Leanne McGrath

A self-confessed Hitchcock fanatic, Leanne has an honours degree in film studies and is a journalist. She left her homeland of Scotland in April 2009 to move to the sun-soaked shores of Bermuda, where she is a sub-editor and the movie reviewer for the Bermuda Sun newspaper.

When not getting sunburnt, she is addicted to classical Hollywood, noir, thrillers, crime drama, horror and geekfests such as Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings and Clerks. And let's not even discuss the fascination with Taggart - no one should have every episode on DVD.

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Latest Film Reviews

Letter For The King
A medieval teenager has to undertake a quest before he can become a knight.
Dog Sweat
Six Iranian youngsters rebel against Islamic rule in Tehran.
Who Am I?
Mystery surrounds a man with memory loss and a dead body found with no identification.
An African Election
Documentary charting the 2008 presidential election in Ghana.
An imaginative 15-year-old is as interested in losing his virginity as he is in saving his parents’ marriage. Plus read our <a href="http://www.eyeforfilm.co.uk/feature.php?id=877">interview</a> with Richard Ayoade.
Despicable Me
A super-villain plots to steal the Moon.
Sins Of My Father
The story of Pablo Escobar - as recounted by his son and widow.
How to Train Your Dragon
A young viking becomes an unlikely dragon master.
The Last Days Of Emma Blank
An elderly woman drives her 'servants' to distraction as they wait for her to die.
I'm Not Black, I'm Coloured: Identity Crisis At The Cape Of Good Hope
examination of the legacy of Apartheid in South Africa from the viewpoint of the Cape Coloured, the majority population.

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Bermuda Film Festival kicks off
22 Mar 2010
Island showcases award winners in 13th edition.

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