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sleep furiously sleep furiously
sleep furiously and Pageant
1000 Journals (Country: US; Year: 2007; Director: Andrea Kreuzhage)
Looking at a project considered to be the 21st century equivalent of a message in a bottle.
Alone In Four Walls (Allein In Vier Wänden) (Country: Germany; Year: 2007; Director: Alexandra Westmeier; Writer: Alexandra Westmeier)
Inside a juvenile Russian reform school.
Bi the Way (Country: US; Year: 2008; Director: Brittany Blockman, Josephine Decker; Writer: Brittany Blockman, Josephine Decker; Stars: Austin Head, J. Michael Bailey, Jennifer Bamgardner, David Barasch, Jonathan Caouette, Josh Caouette, Paula Caplan, David Chapman, Meridith Chibers, Lisa Diamond)
Exploration of the "bisexual revolution".
Burma All Inclusive (Country: Austria; Year: 2007; Director: Roland Wehap)
Lifting the lid on how glossy tourism to the country masks underlying corruption.
Cafe De Los Maestros (Country: USA; Year: 2008; Director: Miguel Kohan; Writer: Miguel Kohan, Gustavo Santaolalla)
A celebratory film about the maestros of tango.
Patti Smith: Dream Of Life Patti Smith: Dream Of Life
Patti Smith: Dream Of Life and Cafe De Los Maestros
Crawford (Country: US; Year: 2008; Director: David Modigliani)
Documentary charting the effect George W Bush had when he bought a ranch in a small Texas town.
The Dancing Forest (Country: UK; Year: 2008; Director: Brice Lainé)
A powerfully optimistic vision of Africa as epitomised by the people of Togo.
Encounters At The End Of The World (Country: US; Year: 2007; Director: Werner Herzog; Stars: Werner Herzog), Official Site, Trailer
The infamous director Werner Herzog visits the Antarctic, determined not to make a movie about penguins.
Faceless (Country: UK, Austria; Year: 2007; Director: Manu Luksch; Writer: Manu Luksch, Mukul Patel; Stars: Aadam K. Ahmed, Manu Luksch, William Trevitt)
Using only images obtained from the operators of CCTV video-surveillance systems in London – as stated in the rules of the “Manifesto for CCTV Filmmakers” – Luksch transforms London using oppressively familiar views into a nightmarish stage.
God Made Them Blind (Country: Australia; Year: 2008; Director: Richard Todd)
Story of John Fawcett, an Australian ceramicist who devoted his life to helping cataract sufferers in Indonesia.
Encounters At The End Of The World Encounters At The End Of The World
Encounters At The End Of The World and Alone In Four Walls
Jump! (Country: US; Year: 2007; Director: Helen Hood Scheer; Writer: Scott B. Morgan, Helen Hood Scheer)
Documentary follows five jump-rope teams around the US.
The New 10 Commandments (Country: UK; Year: 2008; Director: Nick Higgins, Kenny Glenaan, Douglas Gordon, Irvine Welsh, Mark Cousins, Tilda Swinton, Sana Bilgrami, Alice Nelson, Doug Aubrey, David Graham Scott, Anna Jones), Official Site
Celebration the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declarations of Human Rights interpreted through the prism of Scotland today.
The New Ten Commandments (Country: UK; Year: 2008; Director: Kenny Glenaan, Douglas Gordon, Nick Higgins, Irvine Welsh, Mark Cousins, Sana Bi )
Filmmakers mark the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Pageant (Country: USA; Year: 2008; Director: Ron Davis, Stewart Halpern), Official Site
An in-depth look at drag queens in preparation for the Miss Gay America.
Patti Smith: Dream Of Life (Country: US; Year: 2008; Director: Steven Sebring; Writer: Steven Sebring; Stars: Patti Smith), Official Site
Intimate portrait of the icon.
Running The Sahara (Country: US; Year: 2008; Director: James Moll; Stars: Matt Damon, Charlie Engle, Kevin Lin, Ray Zahab)
Documenting three men's quest to run across the desert.
She Should Have Gone To The Moon (Country: UK; Year: 2007; Director: Ulrike Kubatta; Writer: Ulrike Kubatta; Stars: Ulrike Kubatta, Jerri Truhill)
The story of Jerri Truhill who, in 1961, became one of the first women secretly trained by NASA to go into space.
sleep furiously (Country: UK; Year: 2007; Director: Gideon Koppel)
Rural Wales faces change from all sides as the population ages.
Weltstadt (Country: Germany; Year: 2008; Director: Christian Klandt; Writer: Christian Klandt; Stars: Hendrik Arnst, Florian Bartholomäi, Justus Carriere, Franziska Krumwiede, Karoline Schuch, Jürgen Verch, Henrike von Kuick, Gerdy Zint)
Exploration of how two drunken teenagers came to beat up a homeless man and set him on fire.
Where the Water Meets the Sky (Country: UK; Year: 2008; Director: David Eberts; Writer: Jordan Roberts; Stars: Morgan Freeman)
Women of Zambia speak out on Aids. Narrated by Morgan Freeman.
Wild Combination: A Portrait Of Arthur Russell (Year: 2008)
Portrait of the famous cellist.

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