An Incredibly Elastic Man


Reviewed by: Andrew Robertson

The Incredibly Elastic Man
"Gorgeous to look at, and listen to."

Karolina Specht's animated film is without dialogue, but with a painted style somewhere between Picasso and Soviet Realism it is more than capable of speaking to audiences.

The titular entity is sufficiently elastic that he fills the space afforded him. Full of splendid little touches, from escapes from the confines of a cubicle to a beach-towel Venn diagram, a logo on laptops of a gingerbread man with a bite taken out of it, it's comic, it's all an exploration of the central idea - and it's a strong one.

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Using music 'from various sources' including a theremin type science-fictional theme, with some excellent sounds - a considered liquid rumbling, an escalating material stress - this is gorgeous to look at, and listen to, and while there's more to film than that, it's an excellent start.

Reviewed on: 12 Mar 2015
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The animated tale of a man born without his own shape, who keeps being shaped by others.

Director: Karolina Specht

Writer: Karolina Specht

Year: 2014

Runtime: 5 minutes

Country: Poland


GSFF 2015

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