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Shoot The Pianist Shoot The Pianist
Shoot The Pianist and Touchez Pas Au Grisbi
Coup De Corchon (Country: France; Year: 1981; Director: Bertrand Tavernier; Writer: Jean Aurenche, Bertrand Tavernier, Jim Thompson; Stars: Philippe Noiret, Isabelle Huppert, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Stéphane Audran, Eddy Mitchell, Guy Marchand, Irène Skobline, Michel Beaune, Jean Champion, Victor Garrivier, Gérard Hernandez, Abdoulaye Diop, Daniel Langlet, François Perrot, Raymond Hermantier)
In pre-Second World War colonial Africa, a police chief decides to take the law into his own hands.
Have Mercy on Us All (Country: France; Year: 2007; Director: Régis Wargnier; Writer: Ariane Fert, Ariane Fert, Harriet Marin, Harriet Marin, Julien Rappeneau, Julien Rappeneau, Lawrence Shore, Lawrence Shore, Fred Vargas, Régis Wargnier, Régis Wargnier; Stars: José Garcia, Lucas Belvaux, Marie Gillain, Olivier Gourmet, Nicolas Cazalé, Linh Dan Pham, Michel Serrault, Nadine Alari, Sophie Aubry, Félicité N'Gijol, Jean-Gilles Barbier, Philippe Bas, Laëtitia Lacroix, Dominique Bettenfeld, Stéphane Butet)
A chief inspector must confront a plague that threatens Paris.
A Judgment In Stone (La cérémonie) (Country: France; Year: 1995; Director: Claude Chabrol; Writer: Claude Chabrol, Caroline Eliacheff, from the novel by Ruth Rendell; Stars: Isabelle Huppert, Sandrine Bonnaire, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Jacqueline Bisset, Virginie Ledoyen, Valentin Merlet, Julien Rochefort, Dominique Frot, Jean-François Perrier, Ludovic Brillant, Claire Chiron, Claire-Marie Dentraygues, Jean-Pierre Descheix, Penny Fairclough, Alain Françoise)
Ruth Rendell adaptation sees two isolated women drawn together through revelations from their past.
Lift To The Scaffold (Ascenseur pour l'échafaud, Elevator to the Gallows, Elevator to the Scaffold) (Country: France; Year: 1958; Director: Louis Malle; Writer: Noël Calef, Louis Malle, Roger Nimier; Stars: Jeanne Moreau, Maurice Ronet, Georges Poujouly, Yori Bertin, Jean Wall, Elga Andersen, Sylviane Aisenstein, Micheline Bona, Gisèle Grandpré, Jacqueline Staup, Marcel Cuvelier), Official Site, Trailer
Moreau's first lead role about an unfaithful wife who finds nothing but trouble after a fling with her lover.
Let The Corpses Tan (Laissez bronzer les cadavres) (Country: France, Belgium; Year: 2017; Director: Hélène Cattet, Bruno Forzani; Writer: Jean-Pierre Bastid, Hélène Cattet, Bruno Forzani, based on the novel by Jean-Patrick Manchette; Stars: Marc Barbé, Bernie Bonvoisin, Dorylia Calmel, Stéphane Ferrara, Bamba Forzani Ndiaye, Marilyn Jess, Elina Löwensohn, Michelangelo Marchese, Pierre Nisse, Marine Sainsily, Tristan Schotte, Hervé Sogne, Aline Stevens)
A woman's summer retreat becomes the scene for a showdown after a gang come looking for a hideout, pursued by the police.
Let The Corpses Tan Let The Corpses Tan
Let The Corpses Tan and Le Trou
Mesrine: Public Enemy No.1 (Country: France; Year: 2008; Director: Jean-Francois Richet; Stars: Vincent Cassel, Ludivine Sagnier, Mathieu Amalric, Gerard Lanvin)
Second part of the gangster tale sees infamous criminal Mesrine try to evade the law while facing the facts of celebrity.
Mesrine: Killer Instinct (L'instinct de mort, Mesrine: Part 1) (Country: France, Canada, Italy; Year: 2008; Director: Jean-Francois Richet; Writer: Jacques Mesrine, Abdel Raouf Dafri; Stars: Vincent Cassel, Cecile De France, Gerard Depardieu, Roy Dupuis), Official Site, Trailer
The rise to fame of a violent modern day Robin Hood.
The Moon In The Gutter (Country: France, Italy; Year: 1983; Director: Jean-Jacques Beineix; Writer: Jean-Jacques Beineix, Olivier Mergault, David Goodis; Stars: Gérard Depardieu, Nastassja Kinski, Victoria Abril, Bertice Reading, Gabriel Monnet, Dominique Pinon, Milena Vukotic, Vittorio Mezzogiorno, Bernard Farcy, Anne-Marie Coffinet, Jacques Herlin, Guido Alberti, Katya Berger, Rosa Fumetto, Graziano Giusti)
A story of imposible love, revenge and despair, starring a beautiful young woman and a stevedore searchiing for his sister's racist.
