Mostra De Valencia 2018

Short films L'espectador, Habitacio amb rellotage, La Llum and Conversa are also showing.

View other Mostra De Valencia Films by strand: Homage to JA Pérez Giner, Honorary Palm Tree - Abdellatif Kechiche, Honorary Palm Tree - Efthymis Filippou, Informative Section, Official Section, Palestine: Here And Now, Polar: French Film Noir

Buffalo Minnesota (Country: Spain; Year: 1977; Director: Carles Santos; Writer: Carles Santos)
Barbara Held interprets a repeated musical phrase.
El Pianista I El Conservatori (Year: 1977; Director: Carles Santos)
Satire of conservatoire music exercise, which sees the director playing with coins in his hands and a book on his head.
L'Apat (Country: Spain; Year: 1967; Director: Carles Santos; Writer: Carles Santos)
An empty layout serves as a container for noise in this experimental short.
La-Re-Mi-La-Fa-Re-Mi-Do-Re-Fa-Do-Mi Fa-Re-Mi-Fa-Mi-La-Do-Mi-Fa-Mi-Re-Fa Mi-Fa-Mi-Re-La-Fa-Mi-Re-Do-Mi-Re-Mi Fa-Re-Mi-Fa-Mi-Do-Re-Mi-Re-Fa-Mi-La (Country: Spain; Year: 1979; Director: Carles Santos; Writer: Carles Santos; Stars: Carles Santos, Carles Santos)
The director translates a piano piece while dressing up in 71 costumes.
Peca Per A Quatre Pianos/Aparador (Country: Spain; Year: 1978; Director: Carles Santos)
The first "piano piece" by Carles Santos that was later used in other music performances.
Preludi De Chopin, Opus 28 N18. Debut (Year: 1974; Director: Carles Santos)
Interpretation of Chopin's piano prelude.
Preludi De Chopin, Opus 28 N7 (Country: Spain; Year: 1969; Director: Carles Santos; Writer: Carles Santos)
The director interprets a piece of Chopin piano music.

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