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After The Murder Of Albert Lima (2019)
A man takes an unorthodox and dangerous path in order to seek justice for the murder of his father.
Archipelago (2021)
A true animated film about an invented archipelago. About an imaginary, linguistic, political territory. About a real or dreamed country, or something in between.
At Night Comes Wolves (2021)
A woman escaping an unhappy relationship becomes involved with a cult.
The Balcony Movie (2021)
Documentary composed from the conversations that the director holds with people passing by in the street under his Warsaw apartment.
Bloodsuckers (2021)
A penniless Soviet refugee who dreams of making a career in Hollywood at the end of the 1920s falls in love with a wealthy young vampire spending the summer at the seaside with her awkward servant – with unforeseen consequences.
Bucolic (2021)
Danusia and her daughter Basia live far away from the modern world, in tune with the rhythm of nature, among animals and the spirits of the dead. Their enclave brings peace and a sense of security, but they feel a growing longing for contact with other people.
Concerned Citizen (2022)
Drama about the perils of gentrification
District Terminal (2021)
A narcotic dream reflecting Iranian national psychosis.
Erasing Frank (2021)
The singer of a banned punk band is taken to a psychiatric hospital in an attempt to silence him.
Forest For The Trees (2021)
War photographer Rita Leistner turns her expert lens onto a community of tree planters who overcome grueling conditions and emotional difficulties to bring back the forest one tree at a time.
Forever (2022)
A family struggle to come to terms with the death of an adult son.
From The Wild Sea (2021)
The director considers the critical relationship between humans and wild animals and the consequences of climate change.
I Am Greta (2020)
Profile of the teenage Swedish climate activist.
Lansky (2021)
A dramatisation of what happened when a legendary gangster asked a writer to pen his biography.
Luzifer (2021)
Johannes, a man with the heart of a child, lives secluded in an Alpine hut with his mother. Daily life is governed by prayer and rituals but a tourist development threatens to poison their paradise.
Mad God (2021)
An epic journey through all the layers of hell.
Medusa (2021)
A woman who is part of a gang who hunt those who transgress their religious ideals, finds her values changing dramatically after she is injured.
Mother (2019)
In Thailand, Pomm takes care of Europeans with Alzheimer’s. Separated from her children, she helps Elisabeth during the final stages of her life, as a new patient arrives from Switzerland.
Museum Town (2019)
A rural American town suffering economically from factory closures finds an unconventional route to recovery.
My Father And Me (2019)
The filmmaker charts his relationship with his humanist-pacifist father, Maurice Broomfield, a factory worker turned photographer.
A Night Of Knowing Nothing (2021)
A poetic record of the experience of being a young Indian in a land of violence.
Once Upon A Time In Calcutta (2021)
After the loss of her daughter, Ela not only loses her identity as a mother, but also the only reason to be with her husband. But she finds starting the new life she wants isn't easy.
A River Runs, Turns, Erases, Replaces (2021)
A Wuhan-set documentary that focuses on the Yangtze River.
Savage (2019)
Hard-hitting drama tracks the three decades that shaped the feared leader of a biker gang.
Secret Name (2021)
Nelie escapes a miserable existence by becoming a frontline nurse in 1914 and goes on to discover emancipation can come with a price.
Silent Land (2021)
A couple find their relationship going south after a trip to an Italian holiday home begins to be fraught with problems.
Small Body (2021)
Italy, 1900. Young Agata’s baby is stillborn and so condemned to Limbo. Agata hears about a place in the mountains, where infants can be brought back to life for just one breath, to baptise them and save their soul. She undertakes a voyage with her daughter’s small body hidden in a box and meets Lynx, a solitary boy who offers to help her.
The Sound Of Identity (2020)
In the spotlight of global media coverage, the first transgender woman ever to perform as Don Giovanni in a professional opera makes her historic debut in one of the reddest states in the US.
The Story Of Southern Islet (2020)
A woman who is travelling to see a shaman to seek help for her ailing husband endures strange encounters and unearthly experiences.
The Stranger (2021)
In a small village in the occupied Golan Heights, the life of a desperate unlicensed doctor, who is going through an existential crisis, takes another unlucky turn when he encounters a man wounded in the war in Syria.
Take Out Girl (2020)
To give her family a chance at a better life and save her family's failing restaurant, a young woman parlays her Chinese food delivery expertise into a profitable drug hustle.
This Is Not A Burial, It's A Resurrection (2019)
When her village is threatened with forced resettlement due to reservoir construction, an 80-year-old widow finds a new will to live and ignites the spirit of resilience within her community.
Walk With Angels (2021)
Documentary follows a former child soldier who now helps families regain their stolen children in the economically deprived townships in South Africa.
Wheel Of Fortune And Fantasy (2021)
An unexpected love triangle, a failed honey trap and an encounter that results from a misunderstanding are the three episodes, told in three movements to depict three female characters and trace the trajectories between their choices and regrets.
Yamabuki (2022)
A story of lost dreams and loved ones, longing for home and searching for one’s place in the world.

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