French Film Festival 2014

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Love At First Fight Love At First Fight
Love At First Fight and 9 Month Stretch
9 Month Stretch (9 Mois Ferme) (Country: France; Year: 2013; Director: Albert Dupontel; Writer: Albert Dupontel, Hector Cabello Reyes, Olivier Demangel; Stars: Sandrine Kiberlain, Albert Dupontel, Philippe Uchan, Nicolas Marié, Bouli Lanners, Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus, Philippe Duquesne, Michel Fau, Christian Hecq, Christine Garrivet)
The lady judge is guilty of sexual discrepancy but what has the most hated criminal in France got to do with it?
Domestic Life (La vie domestique) (Country: France; Year: 2013; Director: Isabelle Czajka; Writer: Rachel Cusk, Isabelle Czajka; Stars: Emmanuelle Devos, Julie Ferrier, Natacha Régnier, Héléna Noguerra, Laurent Poitrenaux, Michaël Abiteboul, Sava Lolov, Grégoire Oestermann, Océane Mozas, Marie-Christine Barrault, Laurent Capelluto, Agathe Schlenker, Catherine Vinatier, David Geselson, Louise Coldefy)
How does a modern woman balance the demands of a family and a career?
Gazelles (Les gazelles) (Country: France; Year: 2014; Director: Mona Achache; Writer: Mona Achache, Camille Chamoux, Elodie Monlibert, Cécile Sellam, Cécile Sellam, Julien Weill; Stars: Camille Chamoux, Audrey Fleurot, Joséphine de Meaux, Naidra Ayadi, Anne Brochet, Olivia Côte, Franck Gastambide, Samuel Benchetrit, Camille Cottin, Rachel Arditi, Grégoire Ludig, David Marsais, Josiane Balasko, Sam Karmann, Stéphane De Groodt)
Hope (Country: France; Year: 2014; Director: Boris Lojkine; Writer: Boris Lojkine; Stars: Endurance Newton, Justin Wang)
A woman from Nigeria and a man from Cameroon meet in the Sahara and try to get to Europe together.
Love At First Fight (Les Combattants, Fighters) (Country: France; Year: 2014; Director: Thomas Cailley; Writer: Thomas Cailley, Claude Le Pape; Stars: Adèle Haenel, Kévin Azaïs, Léa Pelletant, Pascal Bernagaud, Antoine Laurent)
Between his friends and the family business, Arnaud’s summer looks set to be a peaceful one. Peaceful until he runs into Madeleine, as beautiful as she is brusque.
Turning Tide Turning Tide
Turning Tide and Gazelles
Once In A Lifetime (Les héritiers) (Country: France; Year: 2014; Director: Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar; Writer: Ahmed Dramé, Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar; Stars: Ariane Ascaride, Ahmed Dramé, Amine Lansari, Stéphane Bak, Martin Cavanno, Xavier Maly, Noémie Merlant, Geneviève Mnich)
A history teacher challenges her class to take part in a national competition.
Turning Tide (En solitaire) (Country: France; Year: 2013; Director: Christophe Offenstein; Writer: Jean Cottin, Christophe Offenstein, Marc Guilbert, Frédéric Petitjean, Pierre Marcel; Stars: François Cluzet, Samy Seghir, Virginie Efira, Guillaume Canet, Karine Vanasse, Arly Jover, Dana Prigent, José Coronado, Jean-Paul Rouve, Guillaume Nicloux, François Jerosme, Emmanuelle Bercot, Philippe Lefebvre, Lucas Bonnifait, Laure Duthilleul)
A sailor finds his race dreams hindered by a stowaway.
Welcome To Argentina (Mariage à Mendoza) (Country: France, Argentina, Belgium; Year: 2012; Director: Edouard Deluc; Writer: Anais Carpita, Edouard Deluc, Thomas Lilti, Philippe Rebbot; Stars: Nicolas Duvauchelle, Philippe Rebbot, Gustavo Kamenetzky, Paloma Contreras, Benjamin Biolay, Sarah Grappin, César Bordón, Gonzalo Suárez, Bernarda Pagés, Sofía Wilhelmi, Méroé Guillaume, Vadim Goldberg, Candela Reynoso, Alzira de Jesus, Poli Sallustro)
Two brothers take a trip to Argentina for their cousin's wedding.

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