1000 Voices
Dark animation which gathers together voices of detained asylum seekers.
Ali Shan
The experience of awaiting sunrise on Taiwan's Ali Shan Mountain.
All Tomorrow's Parties
Celebration of creative energy in anti-festival venues that give music back to those who appreciate its anarchic roots.
American: The Bill Hicks Story
Documentary examining the life and legacy of the controversial comic.
The actor who founded Australia's first Aboriginal theatre company talks about his life, his heroin habit, and his criminal tendencies.
Best Worst Movie
Documentary about Troll 2 - considered by many to be the worst film ever made.
Capitalism: A Love Story
A documentary about laissez faire capitalism and its effect on American society.
The Cove
Documentary exploring dolphin killing in Japan.
Story of a five-year-old child who witnesses a murder.


Erasing David
A man is pursued by private investigators in an attempt to prove that privacy has been completely lost in modern surveillance society.
The Execution Of Gary Glitter?
A docudrama set in a parallel world explores issues surrounding the death penalty.
Haynesville: The Relentless Hunt For An Energy Tomorrow
A documentary looking at what happens to the people who find they are living atop America's largest natural gas field.


The Joneses
A documentary about a family where the mother has died and the father has subsequently transitioned to live as a woman.
Kings Of Pastry
An American pastry chef travels to France to enter the Olympics of cooking, in pursuit of a red, white and blue collar from the Meilleur Ouvrier de France.
Lauren's Story
A documentary about a visually impaired teenager determined to challenge others' perceptions of people like her.


Moving To Mars: A Million Miles From Burma
A look at the experiences of two Karen refugee families who have lived for 20 years in a Thai camp and are about to move to Sheffield.
Notes On The Other
An exploration of the complex identities of Ernest Hemingway and the people who have taken it upon themselves to become him.
Nobody Passes Perfectly
An intimate portrait of two people's lives including open discussion about issues of sexuality and gender.
Once Upon A Time Proletarian
An exploration of the social and political landscape of modern China.
Only When I Dance
Young Brazilians train hard in the hope of becoming ballet stars.
Petropolis, Aerial Perspectives On The Alberta Tar Sands
An exploration of the clash between oil-hungry industry and those determined to protect a fragile ecological resource.
Pink Taxi
An introduction to Olga Fomina, Moscow's first women-only taxi service.


Rough Aunties
A documentary looking at a women's organisation dedicated to rescuing abused children.
Animated documentary sees two Sudanese children recall time they spent as slaves.
A blind woman takes on the challenge of one of the world's toughest dogsled races.
Sons Of Cuba
Children at Havana’s state-run boxing academy prepare for the national championships.
The September Issue
Fly-on-the-wall look inside Vogue.
Sci-fi drama in which three men make a journey into the unknown in search of their deepest desire.
Unearthing The Pen
A bold young Karimojong boy digs in the ground to unearth a curse his tribal elders once put on education.


Waiting For Women
In a small Spanish village where there are no women left, the lonely male residents throw a party.
Winnebago Man
The truth about Jack Rebney, Winnebago salesman and inadvertent internet celebrity.

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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