Outfest's year-round curation of LGBTQ+ cinema culminates in its flagship Los Angeles event, a chance to see great films from all around the world. This year it opens with Anything's Possible and closes with They/Them.

The festival runs from 14 to 24 July.

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Dos Estaciones
Dos Estaciones
In the bucolic hills of Mexico's Jalisco highlands, iron-willed businesswoman Maria Garcia fights the impending collapse of her tequila factory.
Uýra - The Rising Forest
Uýra - The Rising Forest
Indigenous artist Uýra harnesses the interconnecting power of their native, queer, and trans identities to blaze a trail of ecological activism and LGBTQ+ pride through the villages and cities of the Amazon.
Please Baby Please
Please Baby Please
Newlyweds Suse and Arthur become the dangerous obsession of a greaser gang that awakens a sleeping quandary into the couple's sexual identity.
God Save The Queens
God Save The Queens
A quartet of drag queens meet on a group therapy retreat that will change their lives forever.
You Can Live Forever
You Can Live Forever
Two teenage girls begin a secret relationship in a strict Jehovah’s Witness community.
Madelynn Von Ritz Is Almost Famous
Madelynn Von Ritz Is Almost Famous
At 83, Madelynn Von Ritz is doing what she loves, making music. This is a film about hard luck, perseverance, loss and hope. About almosts and nevers and keeping on.
When his bipolar mother walks back into his life, a young gay man is forced to contend with his family history of mental illness.
Three's Company
Three's Company
An experimental film which follows its participants as they take voyeurism to the next level, inviting the audience to become an active participant.
All Man: The International Male Story
All Man: The International Male Story
A peek behind the pages and personalities of International Male, one of the most ubiquitous and sought-after US mail-order catalogues of the Eighties and Nineties.
Nelly & Nadine
Nelly & Nadine
The story of two women who fell in love whilst imprisoned in Ravensbrück concentration camp.
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Outfest Los Angeles Features

The preservation of life
Juliana Curi on the collaborative work behind Uýra – The Rising Forest
Drag sisterhood
Jordan Danger on ageing, drag and God Save The Queens
Living in the truth
Mark Slutsky and Sarah Watts on religion, romance and You Can Live Forever
Inside his head
Addison Heimann on experiencing a breakdown and making Hypochondriac
The art of being seen
Silas Howard, Harry Dodge and Steak House look back at By Hook Or By Crook
Their core strength
Clara Stern on Pia Hierzegger, Michael Haneke, Jules Et Jim and Breaking The Ice
What’s in at Outfest 2022
Highlights of this year's festival in Los Angeles
Crimes and passion
Dana Aliya Levinson and Zen Pace on economical storytelling in Fraud
The outside story
Juan Felipe Zuleta, Matthew Jeffers and Sarah Hay on Unidentified Objects
In the picture
Brian Vincent on the art of Edward Brezinski and Make Me Famous

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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