Sheffield DocFest 2011

Documentaries from around the world that set out to challenge the political establishment and corporate interests.

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UK Uncut UK Uncut
UK Uncut and Just Do It
Cinema Palestine (Country: Canada; Year: 2011; Director: Tim Schwab)
A documentary exploring the work of generations of Palestinian artists and filmmakers, especially those involved with political protest.
Client 9 (Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer) (Country: US; Year: 2010; Director: Alex Gibney; Writer: Alex Gibney; Stars: Eliot Spitzer, Kim Allen, Wrenn Schmidt, Michael Schwendeman, Laura Somma), Official Site
A profile of the man who, potentially, could have been president, and the scandal that bought about his downfall.
Inside Job (Country: US; Year: 2010; Director: Charles Ferguson; Writer: Chad Beck, Adam Bolt; Stars: Matt Damon), Official Site
Documentary examining the US economic meltdown, which suggests it was no accident.
Just Do It (Just Do It: A Tale Of Modern Day Outlaws, Just Do It: : Get Off Your Arse And Change The World) (Country: UK; Year: 2010; Director: Emily James), Official Site
A first-hand look at the politics of civil disobedience in the UK.
Up In Smoke (Country: UK; Year: 2011; Director: Adam Wakeling)
A Cornish scientist tries to persuade third world farmers to use new methods to reinvigorate their land instead of slashing and burning vital forests.
Client 9 Client 9
Client 9 and Inside Job
UK Uncut (Country: UK; Year: 2011; Director: Gemma Atkinson, Fred Grace), Official Site
A look at the development of the UK Uncut protest group, which is dedicated to challenging corporate tax avoidance.
Wiebo's War (Country: Canada; Year: 2010; Director: David York; Stars: Wiebo Ludwig)
A look at devout Christian Wiebo Ludwig's battle against gas and oil companies, his retreat from society and the mysterious death that occurred on his land.
Zero Silence (Country: Sweden; Year: 2011; Director: Javeria Rizvi Kabani, Jonny Von Wallstrom, Alexandra Sandels)
Young people in the Middle East talk about their reasons for revolution.

Filming sensations Mathieu Amalric on Pierre Léon, Jeanne Balibar and the sounds and colours of Barbara

Character arc Seth A Smith on filming with a two-year-old and bringing marbling to life in The Crescent

Keeping up appearances Marcello Martinessi on cultural conservatism and filmmaking honesty in The Heiresses

A different space Kelly Macdonald on working with Marc Turtletaub on Puzzle

Out of the past Susanna Nicchiarelli on Trine Dyrholm and the costume design in Nico, 1988

The iconic man Jonathan Baker on Becoming Iconic and Inconceivable

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