Only When I Dance will close the season Only When I Dance will close the season

This year's edition - now in its third year is subtitled Urban Tales due to the city-centric theme that permeates this award-winning selection of 10 contemporary features and four documentaries.

The festival opens on September 8, at London's Barbican, with a screening of If Nothing Else Works Out (Se Nada Mais Der Certo), followed by a Q&A with director José Eduardo Belmonte and Milhem Cortaz, and closes on October 8 with Only When I Dance.

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Brazil Latest Reviews

Jardim Ângela
Jardim Ângela
Documentary tracking São Paulo youngsters as they film a documentary about their community.
Master - A Copacobana Building
Master - A Copacobana Building
A week in the life of the residents of a Copacabana apartment block.
Last Stop 174
Last Stop 174
Story of a homeless man who hijacked a bus in Rio.
Not By Chance
Not By Chance
Fate leads to lives interlocking in São Paulo.
If Nothing Else Works Out
If Nothing Else Works Out
The lives of a group of friends living life on the edge in frenetic São Paulo.
Only When I Dance
Only When I Dance
Young Brazilians train hard in the hope of becoming ballet stars.
Lower City
Lower City
Two friends find their loyalties tested when they both fall in love with the same prostitute.

Venice 2015: The state of independents Looking For Grace, The Daughter, Equals, The Childhood Of A Leader

Venice 2015: Peak viewing Reports on Everest, Black Mass, Spotlight and The Danish Girl.

Moving on up Anna Rose Holmer on adolescence, gender identity and self-determination in The Fits.

Scaling the heights with Everest Deauville opening night premiere

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