Sheffield DocFest 2021

Listed below are the features in this strand running at an hour or longer. The festival will also host a number of talks.

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From The Wild Sea From The Wild Sea
From The Wild Sea and Microcosmos
The Ants And The Grasshopper (Country: Malawi; Year: 2021; Director: Raj Patel, Zak Piper)
Anita Chitaya has a gift: she can help bring abundant food from dead soil, she can make men fight for gender equality, and maybe she can end child hunger in her village. Now, to save her home in Malawi from extreme weather, she faces her greatest challenge: persuading Americans that climate change is real.
From The Wild Sea (Country: Denmark; Year: 2021; Director: Robin Petré; Stars: Dan Jarvis)
The director considers the critical relationship between humans and wild animals and the consequences of climate change.
Gunda (Country: Norway, US; Year: 2020; Director: Victor Kossakovsky)
Pigs, cows and chickens. Intimate portraits of living beings who wind up dead on a plate every day.
Microcosmos (Le Peuple De L'herbe) (Country: France/Switzerland/Italy; Year: 1996; Director: Claude Nuridsany, Marie Pérennou; Writer: Claude Nuridsany, Marie Pérennou)
What creeps and crawls in a French meadow.
Symbiotic Earth (Country: US, Norway, Spain, UK; Year: 2019; Director: John Feldman)
The life and ideas of Lynn Margulis, a brilliant and radical scientist, whose unconventional theories challenged the male-dominated scientific status quo and are today fundamentally changing how we look at ourselves, evolution, and the environment.
Who We Were (Country: Germany; Year: 2021; Director: Marc Bauder; Writer: Marc Bauder; Stars: Manfred Zapatka, Sylvia Earle, Alexander Gerst, Janina Loh, Dennis J. Snower, Felwine Sarr, Matthieu Ricard)
A cinematic essay - inspired by the book "who we were" by Roger Willemsen.

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