Fantaspoa 2022
Alpha Male Alpha Male
Alpha Male and Two Witches
All The Moons (Country: Spain; Year: 2021; Director: Igor Legarreta; Stars: Haizea Carneros, Itziar Ituño)
A young girl is severely injured when a religious orphanage is bombed during the third Carlist war. On the verge of death, she is healed by a mysterious woman whom she believes to be an angel. They are soon separated, the child left to fend for herself - for decades upon decades.
Alpha Male (Country: Poland; Year: 2022; Director: Igor Priwieziencew, Katarzyna Priwieziencew; Writer: Katarzyna Priwieziencew, Igor Priwieziencew, Joanna Priwieziencew; Stars: Miroslaw Haniszewski, Adam Bobik, Krzysztof Stroinski, Tomasz Schuchardt)
A young man enters into a mysterious masculinity therapy, whose objective is to re-balance their relationship. He soon discovers that the leader of this therapy has radical, terrifying views on women and his dangerous methods are highly controversial.
Apps (Country: Chile, Argentina; Year: 2021; Director: Sandra Arriagada, Camilo León, Lucio A. Rojas, José Miguel Zúñiga, Samot Marquez; Writer: Sandra Arriagada, Camilo León, Lucio A. Rojas, José Miguel Zúñiga, Samot Marquez; Stars: Daniel Antivilo, Néstor Cantillana, Clara Kovacic, Jaime Omeñaca, León Arriagada)
Four stories in which an application will open the doors to terror.
Archipelago (Archipel) (Country: Canada; Year: 2021; Director: Félix Dufour-Laperrière; Writer: Félix Dufour-Laperrière; Stars: Florence Blain Mbaye, Mattis Savard-Verhoeven, Joséphine Bacon)
A true animated film about an invented archipelago. About an imaginary, linguistic, political territory. About a real or dreamed country, or something in between.
Arco (Country: Japan; Year: 2021; Director: Kei Ishikawa; Stars: Kyoko Yoshine, Shinobu Terajima, Masaki Okada, Kurumi Shimizu, Kai Inowaki)
A young woman who has recently been separated from her newborn child finds a new opportunity as an apprentice to a woman who plasticises dead bodies for display, but the woman's brother is working on something more extreme.
The Beta Test The Beta Test
The Beta Test and Slumber Party Massacre
As Almas Que Dançam No Escuro (Country: Brazil; Year: 2021; Director: Marcos DeBrito; Stars: Paulo Vespúcio, Francisco Gaspar, Alan Pellegrino, Elisa Telles, Gabriel Muglia)
After his daughter is found dead on a beach but he is told that the cause of death could not be drowning, a man embarks on a desperate search for the truth.
Au Jour D’aujourd’hui (Country: France; Year: 2021; Director: Maxence Stamatiadis; Stars: Suzanne Mouradian, Édouard Mouradian)
A woman decides to bring her husband back to life using new deep-fake technology, but he turns out to be different from the man she loved.
Baby Assassins (Country: Japan; Year: 2021; Director: Yugo Sakamoto; Writer: Yugo Sakamoto; Stars: Yukina Fukushima, Saori Izawa, Saori Izawa, Masamori Mimoto)
Chisato and Mahilo are two high school girls who are about to graduate. They also happen to both be highly skilled assassins. When the organisation they work for orders them to share a room, the relationship between turns sour.
Bashira (Country: US; Year: 2021; Director: Fong Nickson; Writer: Fong Nickson, Eko Nonoyama, David Todd Ocvirk; Stars: Liam Aiken, Mitzi Akaha, Kiki Sukezane, Emma Caymares, Brandon Gill)
An electronic musician and a troubled fan are plunged into a hallucinogenic nightmare where they must confront an ancient Japanese entity - capable of bending space and time and wreaking havoc and death - in order to save their souls.
The Beta Test (Country: US, UK; Year: 2021; Director: Jim Cummings, PJ McCabe; Writer: Jim Cummings, PJ McCabe; Stars: Jim Cummings, Virginia Newcomb, PJ McCabe, Kevin Changaris, Olivia Grace Applegate, Jessie Barr, Christian Hillborg, Malin Barr, Jacqueline Doke, Wilky Lau, Grant Rosenmeyer, Keith Powell, Monroe Cline, Laura Coover, Boni Mata)
A man's life starts to fracture after he receives an unusual invitation.