Pierrot Le Fou (Country: France, Italy; Year: 1965; Director: Jean-Luc Godard; Writer: Rémo Forlani, Jean-Luc Godard, Lionel White; Stars: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Anna Karina, Graziella Galvani, Aicha Abadir, Henri Attal, Pascal Aubier, Maurice Auzel, Raymond Devos, Roger Dutoit, Samuel Fuller, Pierre Hanin, Jimmy Karoubi, Jean-Pierre Léaud, Hans Meyer, Krista Nell)
A man runs away with his babysitter and the pair of them go on the run.
Polar (Country: France; Year: 1984; Director: Jacques Bral; Writer: Jacques Bral, Jean-Patrick Manchette, Jacques Bral, Jean-Paul Leca, Julien Lévi; Stars: Jean-François Balmer, Sandra Montaigu, Pierre Santini, Roland Dubillard, Claude Chabrol, Jean-Paul Bonnaire, Marc Dudicourt, Gérard Hérold, Gérard Loussine, Max Vialle, Catherine Alcover, Jean Barney, Anicette Benjamin, Dominique Briand, Jean Cherlian)
A private investigator considers changing professions, until a mysterious woman hires him to solve a murder.
Mesrine: Killer Instinct Mesrine: Killer Instinct
Mesrine: Killer Instinct and Lift To The Scaffold
Rififi (Du rififi chez les hommes) (Country: France; Year: 1955; Director: Jules Dassin; Writer: Auguste Le Breton, Jules Dassin, René Wheeler, Auguste Le Breton, Auguste Le Breton; Stars: Jean Servais, Carl Möhner, Robert Manuel, Janine Darcey, Pierre Grasset, Robert Hossein, Marcel Lupovici, Dominique Maurin, Magali Noël, Marie Sabouret, Claude Sylvain, Jules Dassin, Armandel, Alain Bouvette, Alice Garan)
Film noir about a jewel heist.
Read My Lips (Sur Mes Levres) (Country: France; Year: 2001; Director: Jacques Audiard; Writer: Jacques Audiard, Tonino Benacquista; Stars: Emmanuelle Devos, Vincent Cassel, Olivier Gourmet, Olivier Perrier, Olivia Bonamy)
Deaf secretary and ex-con plan robbery of drugs money from night club owner.
Le Samouraï (Country: France, Italy; Year: 1967; Director: Jean-Pierre Melville; Writer: Joan McLeod, Jean-Pierre Melville, Georges Pellegrin; Stars: Alain Delon, François Périer, Nathalie Delon, Cathy Rosier, Jacques Leroy, Michel Boisrond, Robert Favart, Jean-Pierre Posier, Catherine Jourdan, Roger Fradet, Carlo Nell, Robert Rondo, André Salgues, André Thorent, Jacques Deschamps)
After killing the owner of a club, a hired assassin is spotted by witnesses and he finds the police closing in.
Shoot The Pianist (Tirez Sur Le Pianiste) (Country: France; Year: 1960; Director: François Truffaut; Writer: François Truffaut, Marcel Moussy, based on the novel Down There by David Goodis; Stars: Charles Aznavour, Marie Dubois, Nicole Berger, Michele Mercier, Serge Davri, Claude Mansard, Albert Remy, Richard Kanayan, Jean-Jacques Aslanian)
François Truffaut's follow up to The 400 Blows explores American film noir in the style of le nouvelle vague.
Série Noire (Country: France; Year: 1979; Director: Alain Corneau; Writer: Jim Thompson, Georges Perec, Alain Corneau, Georges Perec; Stars: Patrick Dewaere, Myriam Boyer, Marie Trintignant, Bernard Blier, Jeanne Herviale, Andreas Katsulas, Charlie Farnel, Samuel Mek, Jack Jourdain, Fernand Coquet, Patrick Dewaere, Myriam Boyer, Marie Trintignant, Bernard Blier, Jeanne Herviale)
A small-time salesman meets a teenage girl forced into prostitution by her aunt and sets out to rescue her, but murder is the only way to achieve his goal.
Read My Lips Read My Lips
Read My Lips and Mesrine: Public Enemy No.1
Touchez Pas Au Grisbi (Hands Off The Loot) (Country: France, Italy; Year: 1954; Director: Jacques Becker; Writer: Albert Simonin, Jacques Becker, Maurice Griffe, based on the novel by Albert Simonin; Stars: Jean Gabin, René Dary, Dora Doll, Vittorio Sanipoli, Marilyn Buferd, Gaby Basset, Paul Barge, Alain Bouvette, Daniel Cauchy, Denise Clair, Angelo Dessy, Lucilla Solivani, Michel Jourdan, Paul Oettly, Jean Riveyre)
After a bullion heist, two gangsters face a test of friendship when one of them is kidnapped.
Le Trou (The Hole) (Country: France, Italy; Year: 1960; Director: Jacques Becker; Writer: José Giovanni, Jacques Becker, José Giovanni, Jean Aurel, Jacques Becker, José Giovanni; Stars: Michel Constantin, Jean Keraudy, Philippe Leroy, Raymond Meunier, Marc Michel, Jean-Paul Coquelin, André Bervil, Eddy Rasimi, Raymond Bour, Lucien Camiret, Durieu, Jean Minisini, Marcel Rouzé, Jean Becker, Philippe Dumat)
Four inmates try to tunnel out of a prison.

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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