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Mesrine: Killer Instinct
The rise to fame of a violent modern day Robin Hood.
Black Box Shorts 3: Phenomena In Flux
Showcase of abstract shorts which aim to break new ground in cinematic representation.
A woman heads north, trying to avoid the authorities by hiding out at a soap factory.
Animation sees an old lady embroidering her destiny.
Light Of Darkness
A get-together takes an unexpected turn after a power cut.
Interview With The Earth
Documenting how people in a Mexican Indian village cope with death.
A cab driver and his dispatcher converse, but each seems to be keeping secrets.
Mexican Shorts
A selection of emerging talent from the dynamic cinema of Mexico.
The prodigal son returns to bury his dead father in a black as night tragi-comedy featuring a friendly elk.
The Hurt Locker
An elite bomb disposal unit struggles to function in the heart of the Iraq war.


EIFF 1999: Day 1
30 Aug 1999
Opening Night of the Edinburgh International Film Festival
EIFF 2000: Day 15
30 Aug 2000
And On The Last Day
EIFF 2000: Day 14
30 Aug 2000
The End Of A Beautiful Relationship
EIFF 2000: Day 13
30 Aug 2000
Verhoeven Gets Philosophical
EIFF 2000: Day 12
30 Aug 2000
Music, Maestro

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