Berlin International Film Festival 2014

Tribute to Ken Loach, who will also receive an honorary Golden Bear.

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Kes Kes
Kes and My Name Is Joe
Cathy Come Home (Country: UK; Year: 1966; Director: Ken Loach; Writer: Jeremy Sandford; Stars: Carol White, Ray Brooks, Winifred Dennis, Wally Patch, Adrienne Frame, Emmett Hennessy)
Gritty socio-economic analysis of homelessness in Sixties Britain.
The Gamekeeper (Country: UK; Year: 1980; Director: Ken Loach; Writer: Barry Hines, Ken Loach; Stars: Phil Askham, Rita May, Andrew Grubb, Peter Steels, Michael Hinchcliffe, Philip Firth, Lee Hickin, Jackie Shinn, Paul Brian, Ted Beyer, Chick Barratt, Willoughby Gray, Mark Elwes, Tommy Edwards, Gary Roberts)
A year in the life of a gamekeeper.
Kes (Country: UK; Year: 1969; Director: Ken Loach; Writer: Barry Hines, Ken Loach, Tony Garnett; Stars: David Bradley, Freddie Fletcher, Lynne Perrie, Colin Welland, Brian Glover)
A young, English working-class boy spends his free time caring for and training his pet falcon.
Ladybird Ladybird (Country: UK; Year: 1994; Director: Ken Loach; Writer: Rona Munro; Stars: Crissy Rock, Vladimir Vega, Sandie Lavelle, Mauricio Venegas, Ray Winstone, Clare Perkins, Jason Stracey, Luke Brown, Lily Farrell, Scottie Moore, Linda Ross, Kim Hartley, Jimmy Batten, Sue Sawyer, Pamela Hunt)
A woman takes on Social Services in a bid to keep her kids.
Land And Freedom (Country: UK, Spain, Germany, Italy; Year: 1995; Director: Ken Loach; Writer: Jim Allen; Stars: Ian Hart, Rosana Pastor, Icíar Bollaín, Tom Gilroy, Marc Martínez, Frédéric Pierrot, Andrés Aladren, Sergi Calleja, Raffaele Cantatore, Pascal Demolon, Paul Laverty, Josep Magem, Eoin McCarthy, Jürgen Müller, Víctor Roca)
A young man from Liverpool heads to Spain in the 1930s to join the fight against fascism.
Sweet Sixteen Sweet Sixteen
Sweet Sixteen and Looking For Eric
Looking For Eric (Country: UK, France, Italy, Belgium; Year: 2009; Director: Ken Loach; Writer: Paul Laverty; Stars: Steve Evets, Eric Cantona, Stephanie Bishop, Gerard Kearns, Stefan Gumbs, Lucy-Jo Hudson, Cole Williams, Dylan Williams), Official Site, Trailer
A lonely postman, struggling to cope, turns to his hero Eric Cantona for advice, and the footballer magically appears to inspire him.
My Name Is Joe (Country: France, Germany, Italy , Spain, UK; Year: 1998; Director: Ken Loach; Writer: Paul Laverty; Stars: Peter Mullan, Louise Goodall, David McKay, Anne-Marie Kennedy, David Hayman, Gary Lewis, Lorraine McIntosh, Scott Hannah, David Peacock, Gordon McMurray, James McHendry)
A man struggles to do the right thing after years on the bottle.
The Navigators (Country: UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France; Year: 2001; Director: Ken Loach; Writer: Rob Dawber; Stars: Dean Andrews, Tom Craig, Joe Duttine, Steve Huison, Venn Tracey, Juliet Bates, Angela Saville)
South Yorkshire railwaymen are faced with privatisation.
Raining Stones (Country: UK; Year: 1993; Director: Ken Loach; Writer: Jim Allen; Stars: Bruce Jones, Julie Brown, Gemma Phoenix, Ricky Tomlinson, Tom Hickey, Mike Fallon, Ronnie Ravey, Lee Brennan, Karen Henthorn, Christine Abbott, Geraldine Ward, William Ash, Matthew Clucas, Anna Jaskolka, Jonathan James)
A man on the breadline attempts to retain his dignity and provide for his family.
Sweet Sixteen (Sweet 16) (Country: UK; Year: 2002; Director: Ken Loach; Writer: Paul Laverty; Stars: Martin Compston, William Ruane, Annmarie Fulton, Michelle Coulter, Michelle Abercromby, Gary McCormack, Tommy McKee)
Scottish teenager becomes drug dealer to give his mum, who is in jail, a proper home.

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