Locarno Film Festival 2023

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Critical Zone Critical Zone
Critical Zone and Animal
Animal (Country: Greece, Austria, Romania, Cyprus; Year: 2023; Director: Sofia Exarchou; Writer: Sofia Exarchou; Stars: Dimitra Vlagopoulou, Flomaria Papadaki, Ahilleas Hariskos, Voodoo Jurgens)
Pressures mount as summer intensifies for a group of entertainers at an all-inclusive resort.
Baan (Country: Portugal; Year: 2023; Director: Leonor Teles; Writer: Leonor Teles, Ágata de Pinho, Francisco Mira Godinho; Stars: Carolina Miragaia, Meghna Lall)
Past, present or perhaps future intertwine in a story that begins when L meets K.
Critical Zone (Mantagheye bohrani) (Country: Iran, Germany; Year: 2023; Director: Ali Ahmadzadeh; Writer: Ali Ahmadzadeh)
Guided by the voice of his GPS, Amir navigates the underworld districts of Tehran to comfort the troubled souls of the night.
Do Not Expect Too Much Of The End of the World (Nu aștepta prea mult de la sfârșitul lumii) (Country: Romania, Luxembourg, France, Croatia; Year: 2023; Director: Radu Jude; Writer: Radu Jude; Stars: Ilinca Manolache, Ovidiu Pîrșan, Nina Hoss, Dorina Lazăr, László Miske, Katia Pascariu)
Overworked and underpaid, Angela drives around the city of Bucharest to film the casting for a 'safety at work video' commissioned by a multinational company. When one of the interviewees reveals the company’s liability in his accident, a scandal erupts.
Essential Truths Of The Lake (Country: Philippines, France, Portugal, Singapore, Italy, Switzerland, UK; Year: 2023; Director: Lav Diaz; Writer: Lav Diaz; Stars: John Lloyd Cruz, Hazel Orencio, Shaina Magdayao, Bart Guingona, Agot Isidro)
When asked what drives a man to search for the truth, Lieutenant Papauran says dejectedly that maybe he just wants to keep inflicting pain on himself. Faced with President Duterte’s bloody murders and brazen lies, he continues his struggle to solve a 15-year-old case around an ash-laden landscape and an impenetrable lake. It has become a cross he can barely carry but keeps dragging it anyway.
Yannick Yannick
Yannick and Sweet Dreams
The Human Surge 3 (El auge del humano 3) (Country: Argentina, Portugal, Netherlands, Taiwan, Brazil, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Peru; Year: 2023; Director: Eduardo Williams; Writer: Eduardo Williams)
Different groups of friends wander in a dark, rainy and windy world. They spend time together, trying to get away from their depressing jobs, meandering constantly towards the mystery of new possibilities.
The Invisible Fight (Nähtamatu võitlus) (Country: Estonia, Latvia, Greece, Finland; Year: 2023; Director: Rainer Sarnet; Writer: Rainer Sarnet; Stars: Ursel Tilk, Ester Kuntu, Indrek Sammul, Kaarel Pogga)
A kung-fu comedy set in an Orthodox Monastery in 1970s Soviet Union.
Lousy Carter (Country: US; Year: 2023; Director: Bob Byington; Writer: Bob Byington; Stars: David Krumholtz, Luxy Banner, Martin Starr, Olivia Thirlby, Jocelyn DeBoer)
Variously labeled as a deadbeat by his ex, a failure by his mother, and a shell of himself by his best friend, Lousy Carter is falling apart, debt-ridden and cast adrift. As he interprets The Great Gatsby for an antipathetic graduate class, one of the students offers Lousy Carter one last chance at living the dream.
Magna D'Terra (Country: Switzerland, Portugal; Year: 2023; Director: Basil Da Cunha; Writer: Basil Da Cunha; Stars: Eliana Rosa, Nunha Gomes, Evandro Pereira, Lucinda Brito, Vera Semedo)
Rosa, 20, leaves her two children in Cape Verde to settle in Lisbon in the hope of giving them a better life...where music provides an escape.
