San Sebastian Film Festival 2015

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Pikadero Pikadero
Pikadero and Family Film
After Eden (Country: Canada; Year: 2015; Director: Hans Christian Berger; Writer: Hans Christian Berger; Stars: Alyssa Reece, Cameron Crosby, David Roncin, Theo Kim, Joseph John Coleman, Coleman Davie, Collin Kortschak, Jeff Lewis, Brandon Jason Miller, Tobias Graa Winblad, Natasha Stoesz, Tyler Burrows, Josh Collins, Miles Ellis, Ryan Rutherford)
A reclusive university student tracks down his favourite porn star in the real world and becomes her anonymous follower - until he finds the courage to connect in person.
Barash (Country: Israel; Year: 2015; Director: Michal Vinik)
Naama Barash, 17, enjoys alcohol, drugs and hanging out with like-minded friends. Her activities are an escape from a home where her parents always fight, and a rebellious, army-enrolled sister, who, one day, disappears. As a new girl shows up at school, Barash falls deep in love for the first time, and the intensity of the experience at once confuses her and gives her life new meaning.
Drifters (Tjuvheder) (Country: Sweden; Year: 2015; Director: Peter Grönlund; Writer: Peter Grönlund; Stars: Malin Levanon, Peter Viitanen, Kalled Mustonen, Ulf Stenberg, Lo Kauppi, Tomasz Neuman)
An intense social drama about a woman's struggle for survival on the margins of society.
Family Film (Rodinny Film) (Country: Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, France; Year: 2015; Director: Olmo Omerzu; Writer: Olmo Omerzu, Nebojsa Pop Tasic; Stars: Karel Roden, Jenovéfa Boková, Martin Pechlát)
A family starts to disintegrate after the mother and father leave the children home alone.
Granny's Dancing On The Table (Country: Sweden; Year: 2015; Director: Hanna Sköld; Writer: Hanna Sköld; Stars: Blanca Engström, Lennart Jähkel, Karin Bertling)
Eini grows up isolated from society with her father, a man afraid of the world. His biggest fear is to be left alone and to be left by Eini.
Iona Iona
Iona and Sex Life Of Plants
Iona (Country: UK; Year: 2015; Director: Scott Graham; Writer: Scott Graham; Stars: Ruth Negga, Douglas Henshall, Tom Brooke, Michelle Duncan, Jim Sturgeon, Matthew Zajac, Ben Gallagher, Sorcha Groundsell)
A woman and her teenage son return to the place she was born to seek refuge from a violent gang.
The New Kid (Le Nouveau) (Country: France; Year: 2015; Director: Rudi Rosenberg; Writer: Igor Gotesman, Bruno Muschio, Rudi Rosenberg; Stars: Raphaël Ghrenassia, Joshua Raccah, Géraldine Martineau, Guillaume Cloud-Roussel, Johanna Lindstedt, Max Boublil, Eythan Chiche, Gabriel Nahum, Ismaël Mandile, Arthur Grégoire, Iléana Courbey, Yiling Luo, Pauline Leblond, Samuel Jami, Zélie Pouyanne)
Benoit, 14 years old, leaves the country-side for Paris. His first day at school turns out to be more difficult than expected, and he quickly becomes isolated. Until one day a new girl arrives in class...
One Of Us (Einer Von Uns) (Year: 2015; Director: Stephan Richter )
Julian, a 14-year old teenager, dies surrounded by the colorful products of a huge supermarket. The film is based on a true story.
Parasol (Country: Belgium; Year: 2015; Director: Valéry Rosier)
Holiday time, a Mediterranean island. Three wanderings at summer's end. The determination, no matter the cost, to make things change. Nostalgia for a past that never existed.
Paula (Country: Argentina; Year: 2015; Director: Eugenio Canevari; Writer: Eugenio Canevari; Stars: Carolina Herrera, Bernardo Calabia, Meme Santoro, Nazareno Gerde, Amelia Carricart, Pablo Bocanera, Denise Labbate, Justo Carricart, Maria Jose Sharry, Estefania Blaiotta)
Young Paula lives and works for middle-class family caring for their children. Her life takes an unexpected turn on discovering that she's pregnant by a young man who refuses to accept his fatherhood.
Barash Barash
Barash and One Of Us
Pikadero (Country: UK, Spain; Year: 2015; Director: Ben Sharrock; Writer: Ben Sharrock; Stars: Bárbara Goenaga, Lander Otaola, Itziar Lazkano, Zorion Eguileor, Ylenia Baglietto, Joseba Usabiaga, Galder Pérez, Peio Arnáez)
A couple's fledgling relationship comes under pressure as they struggle to find time alone.
Sex Life Of Plants (Vida sexual de las plantas) (Country: Chile; Year: 2016; Director: Sebastián Brahm; Writer: Sebastián Brahm; Stars: Mario Horton, Cristián Jiménez, Francisca Lewin)
After an accident turns the love of Barbara's life into a dimwit stranger, she gets involved with a man who can offer her stability, minus the passion. She tries to adapt to her new fate, but the memory of lost love continues to hound her.
Stay With Me (Ul-bo) (Country: South Korea; Year: 2015; Director: Jin-woo Rhee; Writer: Jin-woo Rhee; Stars: Yoo-sang Jang, Yoon-kyeong Ha, Seo-jun Lee)
Leeseop is new in class, where he meets troublemaker Hayun. The two become friends, influencing and changing each other's lives little by little.
Thirst (Jajda) (Country: Bulgaria; Year: 2015; Director: Svetla Tsotsorkova; Writer: Svetoslav Ovcharov, Svetla Tsotsorkova, Ventsislav Vasilev; Stars: Monika Naydenova, Alexander Benev, Svetlana Yancheva)
A couple and their teenage son eke out a living on a hilltop, doing the laundry for local hotels, despite the intermittent water supply. Their simple life is overturned by the arrival of a father-and-daughter team of diviner and well-digger.

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