Sheffield DocFest 2021

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The Annotated Field Guide of Ulysses S Grant (Country: US; Year: 2020; Director: Jim Finn; Writer: Jim Finn; Stars: Cosmina Mazza Finn, Franz Mazza Finn, Jim Finn, Cosmina Mazza Finn, Franz Mazza Finn, Jim Finn)
A musical fantasia about Ulysses S. Grant’s liberatory march through the southern United States.
Courage (Country: Germany; Year: 2021; Director: Aliaksei Paluyan)
Documentary about the protests in Belarus.
Dear Elnaz (Elnaz Jan) (Country: Canada; Year: 2020; Director: Mania Akbari)
Javad Soleimani – whose wife, Elnaz Nabiyi, was killed aboard a flight shot down by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Jan 2020 – is given space to reflect and share his anger.
Fixed Barricade At Hamdalaye Crossing (Barrage d'arrêt fixe et fermé au niveau du carrefour Hamdalaye) (Country: Guinea, France; Year: 2020; Director: Thomas Bauer; Writer: Thomas Bauer)
On September 28th 2009, in Conakry, Guinea, security forces massacred 157 people at the Stade du 28 Septembre, the city’s main sports stadium. In 2018, filmmaker Thomas Bauer met a group of frustrated plaintiffs who set up rehearsals for the staging of a hypothetical trial, using performance to piece together the case as an investigative aid, and an act of catharsis.
The Inheritance (Country: US; Year: 2020; Director: Ephraim Asili)
A young man inherits his grandmother’s house and, with the encouragement of his girlfriend, turns it into a Black socialist collective where community forms the basis of family.
Just A Movement (Juste un mouvement) (Country: Belgium, France; Year: 2021; Director: Vincent Meessen; Writer: Vincent Meessen; Stars: Bouba Diallo, Marie-Thérèse Diedhiou, Cheikh Hamalah Blondin Diop, Dialo Diop, Ousman Blondin Diop, Doudou Fall, Fi Lu, Alioune Paloma Sall, Felwine Sarr, Malal Almamy Tall)
In Senegal, Omar Blondin Diop’s name is associated with an unpunished state crime. In France, he is mostly remembered as the Marxist activist featured in La Chinoise, a fiction film of political anticipation by Jean-Luc Godard. Vincent Meessen’s political and poetic inquiry into Diop offers a meditation on the relationship between politics, justice, and memory.
The Monopoly of Violence (Un pays qui se tient sage) (Country: France; Year: 2020; Director: David Dufresne)
Documentary about police violence in contemporary France.
Move: Confrontation In Philadelphia (Country: US; Year: 1980; Director: Jane Mancini, Karen Pomer; Writer: Dan Barshay, Jane Mancini, Karen Pomer; Stars: Chuckie Africa, Delbert Africa, Janet Africa, Janine Africa, Aqueelah Hanna Jamal, Edward Rendell, Frank Rizzo)
Documentary about events of summer 1978 which led to the arrest of nine Move members who are still in jail today.
Narcissus Off Duty (Narciso em Férias) (Country: Brazil; Year: 2020; Director: Ricardo Calil, Renato Terra; Stars: Caetano Veloso, Caetano Veloso)
Through a mix of storytelling, song, and the reading of documents, renowned musician Caetano Veloso gives testimony about his imprisonment from the military dictatorship in Brazil in 1968.
Riverock (É Rocha e Rio, Negro Leo) (Country: Brazil; Year: 2020; Director: Paula Gaitán; Writer: Paula Gaitán)
A documentary conversation with the musician, poet, sociologist and thinker Negro Leo.
The Silence Of The Mole (El Silencio del Topo) (Country: Mexico, Guatemala; Year: 2021; Director: Anaïs Taracena; Writer: Pedro G. García, Anaïs Taracena)
In the 1970s, a journalist who called himself ‘The Mole’ infiltrated the bowels of Guatemala’s most repressive government in order to help the resistance, accessing information about political violence that the military government had been planning. Today, the search for this unusual character probes the cracks in the walls of silence that surround this country’s hidden history.

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