Obscure night - Goodbye here, anywhere (Nuit obscure - Au revoir ici, n'importe où) (Country: France, Switzerland; Year: 2023; Director: Sylvain George; Writer: Sylvain George; Stars: Amine C, Brahim V, Hassan M, Hamza S, Hicham D, Malik B, Medhi H, Oussama E, Reda B, Salah Z, "Tala Tala", "Walla Walla")
Melilla, a Spanish enclave in Morocco, is a land border between the African continent and Europe. In transit, Malik and his friends, underage youths from Morocco, try to reach Europe by any means necessary.
Do Not Expect Too Much Of The End of the World Do Not Expect Too Much Of The End of the World
Do Not Expect Too Much Of The End of the World and Lousy Carter
Patagonia (Country: Italy; Year: 2023; Director: Simone Bozzelli; Writer: Tommaso Favagrossa, Simone Bozzelli; Stars: Andrea Fuorto, Augusto Mario Russi, Elettra Dallimore Mallaby, Alexander Benigni)
After spending all his life in a small village, naive Yuri runs away with Agostino, a kids’ entertainer living on the road in an RV and finds himself caught up in a vortex of love and dependence.
The Permanent Picture (La imatge permanent) (Country: Spain, France; Year: 2023; Director: Laura Ferrés; Writer: Laura Ferrés; Stars: María Luengo, Rosario Ortega, Saraida Llamas, Claudia Fimia, Mila Collado, Dolores Martínez)
In rural Southern Spain Antonia, a 15-year-old mother, disappears in the middle of the night. 50 years later and much further North, Carmen, an introverted casting director, is looking for people to share their experiences when arriving in a new city. In her search, she meets Antonia, whose impulsiveness intrudes into Carmen’s solitude. Who said time heals all wounds?
Rossosperanza (Country: Italy, France; Year: 2023; Director: Annarita Zambrano; Writer: Annarita Zambrano; Stars: Margherita Morellini, Leonardo Giuliani, Andrea Sartoretti, Daniela Marra, Elia Nuzzolo, Ludovica Rubino, Rolando Ravello, Luca Varone)
Zena, Adriano, Alfonso and Marzia, the outcast children of prestigious families, meet at the exclusive Villa Bianca where their parents have sent them to become 'normal'. It's 1990, all is still calm in Italy. But a tiger, escaped from who knows where, roams free and hungry.
Stepne (Country: Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Slovakia; Year: 2023; Director: Maryna Vroda; Writer: Maryna Vroda, Kirill Schuvalov; Stars: Oleksandr Maksiakov, Nina Antonova, Oleg Primogenov, Radmila Schegoleva)
A man who comes back home to take care of his dying mother finds a meeting with his brother and a woman he loves makes him reflect on the choices he made along the way.
Sweet Dreams (Country: Netherlands, Sweden, Indonesia, Réunion; Year: 2023; Director: Ena Sendijarević; Writer: Ena Sendijarević; Stars: Renée Soutendijk, Hayati Azis, Lisa Zweerman, Florian Myjer, Muhammad Khan, Hans Dagelet, Rio den Haas, Peter Faber, Verdi Solaiman)
When Dutch patriarch and plantation owner Jan dies suddenly in Indonesia, his son arrives from Europe with plans for radical change. But when Jan’s will puts his Indonesian concubine Siti at the forefront of the family estate, ideals prove to be futile and blood thicker than water.
The Vanishing Soldier (Country: Israel; Year: 2023; Director: Dani Rosenberg; Writer: Dani Rosenberg, Amir Kliger; Stars: Ido Tako, Mika Reiss, Efrat Ben Zur, Tiki Dayan, Shmulik Cohen)
Shlomi, an eighteen-year-old Israeli soldier, flees the Gaza battlefield and heads to his girlfriend in Tel Aviv only to discover that the IDF elite is convinced he was kidnapped in the fog of war.
Yannick (Country: France; Year: 2023; Director: Quentin Dupieux; Writer: Quentin Dupieux; Stars: Raphaël Quenard, Pio Marmaï, Blanche Gardin, Sébastien Chassagne)
In the middle of a performance of The Cuckold, a very bad boulevard play, Yannick gets up and interrupts the show to take control of the evening...

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