Paul Risker

Paul is an independent scholar and film critic, and Editor for Mise-en-scène: The Journal of Film and Visual Narration, the official film studies journal of Kwantlen Polytechnic University. True to his English roots, he is a committed tea drinker and finds the recent statistic that coffee drinkers outnumber tea drinkers in his native land to be a horrifying subversion of British values. He’s currently considering the establishment of The Tea Workers Party as a means to reclaim power from the political establishment, and while possessing no economic, education or social policies, believes in the genius of simplicity: “Tea first for a greater Britain.”

Outside of his political aspirations and his disgust for such subversion, he can often be found pacing, deep in conversation with himself on matters of film criticism, which he sees as rehearsals for his future political orations. Meanwhile, having been brought up on crime dramas, he has come to consider Endeavour Morse and Columbo as lifelong friends. He lives by the mantra that a day that passes without writing and consuming an excessive amount of tea is quite simply a day wasted. His writing on film outside of Eye For Film can be found at: Little White Lies, Flux Magazine, FrightFest Gore in the Store, Pop Matters, Aesthetica Magazine and the ASFF blog.

Latest Film Reviews

Bad Attitude: The Art Of Spain Rodriguez
Legendary underground cartoonist Spain Rodriguez is profiled in this intimate portrait by his wife, Emmy-nominated filmmaker Susan Stern.
I Am Not A Serial Killer
A teenage sociopath tries to hunt down a killer.
Documenting the 'Mozart of Chess'.
Dog Eat Dog
Two former convicts are torn between going straight and returning to their old lives.
Free Fire
A meeting between two gangs in a deserted warehouse turns into a shootout.


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