Homebound Homebound
Homebound and The Eyes Below
Bienvenidos Al Infierno (Country: Argentina; Year: 2021; Director: Jimena Monteoliva; Writer: Camilo De Cabo; Stars: Constanza Cardillo, Demián Salomón, Marta Lubos, William Prociuk, Emiliano Carrazzone)
In a remote cabin in the woods, a woman hides with her mysterious, mute grandmother, hoping not to be found by metal band leader The Black Monk, who is the father of the child she's carrying.
Bob Spit – We Don’t Like People (Bob Spit: We Do Not Like People, Bob Cuspe - Nós Não Gostamos De Gente) (Country: Brazil; Year: 2021; Director: Cesar Cabral; Writer: Cesar Cabral; Stars: Milhem Cortaz)
A Brazilian punk comic book legend comes into conflict with his creator.
Capitão Astúcia (Country: Brazil; Year: 2022; Director: Filipe Gontijo; Writer: Eduardo Gomes, Filipe Gontijo; Stars: Nívea Maria, Paulo Verlings, Fernando Teixeira, André Amaro, Gleide Firmino)
A frustrated former child star, trying to avoid a TV career revival, hides out with his grandfather, only to discover that the old man is trying to become a superhero.
Chicken Of The Mound (Country: Germany, China; Year: 2021; Director: Xi Chen; Writer: Xi Chen)
A particularly curious chicken larva did not undergo the adult transformation and did not hide in the cave. Instead, it roamed the plains and mounds wearing robot armour.
A Cidade Dos Abismos (Country: Brazil; Year: 2021; Director: Priscyla Bettim, Renato Coelho; Stars: Veronica Valenttino, Carolina Castanho, Guylain Mukendi)
When a young woman is murdered on Christmas Eve, her friends' yearning for justice leads them towards the abyss.
Baby Assassins Baby Assassins
Baby Assassins and The Timekeepers Of Eternity
Cielo Rojo: Gigantes De Metal (Country: Argentina; Year: 2022; Director: Marcelo Leguiza; Stars: Gaby Valenti, Noelia Antúnez, Susana Varela, Paula Manzone)
An insomniac, schizophrenic woman who is suffering from trauma after being kidnapped by a cult as a child experiences visions in which she transforms into a cockroach, the sky turns red and giant robots stalk the Earth - but in an Apocalyptic age, how can she tell what's real?
Cinema Of Sleep (Country: Canada; Year: 2021; Director: Jeffrey St Jules; Writer: Jeffrey St Jules; Stars: Dayo Ade, Getenesh Berhe, Jonas Chernick)
Anthony plans to bring his family from Nigeria to join him in the United States. These plans are threatened when a mysterious woman in need of help shows up at his motel room.
Climbing (Country: South Korea; Year: 2021; Director: Kim Hye-mi; Stars: Kim Min-ji, Park Song-i, Gu Ji-won, Park Ju-gwang)
A climber who has recently miscarried after a car accident is determined not to miss out on the world championships, but she begins to receive text messages from what is apparently another, still pregnant version of herself.
Corazón Azul (Country: Cuba; Year: 2021; Director: Miguel Coyula; Writer: Miguel Coyula; Stars: Theodore Bouloukos, James Burns, Esther Chen, Marta Reiman, Lynn Cruz)
In an alternate reality, Fidel Castro turns to genetic engineering to create his elusive New Man and save his socialist utopia. Eventually the experiment fails because these highly intelligent beings are cruel and uncontrollable - and when they are cast out, they begin to engage in terrorist acts.
Crabs! (Country: US; Year: 2021; Director: Pierce Berolzheimer; Writer: Pierce Berolzheimer; Stars: Jessica MorrisDylan Riley SnyderRobert Craighead, Allie Jennings, Bryce Durfee)
A horde of murderous crab monsters descend on a sleepy coastal town on Prom night, and only a ragtag group of outcasts can save the day.
Soul Of A Beast Soul Of A Beast
Soul Of A Beast and Subject
Descaminhos (Country: Brazil; Year: 2022; Director: Armando Fonseca; Stars: Alice Stefania, Diego Borges, Bidô Galvão, Fernando Santana, William Ferreira)
A group of friends get together after the death of one of their mothers. Personal conflicts open up old wounds which only a healing ritual can help, but lead them down a path of illusion and anger.
