Toronto's leading 2SLGBTQ+ film festival is back this year with a mixture of in-person and virtual screenings. With contributions from 28 countries, it includes 38 feature films and a packed programme of shorts. The opening film is Brazilian family drama Mars One, and the festival includes seven world premières.

The festival runs from 26 May to 5 June.

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Neptune Frost
Neptune Frost
The love story between an African intersex runaway and a coltan miner, and the virtual marvel born as a result of their union.
Private Desert
Private Desert
Daniel has been suspended from active police work and is under internal investigation for violence. When Sara, his internet love affair, stops answering his texts he decides to drive north in search of her.
Death And Bowling
Death And Bowling
In a fictional meta-critique on trans representation, a transgender actor struggles with what it means to be seen after the beloved captain of his lesbian bowling league dies and a mysterious stranger shows up at the funeral.
The Divide
The Divide
Two women on the verge of a breakup, in a hospital, are further stressed on the night of a big demonstration by the overwhelmed staff and by angry, injured protestors who land up besieging the building.

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Bowled over
Lyle Kash on creating new narratives and making Death And Bowling

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