Andrew Robertson

The first film I saw in the cinema was "Michael Jackson's Moonwalker", but I got better.

I like: Animation, books, comics, dice, esoteric research papers, film, gourmandry & games, history, ink, "jokes", kitchenalia, lego, movies, notebooks, obscurities, picturehouses (and parentheses), quests, references*, short film, tea, ultracrepidarianism, vexatiousness, words, algebra, yakking, and zymurgy.

Oh, and * footnotes.

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Latest Film Reviews

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One
Batman forms a pact with the police captain and district attorney in a bid to take down the head of a crime family... only to find he is also dealing with a serial killer.
Erratum 2037
After a high school student accidentally intercepts a message from the future, he is kidnapped and sent into the future where he has to stop the mad plans of an evil genius.
Johnny Mnemonic
A courier who transports data in his brain faces a race against time and those who want the information he is carrying.
When a late-night DJ receives a call, may not be quite all it initially seems.
Two Bob Mermaid
An Aboriginal girl gains access to the local swimming pool where Aboriginal people are legally denied access because she "passes" as white - and finds herself faced with a choice.
Girl In The Chair
After years of confinement, a teenaged girl escapes her kidnapper and returns to the house of her long-lost family, but her homecoming is far from welcome.
Green Thoughts
Somewhere in the world there is a remote island. The sea. Lush hills. The impenetrable forest.
Godzilla Vs. Kong
Two mighty monsters slug it out.
Sudden Death
Set in a nature management zone, an investigation of the outdated romantic notions of wilderness and nature.
Red Aninsri; Or, Tiptoeing On The Still Trembling Berlin Wall
On an undercover spy mission, a trans woman disguises herself as a masculine man to lure a student activist, only to fall in love.


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News Stories

Store Policy a winner at Glasgow Short Film Festival
29 Mar 2021
Festival sets new attendance record
Tungrus and We Are All Here win GSFF Audience Awards
18 Mar 2019
Mum’s Cards named best Scottish short
A Short Guide To Re-Entry wins the double at the GSFF
21 Mar 2016
Attendees celebrate a "very non-boring festival".
GSFF awards announced
15 Mar 2015
Directed By Tweedie and Shipwreck win top awards.
The Questioning takes top prize in Glasgow
16 Feb 2014
Short film festival closes with awards ceremony.

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