Desert Shadows (Country: US; Year: 2022; Director: Tyler Bourns; Writer: Tyler Bourns; Stars: Mitch Pileggi, Bill Farmer, Emily Sweet, Julie Anne Prescott, Maria Olsen)
After the death of their father, two brothers decide to embark on a hunting trip to help bring them closer together. But they get more than they bargained for when they become the prey of a deadly creature that has roamed the desert for centuries.
Dozens Of Norths (Ikuta No Kita) (Country: Japan, France; Year: 2021; Director: Koji Yamamura; Writer: Koji Yamamura)
North is everywhere solitary. Here is all North. This is a record of the people I met in the North. However, my memory is fragmented and does not get the point at all. Now I'm starting to wonder my efforts came to nothing.
El Apego (Country: Argentina; Year: 2021; Director: Valentín Javier Diment; Writer: Valentín Javier Diment; Stars: Jimena Anganuzzi, Lola Berthet, Germán de Silva, Marcela Guerty, Marta Haller)
Two troubled women on the edge see their lives intertwined when they embark on a vicious crusade of revenge, fuelled by shifting passions and haunting secrets.
El Corazón De La Luna (Country: Peru; Year: 2021; Director: Aldo Salvini; Writer: Aldo Salvini; Stars: Haydeé Cáceres)
An old woman spends her days dreaming about her past, until one day she finds something very similar to her: an ant. She decides to restructure her life around it.
Climbing Climbing
Climbing and A Pure Place
The Eyes Below (Country: France; Year: 2022; Director: Alexis Bruchon; Writer: Alexis Bruchon; Stars: Vinicius Coelho)
Eugene's home is quiet and peaceful as he goes to sleep, but when he feels something travelling up his body, he realises that it's not going to stay that way.
The Family (Country: Canada; Year: 2021; Director: Dan Slater; Writer: Adam Booth, Dan Slater; Stars: Nigel Bennett, Toni Ellwand, Keana Lyn, Yasmin MacKay, Jenna Warren)
A young family, living in isolation and forced into hard labour out of fear of dishonouring their Father and Mother, fight to free themselves from their religious cult.
Fanga (Country: Iceland; Year: 2022; Director: Max Gold; Writer: Max Gold; Stars: Andrea SnædalIngi, Hrafn Hilmarsson, Gudmundur Thorvaldsson, Hana Vagnerová, Sigurður Sigurjónsson, Helga Braga Jónsdóttir)
An unstable farm girl becomes prisoner to a flesh-eating beast to cure her father's illness.
Follow Her (Country: US; Year: 2022; Director: Sylvia Caminer; Writer: Dani Barker; Stars: Eliana Jones, Mark Moses, Luke Cook, Lorraine Farris, Bettina Bilger)
An aspiring actress responds to a mysterious classified ad and finds herself trapped in her new boss's twisted revenge fantasy.
Follow The Dead (Country: Ireland; Year: 2020; Director: Adam William Cahill; Writer: Adam William Cahill; Stars: Tadhg Devery, Marybeth Herron, Aidan O`Sullivan, Abdul Alshareef, Bryan Smith)
As viral videos seem to evidence the fall of Dublin at the hands of the undead, four Millennials in rural Ireland can't discern fake news from real. Has a dependent lifestyle left them too naïve to weather their fate?
God's Petting You God's Petting You
God's Petting You and Neptune Frost
Ghosting Gloria (Country: Uruguay; Year: 2021; Director: Marcela Matta, Mauro Sarser; Writer: Mauro Sarser; Stars: Stefania Tortorella)
A woman who has never had an orgasm finally finds the right man. There is just one issue: he’s a ghost.
God's Petting You (Country: UK; Year: 2022; Director: Jamie Patterson; Writer: Jamie Patterson; Stars: Alice Lowe, George Webster, Chris Willoughby, April Pearson, Joe Wilkinson)
A dark and twisted comedy which explores the depths and depravity of the Brighton underworld.
The Greenhouse (Country: Australia; Year: 2021; Director: Thomas Wilson-White; Writer: Thomas Wilson-White; Stars: Tel Benjamin, Rhondda Findleton, Harriet Gordon-Anderson, Joel Horwood)
Grieving the death of her, a young woman wakes one night to find a portal to the past in the forest surrounding her family home. Swept away by visions of her idyllic upbringing with her three siblings and two loving Mums, Beth becomes mesmerised by the past, unable to see the dangers that lie ahead.
