Locarno Film Festival 2023

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Bitten Bitten
Bitten and All The Fires
All The Fires (Todos los incendios) (Country: Mexico; Year: 2023; Director: Mauricio Calderón Rico; Writer: Mauricio Calderón Rico; Stars: Ximena Ayala, Antonio Fortier, Iliana Donatlán, Natalia Quiroz, Hector Illanes, Sebastian Rojano, Ari Lopez, Hannah Romen)
Conflicted by his mother's new relationship and his best friend's crush on him, Bruno, a pyromaniac teenager, escapes from the city. He sets off on a journey in search of a girl he met online who will push him to confront his father's death and the doubts about his sexuality, but not before leaving all his fires behind.
Bitten (La Morsure) (Country: France; Year: 2023; Director: Romain de Saint-Blanquat; Writer: Romain de Saint-Blanquat; Stars: Léonie Dahan-Lamort, Lilith Grasmug, Cyril Metzger, Maxime Rohart, Fred Blin)
1967, Mardi Gras. Françoise is a 17-year-old boarder in an all-girls  Catholic high school. Convinced that she has only one night left before her death, she sneaks out with her friend Delphine to attend a costume party and live the night as if it was her last.
Camping Du Lac (Country: Belgium; Year: 2023; Director: Éléonore Saintagnan; Writer: Éléonore Saintagnan; Stars: Éléonore Saintagnan, Rosemary Standley, Jean-Benoît Ugeux, Wayne Standley, Anna Turluche)
Éléonore drives West. Her car breaks down in the middle of Brittany, France. She rents a bungalow on a campsite with a view of the lake, in which, it is said, lives a legendary beast. From mobile home to mobile home, she observes the present, summons the past and lets herself be invaded by fiction.
Dreaming & Dying (Hao jiu bu jian) (Country: Singapore, Indonesia; Year: 2023; Director: Nelson Yeo; Writer: Nelson Yeo; Stars: Peter Yu, Doreen Toh, Kelvin Ho)
Three middle-aged friends reunite for the first time in years. Each of them sets out to confess unexpressed feelings, but their vacation takes a surprising turn.
Excursion (Country: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, France, Norway, Qatar; Year: 2023; Director: Una Gunjak; Stars: Asja Zara Lagumdzija, Maja Izetbegovic, Nadja Spaho, Mediha Musliovic, Izudin Bajrovic, Muhamed Hadzovic, Vedran Tuce)
A teenager seeking validation reveals she had sex for the first time during a game of 'truth or dare' among middle schoolers. Trapped in her own lie, she invents a pregnancy making things worse.
Family Portrait (Country: US; Year: 2023; Director: Lucy Kerr; Writer: Lucy Kerr, Karlis Bergs; Stars: Rachel Alig, Katie Folger, Deragh Campbell, Miriam Spumpkin, Chris Galust, Vanessa Cedotal, Daria Droteva, Luke Picarazzi, Rhett Picarazzi, Silvana Jakich, Robert Salas, Veronica Cinibulk, Les Weiler, Christian Huey)
Set at the start of Covid, third drama follows a family on an idle but hectic morning when they have planned a group picture.
A Good Place (Ein Schoner Ort) (Country: Germany; Year: 2023; Director: Katharina Huber; Stars: Voodoo Jürgens, Andreas Schneiders, Clara Schwinning, Céline de Gennaro, Julian Sark, Jannik Mioducki, Mik Quantius, Jamal Albashaan, Leonard Harms, Andreas Oestern, Maria Lorenzen, Meryem Erkus, Dolunay Gördüm, Julia Suermondt, Nicole Wegner)
The chickens are suspicious, the relationships are dubious, and the businesses are shady. Margarita and Goodness wonder where and why people are disappearing. Meanwhile the radio is persistently sending messages and the world is awaiting the launch of a rocket that will take humans to the edge of the solar system.
Negu hurbilak (Country: Spain; Year: 2023; Director: Colectivo Negu; Writer: Colectivo Negu; Stars: Jone Laspiur)
2011. ETA announces the definitive cessation of its armed activity in Spain and a young woman flees with a clear goal: to cross the border. She arrives in Zubieta, a border village where ancient myths and modern conflicts seem to converge.
Of Living Without Illusion (Und dass man ohne Täuschung zu leben vermag) (Country: Germany, Switzerland; Year: 2023; Director: Katharina Lüdin; Writer: Katharina Lüdin; Stars: Godehard Giese, Wolfgang Michael, Jenny Schily, Lorenz Hochhuth, Anna Bolk, Unica-Rosa Blaue-Poppy, Pauline Frierson, Marvin Clausen, Oska Melina Borcherding)
Suburban summer heat. Merit, Eva, Lion, Rose and David cautiously wind around their conflicted relationships.
On The Go (Country: Spain; Year: 2023; Director: Julia de Castro, María Royo; Writer: María Royo, Julia de Castro; Stars: Omar Ayuso, Julia de Castro, Chacha Huang, Jordi Roig)
Milagros stretches out a carefree youth in her last years of fertility while the much younger Jonathan seeks solace in Grindr to overcome abandonment issues. Milagros is looking for sperm. Jonathan needs to escape. A road movie ensues.
Rapture (Country: India, China, Switzerland, Qatar, Netherlands; Year: 2023; Director: Dominic Sangma; Writer: Dominic Sangma; Stars: Torikhu A Sangma, Celestine K Sangma, Handam R Marak, Balsrame A. Sangma)
Every night, a village is gripped by the fear of child-kidnappers, ever since the church prophesized that an apocalyptic darkness would come, lasting 80 days. For a ten-year-old boy who suffers from night blindness, the village has never been more terrifying.
Rivière (Country: France, Switzerland; Year: 2023; Director: Hugues Hariche; Writer: Joanne Giger, Hugues Hariche; Stars: Flavie Delangle, Sarah Bramms, Camille Rutherford, Till Clémence, Claude Fugère, Faustine Mathieu, Tom Nappiot, Guillaume Henry, Lucie Mysliveckova, Anatole Navarro, Léandre Navarro, Laeticia Reichenbach, Sabine Timoteo, Yohann Thenaisie, Laure Rivaud-Pearce)
Seventeen-year-old Manon leaves the Swiss mountains to head out in search of her missing father. As she forms new bonds and encounters her first love, she is determined to follow the path she has set herself on the ice: to become a professional hockey player.
Touched (Country: Germany; Year: 2023; Director: Claudia Rorarius; Writer: Claudia Rorarius; Stars: Angeliki Papoulia, Dimitra Vlagopoulou, Yousef Sweid, Camille Dombrowsky, Isold Halldórudóttir, Marie Tragousti, Stavros Zafeiris, Maj-Britt Klenke, Hannah Schutsch)
Maria, a caregiver, undergoes a transformative journey when she encounters Alex, a paraplegic resident. They embark on a forbidden relationship, fueled by their sexual discovery and deep connection.
Whispers of Fire & Water (Year: 2023; Director: Lubdhak Chatterjee; Writer: Lubdhak Chatterjee; Stars: Rohini Chatterjee, Sagnik Mukherjee, Amit Saha, Deepak Halder, Saikat Chatterjee)
Shiva, an audio installation artist visits the largest coal mines of Eastern India – plagued by depleting natural resources and a burning fire in its belly. However, he succumbs to the highly complex socio-political system and moves to a tribal village in the forest. There, he questions his urban view and fundamental notion of self.

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