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Bad Lieutenant
A corrupt police lieutenant goes from bad to worse.
The Last House On The Left
A gang unwittingly take refuge in the house of the parents of a girl they have just raped.
The life of US President George W Bush, as seen by Oliver Stone.
For Whom The Bell Tolls
An American mercenary fights fascism in the early days of the Spanish Civil War.
Pier Paolo Pasolini Volume One
Box set of films by the Italian neo-realist director. Featuring <a href="/reviews.php?film_id=12284">Accattone</a>, <a href="/reviews.php?film_id=12283">RoGoPaG</a> and <a href="/reviews.php?film_id=12282">Love Meetings</a>.
A pimp living in the slums of Rome attempts to go straight. Out to own as part of <a href="">Pier Paolo Pasolini Volume One</a> box set.
Portmanteau film in which four directors “limit themselves to recounting the joyous beginning of the end of the world”. Out to own as part of <a href="">Pier Pasolini Volume One</a> box set.
Love Meetings
A survey of attitudes to sex and sexuality undertaken by Pasolini in 1963. Out to own as part of the <a href="">Pier Pasolini Vol 1</a> box set.
Seven Sinners
A cabaret singer is deported from various South Sea Islands for causing fights amongst the naval officers.
Black Book
Paul Verhoeven returns to Europe for an epic wartime tale.
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