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The Rebound
A young New Yorker finds himself smitten with the single mother next door, despite a challenging age difference.
A window-washing duel.
Wound Footage
Unification of the digital with the analogue world.
Walk The Line
Johnny Cash biopic that feels the lurve.
The Libertine
The tragic, promiscuous, defiant world of a 17th century philandering philosopher earl.
Action movie, loosely based on the life of glamour model turned bounty hunter.
Room 36
A black comedy in black-and-white about a contract killer in a vile hotel.
Lords Of Dogtown
A group of talented teenagers from California kick start the skateboarding craze.
The Longest Yard
Remake of the Burt Reynolds prison football drama of the Seventies - with jokes?
Wedding Crashers
A womanising duo, who specialise in trawling weddings, take on their last, hilarious challenge.


Interview with Christian Carion about L’Affaire Farewell
20 Apr 2010
The French director goes back to the USSR.

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Film Nation launches shorts competition
30 Mar 2010
You filmmakers invited to submit work to be screened at Olympics

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