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6 Plots
A high-school kid finds herself embroiled in a deadly game after her friends are buried alive.
A Road Stained Crimson
A former hitman trying to live a quiet life finds himself blackmailed at the same time as a boy arrives in desperate need of his guidance.
The Hidden Hand
A guide to theories of alien contact with Earth.
City Slacker
An ambitious, successful woman seeks an unambitious, unsuccessful man to be a house husband.
Portrait Of A Zombie
A family is ostracised by the local community after deciding to care for a son who has become a zombie, whilst his pregnant girlfriend still hopes the local priest will marry them.
Kill Me
A suicidal teenager agrees to help a murderer on the run if he will kill her afterwards, but as they flee, he finds himself beginning to care for her.
Love Tomorrow
Two dancers get talking on an escalator and gradually find themselves embarking on a relationship.
A grandmother discovers poetry and begins to reassess the world around her.
The Fourth Dimension
Triplet of short films, conforming to a fixed 'creative brief'.
Fallen Art
Danse macabre look at the madness of war.


London Film Festival diary
27 Oct 2008
Film is all about a point of view...
Flick press conference
08 Oct 2008
David Howard and Faye Dunaway talk about making British horror on a shoestring budget.
Jumper press conference
12 Feb 2008
Star Hayden Christensen praises the <a href="">Jumper</a> director's spontaneity.
Director Asif Kapadia interview on Far North
06 Nov 2007
Director Asif Kapadia talks about finding the arctic location and cast for his latest film Far North.
London Film Festival diary
30 Oct 2007
More gossip from the 51st edition of the fest.

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