London Film Festival 2013

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Gore Vidal: The United States Of Amnesia Gore Vidal: The United States Of Amnesia
Gore Vidal: The United States Of Amnesia and Closed Curtain
Atambua 39º Celsius (Country: Indonesia; Year: 2012; Director: Riri Riza)
The lives of refugees who fled independent East Timor for Indonesia.
Closed Curtain (Pardé) (Country: Iran; Year: 2013; Director: Jafar Panahi, Kambuzia Partovi; Writer: Jafar Panahi; Stars: Kambuzia Partovi, Maryam Moqadam, Jafar Panahi, Hadi Saeedi, Azadeh Torabi, Abolghasem Sobhani, Mahyar Jafaripour, Ramin Akhariani, Sina Mashyekhi, Siamak Abedinpour, Zeynab Kanoum)
A writer and his dog retreat to a coastal villa only to have their peace disturbed by two siblings fleeing the police.
Le Grand Cahier (A Nagy Füzet) (Country: Hungary, Germany, Austria, France; Year: 2013; Director: János Szász)
A hard-hitting adaptation of the controversial first novel by Hungarian writer Agota Kristof about 13-year-old twins forced to spend the last years of the Second World War with their cruel grandmother somewhere near the Hungarian border.
Harbour Drift (Jenseits der Straße) (Country: Germany; Year: 1929; Director: Leo Mittler; Stars: Lissy Arna, Paul Rehkopf, Fritz Genschow)
A beggar, a prostitute and an unemployed man get caught up in lethal conflicts over a pearl necklace, which could mean their escape from poverty. Some jewellery lands right next to his feet. At long last, he, and the poor young boy lodging with him, have an opportunity to live a better life.
The Last Of The Unjust The Last Of The Unjust
The Last Of The Unjust and The Plague
Honey (Miele) (Country: Italy, France; Year: 2013; Director: Valeria Golino; Writer: Valeria Golino, based on the book by Angela Del Fabbro.; Stars: Jasmine Trinca, Carlo Cecchi, Libero De Rienzo)
A woman devoted to promoting euthanasia encounters a man with an invisible malaise.
The Kill Team (Country: US; Year: 2013; Director: Dan Krauss)
In 2010, the media branded a platoon of U.S. Army infantry soldiers “The Kill Team” following reports of its killing for sport in Afghanistan. Now, one of the accused must fight the government he defended on the battlefield, while grappling with his own role in the alleged murders. Dan Krauss’s documentary examines the stories of four men implicated in heinous war crimes in a stark reminder that, in war, innocence may be relative to the insanity around you.
The Last Of The Unjust (Le Dernier Des Injustes) (Country: France, Austria; Year: 2013; Director: Claude Lanzmann; Writer: Claude Lanzmann; Stars: Benjamin Murmelstein, Claude Lanzmann)
Benjamin Murmelstein addresses his unique relationship to Adolf Eichmann and his role as the last Jewish elder of Theresienstadt.
Leave To Remain (Country: UK; Year: 2014; Director: Bruce Goodison; Writer: Charlotte Colbert, Bruce Goodison; Stars: Toby Jones, Simon Meacock, Jason Newell, Emma N Power, Farshid Rokey, Anusha Prakash, Naoufal Ousellam, Melanie Wilder, Yasmin Mwanza, Zarrien Masieh)
Bruce Goodison conceived of a 3 year project to train cast and crew for a film that would tell the unique stories of teenage asylum seekers, who unlike their adult counterparts often had no choice in their unaccompanied flight to the UK.
Manila In The Claws Of Light (Maynila: Sa mga kuko ng liwanag, The Nail Of Brightness) (Country: Philippines; Year: 1975; Director: Lino Brocka; Writer: Edgardo Reyes, Clodualdo Del Mundo Jr; Stars: Hilda Koronel, Bembol Roco, Lou Salvador Jr., Joonee Gamboa, Pio III De Castro, Danilo Posadas, Joe Jardy, Spanky Manikan, Edipolo Erosido, Pancho Pelagio, Purita Yap, Josephine Gutierrez, Gina Zegui, Ronnie Magalong, Anna Marie Nicolas)
A country boy goes to the city in search of his lost love.
