Reviewed by: Andrew Robertson

From its stunning title sequence Glitch grabs the attention. It is drawn in crisp, clear lines, a sophisticated stylisation that lies somewhere between Jamie Hewlett's recent work and the Mr Bean Cartoon. That's not to do it a disservice, but to provide an immediate reference.

Glitch itself is full of them. It nods towards The Matrix, The Terminator, 2001: A Space Odyssey, japanese and Cronenberg-style body horror, The Fifth Element, and, inevitably, Blade Runner.

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Its protagonist finds himself noticing that things around him are starting to look a little off. Things progress, and suddenly we're confronted with a wide variety of things that are not normal, including a little robot dog with an even smaller robot riding it. Its ending is ambiguous, and one can't help but suspect a nod towards the work of Philip K Dick or George Orwell.

This is slickly professional, and gorgeous, but it's easy to wonder what could have been made of a more challenging script.

Reviewed on: 19 Aug 2007
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A man is grabbed into a twisted dimension. Showing at EIFF 2007 as part of World Animation 1.

Director: Peter Ricq

Writer: Peter Ricq

Year: 2006

Runtime: 10 minutes

Country: Canada


Raindance 2007

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