Avanti Popolo
A son tries to reconnect with his father in a film that explores the nature of film.
Amsterdam Stories USA
A journey through US towns called Amsterdam in search of the real America.
Animal Love
A documentary about people who turn to animals for companionship.
Art Will Save The World
A look at the work, life and legacy of Luke Haines.
Before Midnight
Jesse and Celine consider their lives together after nine years of living together.


Death Row
Series of portraits of inmates on Death Row.
Frances Ha
Lightning-in-a-bottle, Noah Baumbach’s love poem to his star and co-writer Greta Gerwig recalls Godard’s early celebrations of Anna Karina, but, as a New York movie, it’s beautiful in a brand new way.
Conversations with the actor just before his death.
Greatest Hits
The logic of filmmaking itself begins to unravel as we explore the relationship between a frustrated son and his absent father.
Seven Brazilian children film the activities of their live-in housekeepers.


Jesus, You Know
The inhabitants of six different churches seek Heavenly help to solve their Earthly problems.
A documentary shot in the North Atlantic and focused on the commercial fishing industry.
Five young people are lost in a forest - and perhaps in time itself.


A portrait of a quartet of aspiring Viennese models.
Museum Hours
A museum attendant shows a Canadian visitor the sights of Vienna and in the process falls in love with it all over again.
Gael Garcia Bernal stars as a Chilean adman trying to organize a campaign to unseat Pinochet in Pablo Larraín’s smart, engrossing political thriller.
Paradise: Faith
Second part of Seidl's trilogy sees a devout Catholic trying to cope with the return of her paraplegic husband.
Paradise: Hope
A teenager from a troubled middle class background spends the summer at fat camp and determines to seduce its director.
Paradise: Love
A cautionary tale about European female sex tourists on the beaches of Kenya.
An interior decorator who cares or his ailing father falls for a karate instructor.


A young couple on a caravan holiday find themselves going on a killing spree.
Simon Killer
A recent college graduate goes to Paris after breaking up with his girlfriend of five years. Once there, he falls in love with a young prostitute and their fateful journey begins.
Spring Breakers
Four college students form an unlikely allegiance with a drug dealer.
They Will Return
Two children are mysteriously abandoned by their parents.


A loyal factory cleaner is refused a pension whilst a maid finds herself employed by the dog who inherited the house where she works.

Portrait of a lady and a city Fabien Constant on Sarah Jessica Parker and the team behind Blue Night

Style and grace Kate Novack and Andrew Rossi on The Gospel According To André

On the road again Kent Jones on Tribeca award winner Diane

Putting island in doc Gabrielle Brady on the challenges of shooting Island Of The Hungry Ghosts

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