Cambridge Film Festival 2008

The work of the experimental filmmaker is celebrated in this retrospective set of screenings. Also featured is a new film starring Tilda Swinton - often considered to be Jarman's muse.

In addition to the features listed below, there will also be a number of short film showcases.

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Julia Julia
Julia and War Requiem
Blue (Country: UK; Year: 1993; Director: Derek Jarman; Writer: Derek Jarman; Stars: John Quentin, Nigel Terry, Derek Jarman, Tilda Swinton)
Jarman's final work, which features an unchanging blue screen and collaged soundscape.
Derek (Country: UK; Year: 2008; Director: Isaac Julien)
Film involving two courageous and innovative artists - one the subject and one the filmmaker - provides a cinematic journey that illuminates the work and enduring importance of the late Derek Jarman.
The Devils (Country: UK; Year: 1971; Director: Ken Russell; Writer: Aldous Huxley, Ken Russell, John Whiting; Stars: Vanessa Redgrave, Oliver Reed, Dudley Sutton, Max Adrian, Gemma Jones, Murray Melvin, Michael Gothard, Georgina Hale, Brian Murphy, Christopher Logue)
Ken Russell’s camp-horror psychodrama was a breakthrough film for Jarman, who was production designer.
Edward II (Country: UK; Year: 1991; Director: Derek Jarman; Writer: Ken Butler, Steve Clark-Hall, Derek Jarman, Stephen McBride, Antony Root, based on the play by Christopher Marlowe; Stars: Steven Waddington, Kevin Collins, Andrew Tiernan, John Lynch, Dudley Sutton, Tilda Swinton, Jerome Flynn, Jody Graber, Nigel Terry, Jill Balcon)
Retelling of the regal tragedy also puts the boot in to Thatcher's Britain.
Julia (Country: France, US, Mexico, Belgium; Year: 2008; Director: Erick Zonca; Writer: Michael Collins, Camille Natta, Aude Py, Erick Zonca; Stars: Tilda Swinton, Saul Rubinek, Kate del Castillo, Aidan Gould, Jude Ciccolella, Bruno Bichir, Horacio Garcia Rojas, Kevin Kilner, John Bellucci, Ezra Buzzington)
An alcoholic finds herself in deep trouble after kidnapping a kid.
Ostia (Country: UK; Year: 1991; Director: Julian Cole; Writer: Julian Cole; Stars: David Dipnall, Derek Jarman)
The last night in the life of Pier Paolo Pasolini, sees Jarman take the role of his icon.
La Rabbia (Country: Italy; Year: 1963; Director: Giovanni Guareschi, Pier Paolo Pasolini; Writer: Giovanni Guareschi, Pier Paolo Pasolini; Stars: Giorgio Bassani, Renato Guttuso, Gigi Artuso, Carlo Romano, Charles de Gaulle, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Yuri Gagarin, Ava Gardner, Nikita Khrushchev, V.I. Lenin)
Documentary about the state of post Second World War Italy.
War Requiem (Country: UK; Year: 1989; Director: Derek Jarman; Writer: Derek Jarman, based on Wilfred Owen's poetry and Benjamin Britten's score; Stars: Laurence Olivier, Nathaniel Parker, Tilda Swinton, Patricia Hayes, Owen Teale, Sean Bean)
An enigmatic and visually powerful statement against war.

Filming sensations Mathieu Amalric on Pierre Léon, Jeanne Balibar and the sounds and colours of Barbara

Character arc Seth A Smith on filming with a two-year-old and bringing marbling to life in The Crescent

Keeping up appearances Marcello Martinessi on cultural conservatism and filmmaking honesty in The Heiresses

A different space Kelly Macdonald on working with Marc Turtletaub on Puzzle

Out of the past Susanna Nicchiarelli on Trine Dyrholm and the costume design in Nico, 1988

The iconic man Jonathan Baker on Becoming Iconic and Inconceivable

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