Halloween listings 2023

Spooky cinema around the UK

by Jennie Kermode

The Lost Boys
The Lost Boys

The spooky season is here again, so we’re looking at the sinister cinema events happening across the UK. From treats you can shre with the kids to hardcore all-nighters, there’s plenty here to provide you with Halloween chills and thrills.






  • 27th - Dundead presents Minore, DCA, 20:30
  • 28th - Dundead presents Hocus Pocus, DCA, 13:15
  • 29th - Dundead presents Peeping Tom, DCA, 18:00
  • 30th - Dundead presents The Exorcist, DCA, 20:30


  • 31st - Assorted horror film soundtracks performed live by a string quartet, in candlelight, Ghillie Dhu
  • Li>1st - Ani/mates spooky short animated films by Animated Women, the Banshee Labyrinth, 19:00



  • 28th - Hocus Pocus drive-in, Kirkstall Abbey, 18:00
  • 29th - The Lost Boys, Cottage Road Cinema, 20:00
  • 29th - Hocus Pocus drive-in, Kirkstall Abbey, 16:45
  • 29th - What The Film Club presents The Howling 2 and The Howling 3, 94 Kirkstall Road, 18:30
  • 30th - Halloween horror film quiz, the Hive, 19:00
  • 31st - The Fall Of The House Of Usher & Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde (1920), with live organ accompaniment, Howard Assembley Hall, 19:30
  • 2nd - Suspiria, Left Bank Leeds, 19:00


  • 27th - Lavender Film Night presents Coraline, Black Lodge Brewing, 19:00
  • 29th - Hocus Pocus, Chorley Cinema, 19:30
  • 29th - Beetlejuice, St Luke’s Bombed Out Church, 17:30
  • 29th - The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Leigh Film Factory, 19:30
  • 30th - Night Of The Living Dead, Penwortham Arts Centre, 19:00
  • 31st - Hoteln Transylvania, Baltic Market, noon
  • 31st - Scary Movie, Baltic Market, 19:00
  • 31st - The Exorcist, St Luke’s Bombed Out Church, 19:00
  • 31st - Hocus Pocus with food and cocktails, Duke Street Market, 20:30
  • 31st - Psycho with live score by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, Philharmonic Hall, 19:30
  • 31st - Lavender Film Night presents Scream, Black Lodge Brewing, 19:00


  • 27th & 28th - Halloween Frightfest, Cineworld Leicester Square
  • 27th - Hocus Pocus, Rivoli Ballroom, 19:00
  • 28th - Romford All-Day Film Event – Carrie, Cat’s-Eye, Christine, Village Of The Damned & Terrorvision, Premiere Cinemas
  • 28th - Alien, The Yellow, 19:00
  • 28th - The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Clapham Grand, 21:00
  • 29th - The Phantom Of The Opera (1925) with live organ accompaniment and choir, St Giles Church, 19:00




  • 27th - Hocus Pocus outdoors, Nottingham Racecourse, 17:00
  • 30th - The Lost Boys outdoors, Wollaton Hall, 18:00
  • 31st - Daughters Of Darkness, Nottingham Contemporary, 18:30
  • 31st - Scream outdoors, Wollaton Hall, 18:00


  • 27th - free Soviet cinema: Mister Designer & Flight To The Monster Country, Chesterfield Library, 18:00
  • 27th - The Conjuring underground, Peak Cavern, 18:00
  • 28th - The Living Dead At Manchest Morgue & Nightmare City, Abbeydale Picture House, 16:00
  • 28th & 29th - Beetlejuice underground, Peak Cavern, various times
  • 31st - The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Cemetery Road, 20:30

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