechin on editing, Oh Mercy! and Cries And Whispers
A contemporary character
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Pietro Marcello on his film of Martin Eden and Jack London’s novel
Diversity Rocks
by Amber Wilkinson
Sarah Gavron and Theresa Ikoko on capturing the teenage spirit and pushing the industry forward
The making of a hybrid
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Bertrand Bonello on histories and Zombi Child
Celebrating sisterhood
by Amber Wilkinson
Theresa Ikoko and Sarah Gavron on developing Rocks
An enigma
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne on Young Ahmed
A world of friendship
by Amber Wilkinson
Nichola Burley and Roxanne Scrimshaw talk about living the dream and creating characters in Lynn + Lucy
Social insecurity
by Amber Wilkinson
Director Fyzal Boulifa on capturing a working-class world in Lynn + Lucy and street casting his star
Don't fear the reaper
by Jennie Kermode
Lin Shaye on immortality, Gothic Harvest and learning when to speak up
Kisses from the baby
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Penélope Cruz, Édgar Ramírez and Olivier Assayas on baby kisses and Wasp Network
Messing about in boats
by Jennie Kermode
Rob Grant on superstition, Harpoon and the art of keeping still
Fulfilling their destiny
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Sônia Braga on Kleber Mendonça Filho and Juliano Dornelles' Bacurau
A bravura moment
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Matt Tyrnauer on the Big Lie and Where's My Roy Cohn?
The life they're in
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Martin Scorsese on moral choices, human nature and The Irishman
End of an era or time
by Anne-Katrin Titze and Sara Driver
Sara Driver honours her friend Robert Frank
A deeper truth
by Anne-Katrin Titze and Laura Israel
Laura Israel remembers Robert Frank and The Present
The gatekeeper
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Matt Tyrnauer on Where's My Roy Cohn?
Edward Lachman and New York remember Robert Frank
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Photographer/filmmaker passed away aged 94
The magpie
by Jennie Kermode
Lauren Ashley Carter talks fight scenes, troubled characters, animal inspiration and Artik
A cinematic runway
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Anna Sui on the influence of cinema and Dennis Nothdruft on fairy tales in The World Of Anna Sui
Forming a mountain
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Rick Alverson on Tye Sheridan, Jeff Goldblum, Udo Kier, and Denis Lavant in The Mountain
Postcard from Venice Film Festival
by Damon Wise
The Truth, Only The Animals, Joker, Ad Astra, J'Accuse, The Laundromat and more
Facing the music
by Jennie Kermode
Andrew Desmond on Freya Tingley, Rutger Hauer, Alexis Maingaud and The Sonata
Bruno Barreto remembers The Paris Theatre
by Anne-Katrin Titze and Bruno Barreto
Legendary Manhattan cinema has closed
The hidden palette
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Kirill Mikhanovsky and Alice Austen on the conflicts they overcame to make Give Me Liberty
Under the surface
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Gay Talese on Once Upon A Time … In Hollywood, Spahn Ranch, westerns and Italian directors
Bringing different worlds together
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Lolo Spencer on casting people with disabilities and Give Me Liberty
Getting under the skin
by Jennie Kermode
The Soska sisters on Rabid, female relationships, #MeToo and being back at Frightfest
Challenging images
by Jennie Kermode
The Soska sisters on David Cronenberg, plastic surgery, transhumanism and remaking Rabid
Meeting the wolf man
by Jennie Kermode
Gavin Baddeley on a cinematic history of lycanthropes and writing The Frightfest Guide To Werewolf Movies
Five films to sink your teeth into at Frightfest
by Jennie Kermode
A Good Woman Is Hard To Find, Satanic Panic, Harpoon, The Sonata and Come To Daddy
Beyond the garden
by Jennie Kermode
Flavio Alves on telling authentic stories, representing violence, and The Garden Left Behind
Inside the story
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Valerio Mastandrea on working with Abel Ferrara, Valeria Golino, Silvio Soldini and Marco Bellocchio
Cultivating a story
by Jennie Kermode
Flavio Alves on the lives of trans women and undocumented immigrants, and The Garden Left Behind
Mocky - Final exit for France’s restless free spirit
by Richard Mowe
Director and actor dies, aged 90
Connecting two worlds
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Bart Freundlich on Michelle Williams' character, Billy Crudup's hair, and After The Wedding
Barbara Kopple honours DA Pennebaker
by Anne-Katrin Titze and Barbara Kopple
"I lost someone irreplaceable in my life"
Andrew Rossi remembers DA Pennebaker
by Anne-Katrin Titze and Andrew Rossi
"How does a person get so close to these raw emotional moments?"
Storytelling childhood
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Anna Pniowsky on Casey Affleck, storytelling, the script and the haircut for Light Of My Life
Thinking big
by Jennie Kermode
Zach Lipovsky and Adam B Stein on Freaks, Bruce Dern and telling big stories with small budgets
Right on track
by Jennie Kermode
Adam Sherman on Japanese bondage, fashion, murder and She's Just A Shadow
In the picture
by Amber Wilkinson
Ritesh Batra on Photograph and shooting in Mumbai
A dangerous lesson
by Jennie Kermode
David Dastmalchian on Teacher, bullying and going to dark places
A tale of the unexpected
by Jennie Kermode
Zach Lipovsky and Adam B Stein on keeping viewers guessing, working with children, and Freaks
Threshold of the screen
by Anne-Katrin Titze
Rick Alverson on Denis Lavant's threshold move, Disney, and music in The Mountain
Different for girls
by Jennie Kermode
Jennifer Reeder on teenage lives, adult epiphanies, #MeToo and Knives And Skin
Life in a war zone
by Amber Wilkinson
Waad al-Kateab and Edward Watts discuss For Sama

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