Hayop Ka! (You Animal!) (Country: Philippines, US, Brazil, UK, Taiwan; Year: 2020; Director: Avid Liongoren; Writer: Manny Angeles, Avid Liongoren; Stars: Angelica Panganiban, Robin Padilla, Sam Milby)
Perfume sales cat Nimfa is torn between her macho askal boyfriend and a charming, philandering business dog.
Holy Mother (Country: Japan; Year: 2022; Director: Yoshihiro Nishimura)
A racist corporation sets out to destroy the Yakuza and seize control of part of the city. When a trans woman with supernatural powers steps up to defend the Yakuza, mutants emerge to do battle with her.
Bob Spit – We Don’t Like People Bob Spit – We Don’t Like People
Bob Spit – We Don’t Like People and Follow Her
Holy Shit! (Ach Du Scheisse!) (Country: Germany; Year: 2022; Director: Lukas Rinker; Writer: Lukas Rinker; Stars: Gedeon Burkhard, Friederike Kempter, Micaela Schäfer, Uke Bosse, Rodney Charles)
A man wakes up from a drunken stupor to find himself trapped in a portaloo, and realises that if he can't escape within an hour, it will explode.
Homebound (Country: UK; Year: 2021; Director: Sebastian Godwin; Writer: Sebastian Godwin; Stars: Tom Goodman-Hill, Aisling Loftus, Raffiella Chapman, Hattie Gotobed, Lukas Rolfe)
A man takes his new wife to meet his children in their remote country home.
Hotel Poseidon (Country: Belgium; Year: 2021; Director: Stefan Lernous; Writer: Stefan Lernous; Stars: Tom Vermeir, Ruth Becquart, Anneke Sluiters, Tania Van Der Sanden, Dominique Van Malder)
The self-appointed manager of a decaying hotel watches as it is transformed into an existential purgatory.
Jacinto (Country: Spain; Year: 2021; Director: Javi Camino; Writer: Javi Camino; Stars: Pedro Brandariz Gómez, Anxela Baltar, Corinna Rautenberg, Juanma Buiturón, Miro Magariños)
The story of a mentally disabled man who lives in a decaying and abandoned small village in the middle of the mountains, along with his parents and his dearest pig. His life is turned upside down by the arrival of two strangers.
Jesus Kid (Country: Brazil; Year: 2021; Director: Aly Muritiba; Writer: Laura Malin, Aly Muritiba, Lourenço Mutarelli; Stars: Paulo Miklos, Sergio Marone, Maureen Miranda, Leandro Daniel, Luthero Almeida)
A struggling writer who found fame with his western-themed novel The Jesus Kid is given the chance to bring it to the screen, but to do so, he must spend three months in a luxury hotel with no contact with the outside world.
Seire Seire
Seire and Phantom Summer
Killing The Eunuch Khan (Country: Iran; Year: 2021; Director: Abed Abest; Writer: Abed Abest; Stars: Vahid Rad, Mah-Sima Kabari, Ebrahim Azizi, Sara Mohammadi, Iman Basim, Missagh Zareh)
A serial killer designs a plan in which victims kill victims.
Lagunas, La Guarida Del Diablo (Country: Spain; Year: 2022; Director: Marc Carreté; Stars: Joan Frank Charansonnet, Carlus Fàbrega, Patrícia Bargalló, Joan Massotkleiner, Miquel Sitjar)
A man who spends his life looking after the grocery store he inherited from his father finds his life turned upside down when his unstable brother escapes from an institution and begins killing people, leaving him with divided loyalties.
Legions (Country: Argentina; Year: 2022; Director: Fabian Forte; Writer: Fabian Forte; Stars: Germán De Silva, Lorena Vega, Ezequiel Rodriguez)
Antonio is a sorcerer from a powerful bloodline, trapped in an asylum against his will. After an omen informs him that his daughter will be sacrificed by an evil entity, he must use his magical skills to escape and save her.
Lemonade (Limonada) (Country: Dominican Republic; Year: 2022; Director: Ethan Maniquis; Writer: Tristan Desechenes, Ethan Maniquis, Junior Rosario; Stars: Sandy Hernandez, Sasha Higgins, Sebastian Kahuna, Omar Augusto Luis, Graciella Dietsch)
A couple go to a vacation villa with their parents to plan their wedding, then drink a lemonade adulterated with psychotropic drugs that they found in the fridge.
