Power play and dirty tricks in the French police force.
An enigmatic story of modern Russia, given the flavour of myth.
Albert Maysles: 3 Shorts
Short documentary records interviews with Marlon Brando, Truman Capote and Muhammad Ali.
Angel's Fall
A young woman tries to break free from life with her father.
Multi-layered plotlines around the inhabitants of an apartment complex.
A serial killer plays mind games with a policeman.
The Aristocrats
Documentary about a filthy joke, told by a succession of professional comedians.
The Art Of Losing
Columbian corruption, a decomposing corpse, a hard-drinking reporter and a tearful tart.
Acid comedy about a junkie trying to clean up.
Infidelity at an institution for the criminally insane.
Battle In Heaven
An ugly taxi driver and the prostitute daughter of a general go at it and at it and (yawn).
The Beat That My Heart Skipped
A young heavy, following in his father's violent footsteps yearns for something more.
The Business
In the mid-80s a young man falls foul of a gangster and is sent to take money to an ex-con in Spain, who invites him to join his team.
Before The Flood
Documentary charting the relocation of the people of Fengjie, a city that will shortly be submerged beneath the Yangtze river.
A Bittersweet Life
A tale of revenge, infidelity and gangland warfare in South Korea.
Black Narcissus
A group of nuns struggle to keep order in a remote Himalayan convent.
The Boys Of Baraka
Disadvantaged kids from Baltimore are sent to boarding school in Kenya.
The Cat Leaves Home
Two girls fight over men.


The Dark
A Welsh ghost story with watery connections.
The Devil's Miner
Documentary on the child miners of Bolivia.
The Devil And Daniel Johnston
Biographical documentary about an underground singer/songwriter extraordinaire.
Before The Exorcist came the demon Pazuzu.
Ageing star seeks out an anti-ageing recipe... just don't ask about the special ingredient.
Ferpect Crime
An accidental killing leads to funny consequences of a psychotic nature.
Hungarian teenager discovers a certain "happiness" in the Nazi death camps.
Fourteen Sucks
A teenage rites-of-passage that does not flinch at sexual violation.
A fashion model crumbles beneath the incessant pressure of an ugly industry.
Card sharks on the streets of Paris.
George A Romero's Land Of The Dead
The creator of the zombie genre returns with an allegory of Bush's abuses in Iraq.
Grizzly Man
Werner Herzog examines the psyche of Timothy Treadwell, a man who lived and died with bears.
Guy X
Odd goings on at isolated US base in Greenland, as witnessed by a man with two names.
Mystery of a lost child and two teenage girls on the run.
Gone To Earth
A barefooted Shropshire lass marries the vicar and is seduced by the squire.
The Great Ecstasy Of Robert Carmichael
The fall of an intelligent teenager into a life of ultraviolence and depravity.
Green Street
A Yank comes to West Ham and learns how to be a hooligan.
Gunner Palace
The day-to-day life of young American soldiers in Iraq.
The impact of a young Czech refugee on a British working-class family.
The Holyrood Files
Expose of the building of the Scottish Parliament.


Iron Island
A society of people live on a derelict oil tanker in the Persian Gulf. Are they being misled?
Love and understanding are tested in a Southern comedy-romance-tragedy.
An operatic hospital saga, in which junkie nurse prescribes sex as life-saving treatment.
Paranoia stalks a bus depot in Jersey as the father of an abducted girl seeks retribution
Kinky Boots
Shoemaker opts for drastic footwear design in a bid save family business.
Letter From An Unknown Woman
A woman falls for her neighbour and maintains her unrequited love down the years.
The Life I Want
Troubled romance between stars on an Italian film set.
Plot-defying drama about a naked man, with dogs.


