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Enamorada Enamorada
Enamorada and Hyenas
Detour (Country: US; Year: 1945; Director: Edgar G Ulmer; Writer: Martin Goldsmith, Martin Mooney; Stars: Tom Neal, Ann Savage, Claudia Drake, Edmund MacDonald, Tim Ryan, Esther Howard, Pat Gleason, Don Brodie, Roger Clark, Eddie Hall, Harry Strang, Tom Neal, Ann Savage, Claudia Drake, Edmund MacDonald)
Film noir about a man who takes on a dead man's name only to find himself heading for trouble.
Enamorada (Country: Mexico; Year: 1946; Director: Emilio Fernández; Writer: Benito Alazraki, Emilio Fernández, Íñigo de Martino; Stars: María Félix, Pedro Armendáriz, Fernando Fernández, José Morcillo, Eduardo Arozamena, Miguel Inclán, Manuel Dondé, Eugenio Rossi, Norma Hill, Juan García, José Torvay, Pascual García Peña, Daniel Arroyo, Guillermo Calles, Rogelio Fernández)
A guerilla general falls for the daughter of one of the richest men in a town he and his troops are ransacking.
Hyenas (Country: Senegal, Switzerland, France; Year: 1992; Director: Djibril Diop Mambéty; Writer: Djibril Diop Mambéty, Friedrich Dürrenmatt; Stars: Ami Diakhate, Djibril Diop Mambéty, Mansour Diouf, Calgou Fall, Faly Gueye, Mamadou Mahourédia Gueye, Issa Ramagelissa Samb, Ami Diakhate, Djibril Diop Mambéty, Mansour Diouf, Calgou Fall, Faly Gueye, Mamadou Mahourédia Gueye, Issa Ramagelissa Samb)
A woman once kicked out of her village, now returns a wealthy woman, but will she help her impoverished former home?
I Am Cuba (Country: Cuba, Soviet Union; Year: 1964; Director: Mikhail Kalatozov; Writer: Enrique Pineda Barnet, Evgeniy Evtushenko; Stars: Sergio Corrieri, Salvador Wood, José Gallardo, Raúl García, Luz María Collazo, Jean Bouise, Alberto Morgan, Celia Rodriguez, Fausto Mirabal, Roberto García York, María de las Mercedes Díez, Bárbara Domínguez, Jesús del Monte, Luisa María Jiménez, Mario González Broche)
Story of the island before its post-revolution transition.
Khrustalyov, My Car! (Khrustalyov, mashinu!) (Country: Russia, France; Year: 1998; Director: Aleksey German; Writer: Joseph Brodsky, Aleksey German, Svetlana Karmalita, Pekka Lehto; Stars: Yuriy Tsurilo, Nina Ruslanova, Mikhail Dementyev, Aleksandr Bashirov, Natalya Lvova, Dima Davydov, Sergei Dyachkov, Jüri Järvet Jr., Ivan Matskevich, Viktor Mikhailov, Paulina Myasnikova, Nijole Narmontaite, Olga Samoshina, Tamara Serkova, Genrietta Yanovskaya)
A military doctor is arrested in Stalinist Russia and accused of being part of a plot.
Neopolitan Carousel (Country: Italy; Year: 1954; Director: Ettore Giannini; Writer: Remigio Del Grosso, Ettore Giannini, Giuseppe Marotta; Stars: Léonide Massine, Achille Millo, Agostino Salvietti, Clelia Matania, Paolo Stoppa, Maria Fiore, Tina Pica, Maria Pia Casilio, Giacomo Rondinella, Sophia Loren, Dolores Palumbo, Loris Gizzi, Alberto Bonucci, Vittorio Caprioli, Carlo Mazzarella)
Musical tells the story of Naples' history.
None Shall Escape (Country: US; Year: 1944; Director: André De Toth; Writer: Lester Cole, Alfred Neumann, Joseph Than; Stars: Marsha Hunt, Alexander Knox, Henry Travers, Erik Rolf, Richard Crane, Dorothy Morris, Richard Hale, Ruth Nelson, Kurt Kreuger, Shirley Mills, Elvin Field, Trevor Bardette, Frank Jaquet, Ray Teal, Art Smith)
The only wartime drama to depict the Holocaust.
The Red House (Country: US; Year: 1947; Director: Delmer Daves; Writer: George Agnew Chamberlain, Delmer Daves, Albert Maltz; Stars: Edward G Robinson, Lon McCallister, Judith Anderson, Rory Calhoun, Allene Roberts, Julie London, Ona Munson, Harry Shannon, Arthur Space, Pat Flaherty, Walter Sande, Edward G. Robinson, Lon McCallister, Judith Anderson, Rory Calhoun)
The woods harbour a dark secret for an adopted teenager and her friend.
Spring Night, Summer Night (Country: US; Year: 1967; Director: Joseph L Anderson; Writer: Joseph L Anderson, Franklin Miller, Doug Rapp; Stars: Larue Hall, Ted Heimerdinger, Marjorie Johnson, John Crawford, Tracy Smith, David Ayres, Larue Hall, Ted Heimerdinger, Marjorie Johnson, John Crawford, Tracy Smith, David Ayres)
An Appalachian romance.
Tunes Of Glory (Country: UK; Year: 1960; Director: Ronald Neame; Writer: James Kennaway; Stars: Alec Guinness, John Mills, Dennis Price, Kay Walsh, John Fraser, Susannah York, Gordon Jackson, Duncan Macrae, Percy Herbert, Allan Cuthbertson, Paul Whitsun-Jones, Gerald Harper, Richard Leech, Peter McEnery, Keith Faulkner)
A major in the army finds his wits pitted against his new commanding officer.
The War At Home (Country: US; Year: 1979; Director: Glenn Silber, Barry Alexander Brown; Stars: Karleton Armstrong, Betty Boardman, Allen Ginsberg, Henry Haslach, Gaylord Nelson, Wahid Rashad, Jim Rowen, Paul Soglin, Evan Stark, Jack von Mettenheim, H. Edwin Young, Maurice Zeitlin, Spiro Agnew, William Bablitch, John Connally)
Documenting the movement against the American war in Vietnam on the Madison campus of the University of Wisconsin, from 1963 to 1970.

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