L'Inferno (Country: Italy; Year: 1911; Director: Francesco Bertolini, Adolfo Padovan; Writer: Dante Alighieri; Stars: Giuseppe De Liguoro, Salvatore Papa, Arturo Pirovano)
An early film adaptation of Dante's Inferno.
Ghosting Gloria Ghosting Gloria
Ghosting Gloria and Nosferatu
Mandrake (Country: UK; Year: 2022; Director: Lynne Davison; Writer: Matt Harvey; Stars: Deirdre Mullins, Derbhle Crotty, Paul Kennedy)
Probation officer Cathy Madden is given the task of rehabilitating notorious killer ‘Bloody’ Mary Laidlaw back into society after 20 years in prison. Cathy has always believed that every client deserves a shot at redemption, but her beliefs are firmly tested when two children disappear near Mary’s farm.
Masking Threshold (Country: Austria; Year: 2021; Director: Johannes Grenzfurthner, Samantha Lienhard; Writer: Johannes Grenzfurthner; Stars: Ethan Haslam, Johannes Grenzfurthner, Jason Scott Sadofsky, Kudra Owens, Katharina Rose)
Conducting a series of experiments in his makeshift home-lab, a skeptic IT worker tries to cure his harrowing hearing impairment. But where will his research lead him?
The Monsters Without (Country: Philippines; Year: 2021; Director: Randal Kamradt; Stars: Jake Macapagal, Christina Yr. Lim, Dana Jamison, Meriden Angeles, Rachel Appelbaum)
It's 2017 and the world still doesn't know which monsters are real. The task of keeping humans - and monsters - safe falls to P.H.A.S.E, an international organisation of underpaid scientists and warriors located in the rural Philippines.
The Nanny`s Night (Country: Spain; Year: 2021; Director: Ignacio López; Writer: Ignacio López, Pedro Rivero; Stars: Lone Fleming, Diana Peñalver, Antonio Mayans, Juan Carlos Vellido, George Karja)
Bianka takes the job for one night of babysitting. Soon, it will discovered that she is part of an online satanic sect and that same night her rite of passage will take place: the sacrifice of a virgin.
Neptune Frost (Country: US, France, Rwanda; Year: 2021; Director: Anisia Uzeyman, Saul Williams; Writer: Saul Williams; Stars: Eliane Umuhire, Eliane Umuhire)
The love story between an African intersex runaway and a coltan miner, and the virtual marvel born as a result of their union.
Revealer Revealer
Revealer and Crabs!
Nosferatu (Nosferatu eine Symphonie des Grauens, Nosferatu - A Symphony Of Horrors) (Country: Germany; Year: 1922; Director: FW Murnau; Writer: Henrik Galeen; Stars: Max Schreck, Gustav Von Wangenheim, Greta Schroder, Georg Heinrich Schnell, Ruth Landshoff, Gustav Botz, Alexander Granach, John Gottowt)
F W Murnau's silent adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula.
No Looking Back (Otorvi i vybros) (Year: 2021; Director: Kirill Sokolov; Writer: Kirill Sokolov; Stars: Anna Mikhalkova, Victoria Korotkova, Sofia Krugova, Alexander Yatsenko, Olga Lapshina)
After a woman is released from prison following a sentence for stabbing her partner in the eye, she tries to reconnect with her daughter, going so far as to kidnap her... with the girl's grandma in hot pursuit.
Opal (Country: France; Year: 2021; Director: Alain Bidard; Writer: Alain Bidard; Stars: Alain Bidard, Dawn-Lissa Mystille, Heather Mystille, Kaori Ravi, Joe Bonvent)
In a magic kingdom, the young princess Opal is struggling to remain joyful, as her sadness has the magic power to destroy the entire world.
Os Dragões (Country: Brazil; Year: 2021; Director: Gustavo Spolidoro; Stars: Lóren Maitê, Paulo Reginatto, Juliana Zardo, Larissa Tres, Raphael Scarton)
Five teenagers involved in putting on a play become deeply anxious about getting older and having to take on more responsibilities. This manifests in their bodies as they begin to acquire superpowers like those of dragons.