Mad Hot Ballroom
Competitive ballroom dancing for the ethnically diverse pupils of Washington Heights.
Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing And Charm School
A sad baker helps a dying motorist and discovers that he's not the only one who can't dance.
Mirrorball Animation
A collection of the best animated music videos that 2005 had to offer.
Mirrorball Best Of The Best
The second selection of new promo videos from Mirrorball.
Mirrorball - Fresh Tracks 1
A selection of new promo videos from Mirrorball.
Mirrorball - Fresh Tracks 2
The second selection of new promo videos from Mirrorball.
Mirrorball KeepInTime
Turntablists meet the drummers from the records that they spin.
Mirrorball Made In Japan
Bizarre and brilliant creations from the Far East.
A circus girl falls into a fantasy world where darkness threatens the kingdom of light.
The Magician
Documentary filmmaker follows a Melbourne thug about his business.
A Matter Of Life And Death
A wartime aviator begs a celestial court to let him escape death so he can be with the woman he loves. Out on re-issue in cinemas.
Danish mystery about serial suicides.
Night Watch
A streetwalker roaming the streets of Buenos Aires meets long dead friends.
One Long Winter Without Fire
A beautifully composed tale about redemption and coping with loss.
One Nite In Mongkok
Triad tensions in Hong Kong bring a hired assassin from the mainland.
On A Clear Day
A redundant shipworker from Glasgow dreams of swimming the English Channel.
Thai country girl uses terror magic in Bangkok go-go bar.
Police Beat
The life of a Seattle cop, who worries more about his personal life than city crime.
Popular Music
In the Swedish backwoods rock-and-roll becomes act of rebellion for pubescent teenagers.
Peeping Tom
A young photographer becomes fascinated by expressions of fear, with deadly consequences.
Pucker Up
A competitive whistling documentary from Louisburg, North Carolina.
The Puffy Chair
Surprisingly real road trip movie about a quest to find a piece of furniture.


A new vaccine creates a deadly virus.
Rag Tale
Poisonous cynicism and manipulative scheming at the heart of a national tabloid.
The Red Shoes
A dancer is torn between the man she loves and her obsessive commitment to her craft.
Following four door-to-door salesmen around the States in the late Sixties.
Saltire Society Award For Short Documentary
A collection of the best of Scottish short documentaries from the last year competing for the Saltire Society Award
Same Sex America
Investigating gay marriage.
Ingmar Bergman returns to Scenes From A Marriage 30 years on.
Screaming Masterpiece
A look at the Icelandic music industry, its roots and stars.
Shakespeare Behind Bars
Murderers and rapists perform Shakespeare and learn forgiveness.
Snuff Movie
Psychodrama by horror auteur Boris Arkadin.
Song Of Songs
The stirrings of incestuous passion against a background of deeply felt religious beliefs.
Buffy's creator does battle with the Reavers in space, as earthlings move off their overcrowded planet.
The last days of the fifth Rolling Stone, Brian Jones.
A horrific discovery in a one room apartment leads into a surreal, claustrophobic nightmare.
The Sun
One of Emperor Hirohito last days before the Japanese surrender in 1945.
Taimagura Grandma
Documentary examining a vanishing way of life in Japan.
The Tales Of Hoffmann
A poet recalls three doomed romances.
Tartan Shorts
Selection of shorts from the Ediburgh Film Festival.
Teenager from the 'burbs attempts to quit suckin'.
Three international film directors take a train to Rome and tell stories of love, loss and the beautiful game.
Tour De Force
A strong man heads for Russia to build on his 23 Guinness Book of Records titles.
An outstanding, highly moral tale of a young South African thug's redemption.
Up And Down
Satire of racism and xenophobia in modern Prague.


Voices Of Iraq
Iraqis film each other. Americans edit it. The invasion is given the thumbs up.
A boy grows up in a broken family as the winds of change blow through Swaziland.
The Wedding
A wedding reception where everyone has a secret descends into dark farce.
An unknown woman goes about her daily life - clubbing, fucking and lunch with grandma.
Les Yeux Clairs
Well-acted drama about a sheltered bipolar girl who inadvertantly goes on a road-trip.

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