The Third Dad


Reviewed by: Andrew Robertson

The Third Dad
"Theresa Moerman's film is a deeply personal, deeply moving portrait of grief."

Opening with a quote from The Third Man, "A man is not dead because you put him underground," Theresa Moerman's film is a deeply personal, deeply moving portrait of grief.

The loss inflicted by alcoholism, not just of a life, but of the way that life was lived, and with whom, and how, and the costs borne, and by whom, and how, and subtle scoring and careful editing around a simple enough document. A trip to a graveside. Showing at GSFF 2016 as part of the Scottish 1 programme it sat among films that dealt with loss, and grief, and sadness, and relationships both transient and painful, and was all the stronger in context and in contrast.

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It is not for audiences to speak of reconciliation, of reevaluation, of remedy, but in this film there is scope to observe, to witness. We are invited to accompany a daughter on a journey and it is wise to accept - this is a powerful trip, a transporting document that compels.

Reviewed on: 22 Mar 2016
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A filmmaker sets out to find the grave of her estranged father.

Director: Theresa Moerman Ib

Year: 2015

Runtime: 10 minutes

Country: UK

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