Ox-head Village (Ushikubi Village) (Country: Japan; Year: 2022; Director: Takashi Shimizu; Writer: Daisuke Hosaka, Takashi Shimizu; Stars: Mitsuki Kimura, Masahiro Inoue, Rinka Otani, Haruka Imou, Keiko Horiuchi)
Two friends investigate the disappearance of three of their other friends, which occurred after they pulled a social media stunt involving a haunted house. Rumours surface that they were victims of the Curse of Vila do Boi.
Upurga Upurga
Upurga and The Sadness
Phantom Summer (Verão Fantasma) (Country: Brazil; Year: 2022; Director: Matheus Marchetti; Writer: Matheus Marchetti; Stars: Tuna Dwek, Bruno Germano, Tony Germano, Gabriela Gonzalez, Marcos Oli, Sue Ellen Tubaroa)
Somewhere on the Brazilian coast, teenagers Lucas and Martin fall in love while investigating the disappearance of a local kid, but their blossoming romance is threatened by sinister forces lurking beneath that idyllic summery landscape.
Pompo: The Cinéphile (Eiga Daisuki Pompo-san) (Country: Japan; Year: 2021; Director: Takayuki Hirao)
A film producer tries to break through into the mainstream.
A Praia Do Fim Do Mundo (Country: Brazil; Year: 2021; Director: Petrus Cariry; Writer: Petrus Cariry, Firmino Holanda; Stars: Marcelia Cartaxo, Carlos César, Moabe Filho, Larissa Góes, Fabiola Liper)
In the small town of Ciarema, the rising sea destroys houses and renders families homeless. Alice is a young environmentalist who lives with Helena, her sick mother, in a house constantly impacted by the tidal surges. Alice wishes to leave, but Helena wants to stay, living by the sea.
Preman (Country: Indonesia; Year: 2021; Director: Randolph Zaini; Writer: Randolph Zaini; Stars: Khiva Iskak, Muzakki Ramdhan, Kiki Narendra, Salvita Decorte, Revaldo)
A deaf criminal with a traumatic past and his son must fight their way out of their small Indonesian village after witnessing a horrible murder, pitting the gangster against the mob outfit that employed him.
Private Property (Country: US; Year: 2022; Director: Chadd Harbold; Writer: Chadd Harbold, Leslie Stevens; Stars: Ashley Benson, Shiloh Fernandez, Logan Miller, Frank Whaley, King Orba)
Kathryn, a struggling actress and unfulfilled housewife, becomes involved with her new gardener, Ben. As he gives her the attention and sensitivity she craves, they start to fall for each other. But Ben is not what he seems.
Archipelago Archipelago
Archipelago and Some Like It Rare
Protegido, Irmão (Country: Mexico; Year: 2022; Director: Jorge Sanders)
Two brothers, one of whom is autistic, struggle to cope with poverty, drug addiction and the fact that a maniac is loose in their town.
Punto Rojo (Country: Argentina; Year: 2021; Director: Nicanor Loreti; Writer: Nicanor Loreti; Stars: Demián Salomón, Mariana Anghileri, Edgardo Castro, Constanza Cardillo, Juan Palomino)
Diego is in his car in the field. He hears a radio quiz about the club he's a fan of and a dead man falls on his windshield. A secret agent shows up and asks for information about the man in his trunk.
A Pure Place (Country: Germany, Greece; Year: 2021; Director: Nikias Chryssos; Writer: Nikias Chryssos, Lars Henning Jung; Stars: Sam Louwyck, Greta Bohacek, Claude Heinrich, Daniel Sträßer, Daniel Fripan, Wolfgang Czeczor)
A tale of dirt, soap, and magic set in a cult on a remote Greek island.
PussyCake (Country: Argentina; Year: 2021; Director: Pablo Parés; Stars: Macarena Suárez Dagliano, Aldana Ruberto, Anahí Politi, Florencia Moreno, Sofia Rossi)
An all-female rock band schedules a new gig. When they arrive at the place, the city looks like a desert. There are only horrors that appear to be from another dimension.
Revealer (Country: UK; Year: 2022; Director: Luke Boyce; Writer: Luke Boyce, Michael Moreci, Tim Seeley; Stars: Bishop Stevens, Buzz Leer, Caito Aase, Phil Bogdan, Sammy DelPurgatorio, Shaina Schrooten)
Tensions rise when a stripper and religious protester are trapped together in a peep show booth and must come together to survive the apocalypse in 1980's Chicago.
