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100 Metros
"You don't see much but you are left to imagine and wonder."

93, based on the Pinter play Victoria Station, is a two-hander between a taxi dispatcher and an erratic taxi driver in cab 93 who appears to be parked outside a park somewhere in Mexico City in the middle of the night. Switching between the sparse, fluorescent lit office where the dispatcher is growing increasingly frustrated and the dark interior of the cab, the tone goes from comedic to mysterious to dramatic to compassionate.

Is the man in the car really the driver? Who is the fare from the 100 Metres bus station and why are they so important? Who is the woman in the back of the cab and is she just asleep?

Working from quality source material shows, but the staging and cinematography fit perfectly to the story. You don't see much but you are left to imagine and wonder. Rodrigo Vazquez and Hector Holden as the younger dispatcher and the older driver play off each other well, even though they are never in the same shot. An assured and energetic piece of filmmaking from director Julian de Tavira.

Reviewed on: 25 Jun 2009
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A cab driver and his dispatcher converse, but each seems to be keeping secrets.
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Director: Julián de Tavira

Writer: Julián de Tavira, based on the play Victoria Station by Harold Pinter

Starring: Rodrigo Vazquez, Hector Holden

Year: 2008

Runtime: 18 minutes

Country: Mexico


EIFF 2009

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