Glasgow Film Festival 2011

This year's fantastic Music and Film programme features a variety of great features, documentaries and live performances. Shows this year include the legendary Goblin performing some of their classic scores alongside imagery by the great Dario Argento, cutting edge electronic experimentalists Lucky Dragons, and Zombie Zombie (whose work for last year's festival was so popular that it turned into a world tour) performing their new score for Battleship Potemkin. Check it out, and book your tickets quickly!

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Faust Faust
Faust and Silent Running
Aelita: Queen Of Mars (Country: Russia; Year: 1924; Director: Yakov Protazanov; Writer: Aleksei Fajko, Fyodor Otsep, Aleksei Tolstoy; Stars: Yulia Solntseva, Igor Ilyinsky)
Matinee serial-style space opera set in a crystalline Martian city - a silent film accompanied by new music.
Blank City (Country: US; Year: 2009; Director: Celine Danhier; Stars: Amos Poe, Ann Magnuson, Becky Johnston, Beth B., Bette Gordon, Casandra Stark, Charlie Ahearn, Daze, Deborah Harry, Eric Mitchell, Fab 5 Freddy, Glenn O'Brien, James Chance, James Nares, Jim Jarmusch)
Documentary on the DIY independent film movement that emerged in tandem with punk rock and No Wave in late Seventies downtown New York.
Benda Bilili! (Country: France; Year: 2010; Director: Florent de la Tullaye, Renaud Barret)
A group of homeless blues musicians disabled by childhood polio join forces with a street kid with a home made instrument and make plans to tour Europe.
Deconstructing Dad (More at IMDbPro » Deconstructing Dad: The Music, Machines and Mystery of Raymond Scott) (Year: 2010; Director: Stanley Warnow; Stars: John Williams, Mark Mothersbaugh, Edward R. Murrow)
Stan Warrow looks back at the life and work of his father, inventor and electronic music innovator Raymond Scott.
Faust (Faust - Eine Deutsche Volkssage) (Country: Germany; Year: 1926; Director: FW Murnau; Writer: Gerhart Hauptmann, based on the play by Johann Wolfgang Goethe.; Stars: Gösta Ekman, Emil Jannings, Camilla Horn, Frida Richard, William Dieterle, Yvette Guilbert, Eric Barclay, Hanna Ralph, Werner Fuetterer)
A silent classic in which Faust makes a pact with the demon Mephistopheles, offering his soul in exchange for knowledge.
The Wicker Man The Wicker Man
The Wicker Man and The "Socalled" Movie
Ivory Tower (Country: Canada, France; Year: 2010; Director: Adam Traynor; Writer: William Carney, Chilly Gonzales; Stars: Tiga Sontag, Leslie Feist, Chilly Gonzales, Peaches)
Two brothers with very different styles spar over the chessboard and over a woman.
Microphone (Country: Egypt; Year: 2010; Director: Ahmad Abdalla; Writer: Ahmad Abdalla; Stars: Khaled Abol Naga, Menna Shalabi , Yosra El Lozy, Hany Adel)
A young man returning to Alexandria becomes immersed in the city's underground music culture.
Man With A Movie Camera (Country: Russia; Year: 1929; Director: Dziga Vertov; Writer: Dziga Vertov)
Vertov's early documentary film with a soundtrack from Michael Nyman.
Profondo Rosso (Deep Red) (Country: Italy; Year: 1975; Director: Dario Argento; Writer: Dario Argento, Bernardino Zapponi; Stars: David Hemmings, Daria Nicolodi, Gabriele Lavia)
The witness to a murder teams up with a journalist to try and uncover the killer in this heavily stylised giallo.
The "Socalled" Movie (Country: Canada; Year: 2010; Director: Garry Beitel)
The story of rapper Josh Dolgin, alias Socalled, and his fusion of hip hop with traditional Jewish music.
Man With A Movie Camera Man With A Movie Camera
Man With A Movie Camera and Sound Of Noise
Sound Of Noise (Country: Sweden, France; Year: 2010; Director: Ola Simonsson, Johannes Stjärne Nilsson; Writer: Jim Birmant, Ola Simonsson; Stars: Bengt Nilsson, Sanna Persson, Magnus Börjeson)
A tone deaf police officer becomes determined to silence a group of balaclava-clad percussionists intent om bringing musical chaos to his city.
Silent Running (Country: US; Year: 1972; Director: Douglas Trumbull; Writer: Deric Washburn, Michael Cimino; Stars: Bruce Dern, Cliff Potts, Ron Rifkin, Jesse Vint)
An ecologist balks at the idea that Earth's last surviving plant life, preserved in space greenhouses, should be destroyed.
Upside Down: The Creation Records Story (Country: UK; Year: 2010; Director: Danny O'Connor)
A documentary telling the story of Creation Records.
The Wicker Man (Country: UK; Year: 1973; Director: Robin Hardy; Writer: Anthony Shaffer; Stars: Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee, Diane Cilento, Britt Ekland, Ingrid Pitt, Lindsay Kemp, Russell Waters, Aubrey Morris, Irene Sunters, Walter Carr, Ian Campbell, Leslie Blackater, Roy Boyd, Peter Brewis, Barbara Rafferty)
A policeman gets more than he bargained for on a remote Scottish isle.

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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