Mandrake Mandrake
Mandrake and Legions
The Sacred Sprit (Espiritu Sagrado) (Country: Spain, France, Turkey; Year: 2021; Director: Chema García Ibarra; Writer: Chema García Ibarra; Stars: Llum Arques, Nacho Fernández, Rocío Ibáñez, Joanna Valverde)
Julio is dead. It's terrible news for OVNI Levante, the association of ufology aficionados that he ran. The death hits one its members, José Manuel, particularly hard. Julio and he had a secret project to change human destiny. Now he must carry on alone.
The Sadness (Country: Taiwan; Year: 2021; Director: Rob Jabbaz; Writer: Rob Jabbaz; Stars: Regina, Tzu-Chiang Wang, Berant Zhu)
After a year of combating a pandemic with relatively benign symptoms, a frustrated nation finally lets its guard down. This is when the virus spontaneously mutates, giving rise to a mind-altering plague. The streets erupt into violence and depravity.
Second Sun (Country: Russia; Year: 2021; Director: Rinat Tashimov; Stars: Vasilina Makovtseva, Tatyana Bunkova, Konstantin Itunin, Gulnara Gimatutdinova, Svetlana Bazhenova)
A film about life in a quirky Siberian village on a forgotten part of the Silk Road.
Seire (Country: South Korea; Year: 2021; Director: Park Kang; Writer: Park Kang; Stars: Seo Hyun-woo, Ruy Sun-young, Shim Eun-woo)
A new father strives to protect his baby for the 21 days during which it is vulnerable to spiritual attack.
Slumber Party Massacre (Country: South Africa; Year: 2021; Director: Danishka Esterhazy; Writer: Suzanne Keilly; Stars: Hannah Gonera, Frances Sholto-Douglas, Mila Rayne, Alex McGregor, Reze-Tiana Wessels, Rob van Vuuren, Jennifer Steyn)
A reimagining of the famous slasher film.
What Josiah Saw What Josiah Saw
What Josiah Saw and Pompo: The Cinéphile
The Smoke Master (Country: Brazil; Year: 2022; Director: Andre Sigwalt, Augusto Soares; Stars: Tristan Aronovich, David Wendefilm, Daniel Rocha, Tony Lee, Thiago Stechinni)
Two brothers and a handful of friends must face the fury of the Chinese mafia. Enlisting the help of Smoke Master and his unique cannabis fighting style, they have a chance.
Some Like It Rare (Country: France; Year: 2021; Director: Fabrice Eboué; Writer: Fabrice Eboué, Vincent Solignac; Stars: Fabrice Eboué, Marina Foïs, Jean-François Cayrey)
Sophie and Vincent Pascal have run the family butcher shop for a decade, but business is bad. So grim it’s on the brink of bankruptcy and so is their marriage. But then Vincent kills a vegan activist who had vandalised their shop. When he butchers the body and his wife accidentally sells it, customers can’t stop lining up for the tender cuts.
Soul Of A Beast (Country: Switzerland; Year: 2021; Director: Lorenz Merz; Writer: Lorenz Merz; Stars: Art Bllaca, Pablo Caprez, Lolita Chammah, Anastasija Fomina, Dagny Gioulami, Tonatiuh Radzi, Ella Rumpf, Luna Wedler, Art Bllaca, Pablo Caprez, Lolita Chammah, Anastasija Fomina, Dagny Gioulami, Tonatiuh Radzi, Ella Rumpf)
Fantasy and reality meet in the emotional world of a teenage father.
Soul Park (L'élekpark) (Country: Hungary; Year: 2022; Director: Illés Horváth, Róbert Odegnál; Writer: Marcell Belso, Arion Csihar; Stars: László Attila Horváth, Viktória Staub, Gábor Urmai, Károly Tóth, Márta Szabó)
Something bizarre happens at the zoo. A man wakes up completely naked among the crocodiles. He doesn't remember how he ended up there, and he also can't seem to recall where he's been in the last three years.
Subject (Sujeito Oculto) (Country: Brazil; Year: 2022; Director: Léo Falcão; Writer: Léo Falcão; Stars: Gustavo Falcão, Marcos Breda, Toyn Garrido)
To escape writer's block, a famous novelist moves into a house near an isolated and strange village, where pages apparently written by the former resident of the house begin to appear on his desk, prompting him to question his sanity.
