Adha Cup


Reviewed by: Andrew Robertson

Adha Cup
"This is a lovely wee film."

This is a delightful comedy adventure, a sort of bilingual Bollywood Blues Brothers by way of Nottingham. Not quite alliteratively perfect, it's otherwise a gem.

Ash and Shahid are the somewhat inept duo tasked with reassembling the cast of a hit stage musical for an anniversary performance. It's never made clear if they've a formal role there, or if they're just a luckless pair dragooned into this quest. As they wander through the streets chancing upon each of their stars in turn it's at times as if they are awaiting Godot, at others as if they are desperately seeking Rosencrantz & Guildenstern.

Most importantly they are without their hero, the Keyser Soze of the stage, the enigmatic Sajid. In their search for him they encounter butchers, barbers, grocers and garage-owners, until they happen on the news that Sajid is dead...

Written and directed by Sarmad Masud, this is a lovely wee film. Shot in crisp monochrome with several outbreaks of song, it's technically distinctive, a further treat given its other unique features. As Ash and Shahid, Rez Kempton and Ace Bhatti convince as bickering buddies in the balti belt. It's hard to convey just how fresh and satisfying this film is, better almost than mango kulfi on a hot day. Bhatti and Kempton are film and television veterans, but this is Masud's debut. On this evidence, he's not short of talent, and with luck it won't be long before Adha Cup can serve as the perfect appetiser for a longer work.

Reviewed on: 20 Jun 2009
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Two lazy social workers who reluctantly agree to reunite the cast of a legendary amateur Bollywood musical.

Director: Sarmad Masud

Writer: Sarmad Masud

Starring: Rez Kempton, Ace Bhatti, Balvinder Sopal, Jeff Mirza, Jas Steven Singh

Year: 2008

Runtime: 23 minutes

Country: UK


EIFF 2009

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