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Lift Like A Girl Lift Like A Girl
Lift Like A Girl and Alone Together
Alone Together (Year: 2021; Director: Bradley Bell, Pablo Jones-Soler)
A pop star in quarantine embarks on a whirlwind creative and romantic journey while making an album in 40 days that unites a community around the world.
Call Me Human (Je m'appelle humain) (Country: Canada; Year: 2021; Director: Kim O'Bomsawin; Writer: Nathalie Gressin, Kim O'Bomsawin; Stars: Joséphine Bacon, Joséphine Bacon)
This tender portrait of Innu poet, writer, filmmaker, and storyteller Joséphine Bacon follows her from the snowy streets of Montreal to the region along the coastal mouth of the Saint-Laurent river, occasionally accompanied by Ilnu-Québécoise poet Marie-Andrée Gill.
Firestarter - The Story of Bangarra (Country: Australia; Year: 2020; Director: Wayne Blair, Nel Minchin; Stars: Wesley Enoch, David Page, Stephen Page, Hunter Page-Lochard, Wesley Enoch, David Page, Stephen Page, Hunter Page-Lochard)
Documentary to mark the Bangarra Dance Theatre’s 30th anniversary.
Gallant Indies (Indes galantes) (Country: France; Year: 2020; Director: Philippe Béziat)
The story of what happened when filmmaker Clément Cogitore agreed to stage Jean-Philippe Rameau’s baroque masterpiece Les Indes galantes at Opéra national de Paris, working with acclaimed choreographer Bintou Dembélé.
King Rocker (Country: UK; Year: 2020; Director: Michael Cumming; Writer: Stewart Lee; Stars: Stewart Lee, Frank Skinner, Robert Lloyd, Robin Askwith, Stewart Lee, Frank Skinner, Robert Lloyd, Robin Askwith)
Documentary goes in search of Robert Lloyd, best known for fronting cult bands The Prefects and The Nightingales, who has survived under the radar for over four decades.
Lift Like A Girl (Country: Egypt, Denmark, Germany; Year: 2020; Director: Mayye Zayed)
In a dilapidated corner of Alexandria, an exceptional community of young female weightlifters is trained by the grumpy yet charismatic Captain Ramadan.
Lydia Lunch: The War Is Never Over (Country: US; Year: 2019; Director: Beth B; Stars: Ron Athey, Bob Bert, Tim Dahl, Nicolas Jaar, Richard Kern, Lydia Lunch, Thurston Moore, Kembra Pfahler, Henry Rollins, Donita Sparks, J.G. Thirlwell, Weasel Walter, Ron Athey, Bob Bert, Tim Dahl)
The first in-depth documentary on the titular no wave artist.
Maisie (Country: UK; Year: 2021; Director: Lee Cooper; Writer: Lee Cooper)
After 50 years in the business, David Raven is still shaking his sequins as ‘Maisie Trollette’, Britain’s oldest drag artist.
Men Who Sing (Country: UK; Year: 2021; Director: Dylan Williams)
Portrait of an ageing male voice choir in north-east Wales.
No Straight Lines: The Rise Of Queer Comics (Country: US; Year: 2021; Director: Vivian Kleiman; Stars: Alison Bechdel, Jennifer Camper, Rupert Kinnard, Howard Cruse, Alison Bechdel, Jennifer Camper, Rupert Kinnard, Howard Cruse)
The story of the queer comic.
Raymonde El Bidaoia (Country: Israel; Year: 2020; Director: Yaël Abecassis; Stars: Raymonde Abecassis, Raymonde Abecassis)
Armed with a camera, Yaël Abecassis – a famous actress who has worked with Amos Gitai, among other renowned filmmakers – follows her mother, the legendary singer Raymonde El Bidaoia, and steps into a world where she had always been a stranger.
Roses. Film-Cabaret (Country: Ukraine; Year: 2021; Director: Irena Stetsenko; Writer: Irena Stetsenko; Stars: Dakh Daughters, Vlad Troitskiy, Ruslana Khazipova, Dakh Daughters, Vlad Troitskiy, Ruslana Khazipova)
From the Ukrainian uprising came the Dakh Daughters, a punk cabaret performance act - this film follows their first stage show.
Soy Cubana (Year: 2021; Director: Ivaylo Getov, Jeremy Ungar; Writer: Jeremy Ungar; Stars: Koset Muñoa Columbié, Maryoris Mena Faez, Ana Josefina Hernández, Annia Leyva del Toro, Koset Muñoa Columbié, Maryoris Mena Faez, Ana Josefina Hernández, Annia Leyva del Toro)
The Vocal Vidas are an all-female a cappella group from Santiago de Cuba. In 2017, the ensemble were invited to perform in the US for the first time, just as diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba began to falter...
The Witches Of The Orient (Les Sorcières de l'Orient) (Country: France; Year: 2021; Director: Julien Faraut; Writer: Julien Faraut; Stars: Hirofumi Daimatsu, Yuko Fujimoto, Yuriko Handa, Sata Isobe, Masae Kasai, Maseko Kondo, Katsumi Matsumura, Yoshiko Matsumura, Emiko Miyamoto, Setsuko Sasaki, Ayano Shibuki, Yoko Shinozaki, Kinuko Tanida, Hirofumi Daimatsu, Yuko Fujimoto)
The former players of the Japanese women’s volleyball team, all now in their 70s, reunite to eat, talk, and share their memories.

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