Killing The Eunuch Khan Killing The Eunuch Khan
Killing The Eunuch Khan and No Looking Back
The Ninja War Of Torakage (Country: Japan; Year: 2015; Director: Yoshihiro Nishimura; Stars: Takumi Saitô, Eihi Shiina, Yuria Haga, Nana Seino, Maki Mizui)
A ninja couple go in search of the missing piece from a treasure map in order to try and save their kidnapped son.
Tokyo Gore Police (Tôkyô zankoku keisatsu) (Country: Japan; Year: 2008; Director: Yoshihiro Nishimura; Writer: Kengo Kaji, Sayako Nakoshi, Yoshihiro Nishimura; Stars: Itsuji Itao, Camille LaBry, Shôko Nakahara, Sayako Nakoshi, Eihi Shiina)
Body horror sees a cop try to track down the cause of a virus in a futuristic Tokyo that drives the infected to murder.
The Timekeepers Of Eternity (Country: Greece, UK; Year: 2021; Director: Aristotelis Maragkos; Writer: Aristotelis Maragkos)
Footage from a forgotten Stephen King mini-series is edited, printed and animated into a hypnotic paper nightmare.
Tiong Bahru Social Club (Country: Singapore; Year: 2020; Director: Bee Thiam Tan; Writer: Bee Thiam Tan, Antti Toivonen; Stars: Thomas Pang, Guat Kian Goh, Jalyn Han, Noorlinah Mohamed)
Ah Bee goes on a comedic odyssey through Tiong Bahru Social Club, a data-driven project to create the happiest neighbourhood in the world. Little by little, his encounters with the neighbourhood's residents reveal the absurdity of life.
Two Witches (Country: US; Year: 2021; Director: Pierre Tsigaridis; Writer: Kristina Klebe, Maxime Rancon, Pierre Tsigaridis; Stars: Rebekah Kennedy, Danielle Kennedy, Ian Michaels, Clint Hummel Dina Silva, Belle Adams)
A matriarchal witch passes on her sinister inheritance to her grand-daughter, triggering horrific curses.
All The Moons All The Moons
All The Moons and Hotel Poseidon
Un Millón De Zombies: La Historia De Plaga Zombie (Country: Argentina; Year: 2022; Director: Nicanor Loreti, Camilo de Cabo)
In 1997, a group of 17-year-old friends made the first zombie feature film in Argentina. Handcrafted and edited with a heavily used VHS camera and virtually zero budget, Plaga Zombie became a sensation, This documentary tells its story.
Upurga (Country: Latvia; Year: 2021; Director: Ugis Olte; Writer: Ugis Olte, Bojana Babic, Lucas Abrahão; Stars: Igors Selegovskis, Inga Tropa, Rihards Sniegs, Elvita Ragovska, Morten Traavik, Reinis Boters, Andris Akmentins, Mara Kimele, Elita Klavina, Ugis Praulins)
A wilderness guide finds himself up against nature and his own anxiety after his sister and her film crew, who he is helping, disappear in the forest.
What Josiah Saw (Country: US; Year: 2021; Director: Vincent Grashaw; Writer: Robert Alan Dilts; Stars: Robert Patrick, Nick Stahl, Scott Haze, Kelli Garner, Tony Hale)
A family with buried secrets reunites at a farmhouse after two decades to pay for past sins.
Yellow Dragons Village (Country: Japan; Year: 2021; Director: Hugo Sakamoto)
A car carrying a group of college students breaks down near a small village while on its way to camp. The kids spend the night in the town, but brutal murders begin happening before very long - and soon, they must fight for their lives if any of them wish to survive.
Y Todos Arderán (Country: Spain; Year: 2021; Director: David Hebrero; Writer: David Hebrero, Javier Kiran; Stars: Macarena Gómez, Fernando Cayo, Saturnino García, Ella Kweku, Rubén Ochandiano)
A woman who feels suicidal due to the loss of her son finds her life transformed by the arrival of a mysterious girl, but other villagers think the child signifies the coming Apocalypse.
Tiong Bahru Social Club Tiong Bahru Social Club
Tiong Bahru Social Club and Holy Shit!
Zeria (Country: Belgium; Year: 2021; Director: Harry Cleven; Stars: Merlin Delens, Coralie Vanderlinden, Tibo Vandenborre)
Gaspard is the last man on Earth. Zeria, his grandson, is the first to be born on Mars. Gaspard tells him about his life, in the hope that Zeria will come to see him... Zeria would be the first human being to return to Earth...

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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