They Will Return They Will Return
They Will Return and Honey
Manuscripts Don't Burn (Country: Iran; Year: 2013; Director: Mohammad Rasoulof; Writer: Mohammad Rasoulof)
Drama about officials trying to cover up a state-sponsored atrocity involving a number of dissident intellectuals from a number of years back.
Milius (Country: US; Year: 2013; Director: Joey Figueroa, Zak Knutson; Stars: John Milius, Peter Bart, Bill Cody, Francis Ford Coppola, Darren Dalton, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Richard Dreyfuss, Clint Eastwood, Sam Elliott, Harrison Ford, Bob Gale, Donald F. Glut, Lawrence Gordon, George Hamilton, James Earl Jones)
A look at the life of filmmaker, John Milius.
Night Moves (Country: US; Year: 2013; Director: Kelly Reichardt; Writer: Jonathan Raymond, Kelly Reichardt; Stars: Dakota Fanning, Jesse Eisenberg, Peter Sarsgaard, Alia Shawkat, James Le Gros, Clara Mamet, Lew Temple, Katherine Waterston, Nate Mooney, Logan Miller, Matt Malloy, Kai Lennox, Barry Del Sherman, Griffin Newman, Bart McCarthy)
Three people plot an act of eco-terrorism.
Papusza (Country: Poland; Year: 2013; Director: Joanna Kos-Krauze, Krzysztof Krauze; Writer: Joanna Kos-Krauze, Krzysztof Krauze; Stars: Jowita Budnik, Joanna Niemirska, Antoni Pawlicki)
The story of the famous Romany poet.
The Plague (La Plaga) (Country: Spain; Year: 2013; Director: Neus Ballús; Stars: Raül Molist, Maria Ros, Rosemarie Abella, Iurie Timbur, Maribel Martí)
Five people struggle to get by in the tough economic conditions around Barcelona.
Papusza Papusza
Papusza and Night Moves
The Ravine Of Goodbye (Country: Japan; Year: 2013; Director: Tatsushi Ohmori; Writer: Shûichi Yoshida, Tatsushi Ohmori; Stars: Hirofumi Arai, Mansaku Ikeuchi, Arata Iura, Hana Kino, Hôka Kinoshita, Yôko Maki, Izumi Minai, Masaki Miura, Nao Ohmori, Shima Ohnishi, Anne Suzuki, Kumi Takiuchi, Mayu Tsuruta)
A journalist discovers dark secrets in the life of an apparently happy couple.
The Rooftops (Year: 2013; Director: Merzak Allouache)
A vividly drawn portrayal of a day in the life of his native capital city Algiers.
Stop-Over (Year: 2013; Director: Kaveh Bakhtiari)
Close-quarter portrait of illegal Iranian immigrants stranded and struggling to survive in Athens.
Tell Me Lies (Country: UK, US; Year: 1968; Director: Peter Brook; Writer: Peter Brook, Denis Cannan, Michael Kustow, Michael Scott; Stars: Mark Jones, Pauline Munro, Eric Allan, Robert Langdon Lloyd, Mary Allen, Ian Hogg, Glenda Jackson, Joanne Lindsay, Hugh Sullivan, Kingsley Amis, Peggy Ashcroft, James Cameron, Stokely Carmichael, Tom Driberg, Paul Scofield)
Vietnam protest film.
They Will Return (Eles Voltam) (Country: Brazil; Year: 2012; Director: Marcelo Lordello; Writer: Marcelo Lordello; Stars: Maria Luiza Tavares, Geórgio Kokkosi, Elayne de Moura, Mauricéia Conceição, Jéssica Gomes de Brito, Irma Brown, Germano Haiut, Teresa Costa Rêgo, Clara Oliveira, Georgio Kokkosi)
Two children are mysteriously abandoned by their parents.
Milius Milius
Milius and The Kill Team
Walesa: Man Of Hope (Country: Poland; Year: 2013; Director: Andrzej Wajda; Writer: Janusz Glowacki; Stars: Robert Wieckiewicz, Agnieszka Grochowska, Iwona Bielska, Zbigniew Zamachowski, Maria Rosaria Omaggio, Ewa Kolasinska, Miroslaw Baka, Michal Czernecki, Remigiusz Jankowski, Wojciech Kalarus, Piotr Probosz, Marcin Hycnar, Maciej Marczewski, Maciej Konopinski, Cezary Kosinski)
The life of the founder of Poland's Solidarity movement.

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