Glasgow Film Festival 2017

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The Last Seduction The Last Seduction
The Last Seduction and The Postman Always Rings Twice
Body Heat (Country: US; Year: 1981; Director: Lawrence Kasdan; Writer: Lawrence Kasdan; Stars: William Hurt, Kathleen Turner, Richard Crenna, Ted Danson, JA Preston, Mickey Rourke)
In the midst of a searing Florida heat wave, a woman convinces her lover, a small-town lawyer, to murder her rich husband.
Chinatown (Country: US; Year: 1974; Director: Roman Polanski; Writer: Robert Towne, Roman Polanski; Stars: Jack Nicholson, Faye Dunaway, John Huston, Perry Lopez, John Hillerman, Darrell Zwerling, Diane Ladd, Roy Jenson, Roman Polanski, Richard Bakalyan, Joe Mantell, Bruce Glover, Nandu Hinds, James O'Rear, James Hong)
A PI stumbles into a water conspiracy.
Gun Crazy (Deadly Is The Female) (Country: US; Year: 1950; Director: Joseph H Lewis; Writer: MacKinlay Kantor, Dalton Trumbo; Stars: John Dall, Peggy Cummins, Berry Kroeger)
A well meaning crack shot husband is pressured by his beautiful marksman wife to go on an interstate robbery spree, where he finds out just how depraved and deadly she really is.
The Last Seduction (Country: US; Year: 1993; Director: John Dahl; Writer: Steve Barancik; Stars: Linda Fiorentino, Bill Pullman, Peter Berg, J T Walsh, Bill Nunn, Herb Mitchell, Dean Norris, Brien Varaday, Donna Wilson)
A tough, sexy New Yorker goes on the run with drugs money she stole from her husband.
Leave Her To Heaven (Country: US; Year: 1945; Director: John M. Stahl; Writer: Jo Swerling, Ben Ames Williams; Stars: Gene Tierney, Cornel Wilde, Jeanne Crain, Vincent Price, Mary Philips, Ray Collins, Gene Lockhart, Reed Hadley, Darryl Hickman, Chill Wills, Guy Beach, Audrey Betz, Olive Blakeney, Ruth Clifford, Harry Depp)
Melodrama about a ruthless woman driven to cruel acts of jealousy by her dad complex.
Chinatown Chinatown
Chinatown and The Maltese Falcon
The Maltese Falcon (Year: 1941; Director: John Huston; Writer: John Huston, Dashiell Hammett; Stars: Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, Gladys George, Peter Lorre, Barton MacLane, Lee Patrick, Sydney Greenstreet)
A private detective takes on a case that involves him with three eccentric criminals, a gorgeous liar, and their quest for a priceless statuette.
Niagara (Country: US; Year: 1953; Director: Henry Hathaway; Writer: Charles Brackett, Walter Reisch; Stars: Marilyn Monroe, Joseph Cotten, Jean Peters, Max Showalter, Denis O'Dea)
A woman schemes with a stranger in a motel to kill her husband, but things don't go to plan.
Out Of The Past (Country: US; Year: 1947; Director: Jacques Tourneur; Stars: Jane Greer, Robert Mitchum, Kirk Douglas)
A private eye is hired by a gambler to pursue a dangerously charming woman.
The Postman Always Rings Twice (Country: US; Year: 1946; Director: Tay Garnett; Writer: Harry Ruskin, Niven Busch, based on the book by James M Cain; Stars: Lana Turner, John Garfield, Cecil Kellaway)
A bored woman seduces a drifter in the hope that he'll kill her husband.
Scarlet Street (Country: UK; Year: 1945; Director: Fritz Lang; Writer: Dudley Nichols, based on the book by Georges de La Fouchardière and André Mouézy-Éon; Stars: Edward G Robinson, Joan Bennett, Dan Duryea, Margaret Lindsay)
When an amateur painter lies to the young woman he's trying to rescue from an abusive boyfriend, trouble is on the cards.

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